Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
19th June, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Remember WHO YOU ARE - Divine Beings of Light and Love

Remember WHY YOU CHOSE to come to Planet Earth at this moment in time, a moment like no other.

You came to return Gaia to her Original Divine Pristine nature.

You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE PEACE to all inhabitants of this Earth.

You are here to return GOD’S INFINITE ABUNDANCE to all Beings.

Therefore Dear Ones, it is time for you to acknowledge your Infinite capabilities and honour all you came to BE.

Your Divinity has always guided you and now as you embrace the Wisdom of your true-selves and accept the Knowledge of your true being-ness, the LOVE THAT YOU ARE
will find the momentum to uplift you on this next phase of the Evolution of Humanity.

Acknowledge each other’s Divinity, and as Peace and Abundance once again reigns on the Planet, there will no longer be reasons to conquer each other.

As you learn to truly love yourselves, and forgive yourselves, that will translate into loving the other - YOU, forgiving the other YOU.You and I are truly ONE - no more separation - only ONENESS.

This is why you stepped forward for this unique incarnation, this is why other’s stepped back - to allow YOU this opportunity, NEVER experienced before. You had the credentials needed for this assignment.

For eons of time it was unclear how this “experiment” would unfold. You are “free-will” Beings and many scenarios could have played out. Many “traps” were set before you to trip you up and take you off path. Dear Ones you stayed the course, through all the obstacles which were placed before you, time and time again. We are delighted to walk beside you - always loving and supporting each decision you made - that was OUR mission.

We gently guided you whenever you sought our counsel but the decisions were always YOURS to make.

We now stand on the precipice of a New Earth, changes unheralded - a time of Great Celebration and Rejoicing.

Take our hands Dear Ones as we continue this New Earth together, much more present and visible than ever before.

You feel us, and acknowledge us more easily in your daily lives - this will become even more obvious in times to come.

Each new step you take, we take with you, only now you KNOW THAT - your faith and belief is now unwavering.

As Divine Beings of Light it is incumbent on you to hold within your INTENTION - PEACE and PROSPERITY for all who share this Earth. Imagine the energy of INTENTION - brought together in the ONENESS - you will move mountains Dear Hearts.

You are Multi-Dimensional Beings of Light - allow all that you are to radiate out and as you make this connection in Oneness the Earth will GLOW.

Let the Celebrations flow forth Dear Ones.


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Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
12th June, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Every day you are becoming more and more pure Source Energy.

Your crystalline bodies are morphing into the most incredible bodies of Light.


You and the Divine are ONE.

With these new reference points Dear Hearts allow this information to permeate your cells until this is ALL YOU KNOW.

You will live as a Master lives, and speak as a Master speaks.

As Masters becoming, it is incumbent upon you to radiate the LOVE YOU ARE out to fellow beings on the Planet.

As more of you are able to embrace the changes that are now flowing rapidly into your daily awareness it is timely to assist others who are stumbling along the path way. So many are stumbling......

As everything speeds up, the time has NEVER been so urgent to embrace these changes, allow them to more through you, and then incorporate the knowledge and wisdoms gained into your own awareness.

At the speed of ‘LIGHT’ is the order of these days.  Rapidly everyone is shifting and changing - your beautiful bodies can feel over loaded, overwhelmed, by such rapidity. Consequently breathing in the LIGHT, breathing in the LOVE assists your physical vessel to hold these new patterns and downloads each of you are receiving.

This continued influx of energies will increase and many are feeling the acceleration of the Great Shift, that ALL on the Planet are experiencing.

For some this is not what they wish to experience, and you will see mass exits from the Earth, of those Souls not wishing to participate in this next level of Ascension. All and everyone is in perfect timing.

Great Beings will evolve from this, and YOU
 Dear Ones are THEY.

What is in store for you is beyond exciting, mystifying and magical.

As always Dear Ones there is CHOICE. You always get to CHOOSE the energetics you wish to play with.

Not everyone will make the same choice and that is perfectly fine - be at peace with other’s choices. This lifetime, you chose to experience, is an experiment and many will chose different facets of that experiment. No wrong choice Dear Ones, the ultimate smorgasbord

For those who chose LOVE AND LIGHT there is work to be done. Each of you has a role to play in aligning this Love, Light, Peace and Abundance on your Planet of Free Will.

Step up Dear Ones, feel into your heart energy - what is it you wish to create and to bring to the Smorgasbord table?

Each and everyone of YOU has a unique gift to set forth. Hands on Hearts Dear Ones, ask for guidance if you are still searching for your ultimate truth.

Dear Ones, as always the answer lies within YOU. At your deepest level of Being YOU KNOW.

Now is that time to REMEMBER, and move into your unique TRUTH.

Dear Hearts, as always we are honoured to stand beside you at this most unique of times on Planet Earth.

You are loved beyond measure Dear Friends,


Monday, June 5, 2017


Dear Ones,

You are holding the current energies and LIGHT with grace, and greater intention.You are becoming skilled at riding these waves of enlightenment.You are more prepared than ever, for the daily influxes and nuances and for the most part, you are flowing in sync with all that is transpiring.

The energetic and ascension waves that are distributing through and within your bodies are most understandably now allowing you a KNOWING of what to do. You are no longer fearing these symptoms, there is greater acceptance and awareness around all that is happening, within and around you.

Dear Ones, it is a long held knowing that your true Sovereignty is being returned to you. 

That is what this incarnation is all about

How you began your journey on Planet Earth will look nothing like what these up-coming years will lay out before you. To be able to live in a time of complete abundance, when all who inhabit the Planet share in the equity and joy that brings, it will be such a unique time. A time you were all so eager to experience once again, and now it is right out in front of you.

When life on Planet Earth is no longer about “survival” and instead becomes a life of abundance where all life forms “thrive” - ALL Beings will take back their power and liberty. Fear will leave your vocabulary once again.

The current re-alignment of your Chakra systems is monumental in what is transpiring. Moving your bodies out of lack, limitation, poverty to once again fully empowered Beings of Light - amazing transformation happening as you “go about your day.” What incredible Beings you are Dear Ones.

All Beings will be living and loving, sharing the Earth in peace and harmony. You have strived for this time, and you will experience all you have anchored on the Planet.

The LOVE THAT YOU ARE will shine forth - your true-self will radiate for all to see. You will all communicate from the Heart - no more lies, only TRUTH.

Your bodies as they proceed through this metamorphosing will become ‘LIGHT BODIES’ therefore, there will be less consumption of resources from the Earth. Mother Earth once again returning to her own Pristine Wisdom and True Beauty.

Dear Ones, the significance of these times has been conveyed to you from many sources of wisdom. In your current rational mind thinking, sometimes this seems unimaginable, but as you begin to allow and trust more of what we share, you will be filled with the awe of what awaits you. Your Higher Mind holds greater Wisdom and Insight and this will replace the lower mind rationale.

My Dear Friends it is always a joy to offer this information and our own excitement of what lays before each of you.

One of my previous messages from earlier this year stated “that the months of 2017 would feel like weeks.” You are indeed noticing the quickening of time as already nearly half of your earth year has passed.

Time is an illusion Dear Hearts - the NOW moment is all there truly is - stay in these moments. Do not stress or fear what you cannot control. All is in Divine order and timing - you know that to be true.

Allow, Dear Hearts.

Breathe deeply, open your hearts wide.

Honour yourselves and each other as you walk each day closer to bringing your New Earth into reality.

Holding your hands and hearts as always.


Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
29th May, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Once again you gather to assist with the Healing of Planet Earth and of course yourselves. So much is being accomplished all over the Planet as you join with so many like minded souls, congregating in many corners of the Globe.

The ripples of LOVE AND LIGHT reverberate all over the Cosmos as you recognise the Divinity within each other and self.

Truly magical to witness Dear Ones. As you are aware, we are your Loving Support Team always ready to embrace your ideals and your willingness to “Step Up” and take back your Power, once so freely given over to others.

Dear Ones, the changes you are collectively initiating on the Planet flow out and each act of kindness is returned 1,000 fold. Each heart that opens to the Oneness of ALL THAT IS becomes an open channel for ALL to radiate to.

Dear Ones, you witness so many “dark” situations occurring but we tell you there is so much more LIGHT and goodness on the Planet. Focus on that, and watch how it is returned 1,000 fold also.

Start where you are - focus forgiveness on ALL you believe to be at “fault” - be it family, friends, partners, children etc. Whom ever you “judge” to be the reason for your unhappiness, wrong doing, etc.

Extend the hand of forgiveness. You do not even need to do this face to face. Your Thoughts flow with Intention.

Focus on a person or situation in your life that is causing you angst at this moment. Send that person LOVE/LIGHT with the Highest Intention and believing in the outcome.

Every time you “think” of this person/situation CHOOSE to send LOVE/LIGHT. This may take a few times to make the “shift” in your thinking and belief - it is truly worth the effort, if not for the person/situation , if only for you, who desire PEACE in your life. 

Dear Ones, we remind you - YOU ARE ALL ONE - what affects one affects all!!!

Choose your thoughts and you change your situation. Imagine this person/situation and offer the compassion you would a small child who is in incredible pain - for that is what is crying out on your Planet Dear Ones. Pain is speaking very loudly and WILL BE HEARD and acknowledged UNTIL is is resolved - thats where FORGIVENESS is the remedy Dear Hearts.

Forgive others as you wished to be forgiven. Love others as you wish to be loved.

Dear Ones, the changing times are challenging for ALL - you can make a difference and it depends on your “thoughts” and your “actions.” Change your thought regarding a person/situation and ALL will change.


You can take this Quantum leap Dear Hearts, in fact you will see amazing benefits for all human kind when you do - and isn’t that after-all, what you are asking for?.


And it starts with YOU.

What can YOU do today to change the WORLD?  Change how you view it, through forgiveness and watch how easily Peace returns to your beautiful Globe.

And so it is.


Monday, May 22, 2017


Brave Souls,

As you walk blindfolded on the trapeze wire of life, you are navigating fields of possibilities for eons unavailable to you. 

The smorgasbord is now OPEN and the availability of choice, un-limited.

Because of all the recent energy shifts, you have changed gears and are now moving in a completely new direction, without a G.P.S.

These times are exhilarating Dear Ones. Having never been experienced before. Therefore as the Architects of this New Earth, YOU are creating each new step as you place your foot upon the Earth. It is IMPERATIVE and for your Highest Good to keep ALL THOUGHTS POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING. I reiterate:  THOUGHTS truly become your reality.

Endless possibilities and opportunities await you Dear Hearts. Allow your imagination to flow forth. For many lifetimes you were suppressed from using your “imaging faculty” and now it has been cleared, it is once again available for Creating the Life you have always dreamed.

Recently, I suggested you focus your Intention through the 3rd Eye - the imaging centre - project out into form, that which you wish to ‘SEE’ in your awareness, and bring this into your being-ness.

Dear Ones, allow the Creators that you are, to have fun, play and ignite the passions you have held so tightly within your bodies, not ever allowing yourself the belief that you could actually manifest your dreams.

And here you are - beginning to live larger than you could have ever “imagined.”

You have all the tools at your disposal to allow yourself to step out of who you always have been, into your dream imaging.

What a time to be on Planet Earth Dear Ones as you witness the ABUNDANCE of all possibilities finally unleashed and returned to the rightful recipients......YOU. You are Sovereign Beings Dear Beings of Light.

As you witness the Peace return to your Planet, as set by your intentions in the field of possibilities it has been met by the energies of Allowing and now is coming into form on your Planet.

YOU Dear Ones are the Miracle Workers of your time on this New Earth Plane.

So many miracles will flow freely on your New Earth - watch, observe and give thanks and grace for all that is unfolding within and around you.

Miracle Healing Abilities are being returned to you also. Ask and it is Given, ALL your Divine Birthright Dear Hearts. 

So many wonderful possibilities for ALL HUMANITY to receive and celebrate.

All Humanity desires to live a life of complete well-being, optimum health and vitality. Abundance in all areas of your being-ness and PEACE abiding on ALL of Planet Earth.

All because YOU, CHOSE to step forward at this time in the Greatest Evolution of Planet Earth and all who chose to abide on her. You walked this path, shining your Light for all to see, even when you stumbled in the darkness and were unsure yourselves. You truly are the greatest Angels to abide on Planet Earth. You have called forth so much Divine Light from Creation to once again enliven and enlighten this Planet.


What a magnificent New Earth you have toiled to bring to fruition. Some never thought they would see such great changes even though they were foretold in their lifetime - it is now unfolding before your eyes.

And here we stand with you, shoulder to shoulder expressing the JOY, witnessing the profound experience Humanity is undertaking whilst still in Human Form.

That too is changing. Rapidly. Every cell within your Being is upgrading, rejuvenating. The regeneration of YOU is well advanced, hence all those “strange symptoms” each of you have experienced.

Hold hands lovingly Dear Ones. Assist each other in all aspects of this dance. Your Star Sisters and Brothers are in awe of what is unfolding. They dance with you. We ALL dance with you.


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Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
15th May, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The Miraculous energies of May continue for you. The Celebrations have begun. You are Creator Beings - through your thoughts you Create.

May is the Month of the Mother and the energies of the Mother flow to each and every  Child of the Universe. Breathe into and accept the LOVE of the Mother, feel the warmth of her embrace showering and surrounding you in LOVE. Take the LOVE of the Divine Mother, the Eternal Mother, Mother Earth and breathe that into your Be-ing. This LOVE is palpable and encompasses all life on your beautiful Planet.

May is also the month of Miracles, and once again we ask you to use your creative faculties to bring forth that which you desire. Place your Intention on that which you wish to create for you, and ALL humanity. Allow your Attention to flow out into the world of form to bring whatever you desire into manifestation. Manifestation awaits your command!

Divine Peace and Divine Abundance is created through your thoughts and attention upon it. Feel into the possibility of these “gifts” being the only way Humanity will live from this day forward. Hold that image throughout your day.

Your wish is our command.

We, in the higher realms of Illuminated TRUTH align with you and your wishes. Allow your visions of this “higher realm,” higher reality of PEACE, LOVE AND ABUNDANCE to be all you focus your attention upon. 

Your thoughts and your actions will bring these miracles of Peace on Earth and Abundance to all Be-ings.

You ARE that powerful Dear Ones.

Time to Re-member WHO YOU ARE.

Great changes continue to unravel each new day and as always it is YOU Dear Creator Beings, aligning with these changes that is making a difference.

These are the days you stepped forward for - have you noticed the synchronicities exploding all over the Planet and particularly in your own awareness. Signs from above as requested. You are now Re-membering Home.

All that is unfolding will change your history forever.

As more TRUTHS unfold, as they will rapidly now - hold the hands of those just awakening for they will need your strength and resilience as they begin to understand ALL that they have ever been told is a lie.

For those of you who awakened long ago, you have had time to process information which has allowed you to integrate such over time. You are therefore requested to walk gently with those who are waking, with a jolt, from a very, very, deep slumber.

Hold their hands, wipe their tears, share the knowledge you have gained, but most of all tell them of the magical times that await them, these are the times you chose to experience.

Their initial anger and rage will dissipate more easily than yours because they have you to seek answers from and they will also FEEL what you say is TRUE. The ability to FEEL has increased the energy governing the chakras, and so much has cleared which will allow the TRUTH to resinate in the body more easily. Your ability to just KNOW AND FEEL will increase as the veil lifts for you all.

So much has changed and will change for each and every being on the Planet. The evidence of this NEW EARTH can no longer be denied.

Magical times ahead for ALL HUMANITY. Divine Peace, Prosperity, Equality all that you have asked for, prayed for is now unravelling before each of you.

The Celebrations have begun Dear Ones, as you watch all unfold before you in ways you could have only once dreamed.

As always we stand beside you in Celebration.

Magic and Miracles the new order of each new day.

And so it is.


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Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
8th May, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Hearts,

You are the brave souls moving through, what for so many, feels like “quick-sand.” These evolutionary times you find challenging at best, and for many the feeling of being totally  overwhelmed, engulfs you more times that you wish to acknowledge.

And still you move forward.

Dear Ones, we wish to surround you with our LOVE and hold you, as you move through these challenges. If you could but see all that we see is radiating before you. Keep the faith Dear Ones, ALL is in its perfection. This maybe not be how you believe it to be, but we ask you to keep taking each new breath and each new step and before long this will be forgotten. For when you see what is before you and understand how all was divinely planned and conceived, you too will rejoice as we do.

Time like no other we reiterate. How could you possibly know or understand what you chose to FORGET. As the awakening continues and the amnesia subsides, you will finally REMEMBER and that remembering can be triggered by a feeling long hidden in the depth of your heart. As your hearts continue to open and expand, more remembering will occur.

TRUST your Sacred Hearts Dear Ones, for they beat with the Information of the Ages and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE . You are eternal and the remembering will bring you back to the TRUTH allowing you to remember YOUR UNIQUE WISDOM, your piece of the puzzle, and finally releasing THE LOVE YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN.

Dear Ones, Relax, Breathe, Allow - ALL is unfolding perfectly. Allow the LOVE to engulf you and all you come into union with. You are feeling this Re-Union occur in many areas of your life - with family, friends and even “strangers” with whom you feel a familiar “knowing.”

No strangers Dear Ones, these are Souls you have shared many journeys with and you are all coming back to wholeness as you walk through each new day. 

Dear Ones we have spoken many times of the bodily transformation taking place during this time and we remind you once again to Relax and Allow all that is unfolding regarding your health and vitality. Allow yourselves to create all that is in your field into the perfection you wish to experience.

EVERYTHING is being RE-NEW-ED - Relax, Allow, Breathe

YOU chose these times, YOU chose these experiences, YOU even chose the Players in your Life Play.

Dear Ones, EVERYTHING is moving faster and faster in your reality. Hold on for the ride of your lifetime. No “Theme Park” can EVER compare to what you are experiencing and more importantly what is to come.

Seat-belts fastened Dear Ones, the Ride is about to accelerate and exhilarate.

Relax, Allow, Breathe and IN JOY.

We always hold you with the greatest LOVE.

And so it is.

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