Monday, October 16, 2017


Dear Ones,

What a bumpy ride you are currently experiencing - the closer you move towards the end of 2017 (the year of endings and new beginnings) the faster closure that needs to happens progresses. Time speeds up exponentially.

GROUNDING is so important - staying on your side of the fence, staying calm and centred whilst all rages around you.

Live as the Beacon of Light on the cliff top, observe as the waves crash beneath you. Keep that Light shining brightly as many more souls are now radiating towards your strength and stability never knowing what it took for you to become that Beacon.

By osmosis all will change.

You have worked diligently to become Conscious Beings once more. The sacrifices and the learning has not been in vein. You can feel within your Being what it has taken for you to stand in this new energy. To hold your ground - to be the LIGHT in an ever evolving New Earth.

Dear Ones, take a breath - breathe - relax. Applaud yourselves for what you have over come to be in this critical moment in time. A time NEVER experienced before. There were no guide lines, nor rules to follow, it has indeed all been just one foot in front of the other. Learning as you go and finding the tools along this untrodden path. This path you have created is indeed lined with GOLD.

Look back at how far you have progressed - much of what you left behind no longer resonates with who you are NOW.

No longing to return to the old YOU - that person no longer exists and is unrecognisable as who you are NOW.

Conscious Beings you are - Conscious Creators you are.

As you grow into your new bodies of Light, and Love, who you were will only be a distant memory.

Your memories are being upgraded daily and you are evolving past anything you could have possible imagined even a few short months ago.

Dear Ones, CHANGE is all you know in this moment - NOTHING is remaining as you knew it to be in the distant past.

In a few short years you will marvel at who you are now, how you got here and more importantly the Miracles that unfolded to take you into your magnificent future.

Dear Ones, call on us, allow us to walk beside you constantly. The future is unravelling rapidly and having our assistance and assurance is pivotal to your well being.

As always we ask for your assistance to focus your Attention and Intention on -


This and so much more awaits you Dear Hearts.


Loved beyond measure


Monday, October 9, 2017


Dear Ones,

Take a deep breath - breathe easy. EVERYTHING is unfolding in PERFECT TIME.

Upheavals like you have never experienced are playing out right in front of your eyes, it is within yourselves, your families, your world. Everywhere you turn there is CHAOS - Chaos Dear Ones equals opportunity for change, and transformation.

At the beginning of this year 2017 we spoke of the New Beginnings and the ending of many old patters - you are certainly witnessing such.

Breathe, Dear Ones you are up for the task.

Through each new experience you are gaining new tools of awareness and the ability to grow with the flow - can you feel the growth Dear Souls?

In this lifetime these experiences have NEVER been felt in such rapid unfoldment.

Many of you feel completely exhausted. Your energies are expended. Breath, Dear Ones, rest when needed. Remember within your heart, your choice to experience this lifetime, knowing all would be dismantled and reconstructed and you were to be the Architects.

KNOWING, having faith and trust that all is in Divine and Perfect time allows you to flow in Ease and Grace - knowing the perfection of CREATION.

Dear Ones, each day is a new beginning for you. Allowing yourself to dust off and move forward to uncharted territory - for that is what each new day now brings. Allow your focus and your strength in preparedness for what unfolds.

Dear Ones, YOU are creating in each new moment - allow your INTENTION to be on creating with LOVE and the LIGHT you bring to this New Earth.

You are creating with the LOVE AND LIGHT that you are - these are your building blocks. Creation in this way can only then bring forth all that we hear you calling out for, in your prayers and desires.

You the Creator Beings, using your Love and Light modalities are striving to bring Eternal Peace to your Planet. LOVE commands ALL Beings be equal with Infinite Abundance flowing forth. This is what YOU are creating. You may only be “seeing reflected in the outer world” the opposite at this moment in time BUT in the very new moments ahead ALL will reign in LOVE AND LIGHT.

The Golden Age you are creating is right out in front of you. You are walking the path, talking the talk, and each step you take LIGHTS up the New Path for all to follow.

Keeping focusing on the LOVE AND LIGHT - it is all there is.

You are loved and supported by countless Beings at this juncture.

Reach out your hands - you will feel us.

Open your hearts - you will know us.

Right beside you Dear Hearts, always have been, only now you know it completely.

Shine your LOVE - be the LIGHT in someones life and that will expand exponentially within and around you.

Sacred times, exciting times, never experienced in full body EVER.

You are Mighty Creator Beings and so loved.

And it is so.


Monday, October 2, 2017


***Yesterday October 1st 2017 my husband Tom and I visited ‘THE SHRINE OF OUR LADY OF YANKALILLA’ south of Adelaide, in South Australia. This was the message I received:

Dearest Children of the Light,

It is I, Mother Mary continuing our connection from this day. I AM the Eternal Mother and I AM so very near to my Earth family at this most auspicious time of human evolution.

I wrap my arms around each of you, my children of LIGHT. As a Mother, I see and feel your anguish. I surround you all in my loving embrace and remind you of your Divine Mission. These times, as tumultuous and disturbing as they appear, were chosen by you for your Soul Graduation. I promised I would always by your side, to nurture, support and LOVE you through this incarnation, just as any Mother choses to do.

Those of you who are Mothers in this lifetime, are called to stand in their Light during this massive transformation. Women of the World are being asked to step forward and accept the mantle being offered to them. It is the Women, currently leading the way, not underestimating for one moment the valuable contribution and support of the Divine Masculine, for it is Balance that is required at this momentous time.

Women are being assigned the task of bringing back into balance the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine and to be the WAY SHOWERS toward anchoring PEACE once more on Planet Earth. Mother’s will no longer watch as their children are called to take up arms in any hostilities, which leads to fighting of any description on your beautiful Planet.

It will be the women, and in particular the Mother’s who will convince all to lay down their arms and negotiate for Peace to reign supreme on this New Earth.

Look around Dear Hearts and see the Divine Love energy that is exploding on your Planet. It is changing the status-quo. PEACE is all that will be permitted in the New Energy - there is no other option!

Recognise that as all humanity awakens, PEACE will be all that is desired. LOVE is the foundation stone for the New Earth and can only be maintained where PEACE flows.

Harmony is becoming the new currency for Planet Earth. I, as the Eternal Mother assist in ways that bring all toward Peace and Harmony - there is no other option - this is why you came at this juncture.

As Women of the World, and the Men who support this edit, join together and allow this New Earth to come into balance and alignment, watch as glory unfolds. As the newly awakened Divine Masculine stand with their Divine Feminine counterparts you will see how fast the changes transpire.

As your Eternal Mother, I call upon all inhabitants of this Blue/Green Orb to step forward and acknowledge that the time for Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all inhabitants is why you chose this magnificent time.

I lovingly support and nourish your desire to achieve what is required to bring this New Earth to fruition.

There is an abundance of Love, Divine Light and resources available to each of you as you awaken to the calling of your Higher Heart.

Acknowledge the triumphs that have taken place to bring you to this moment. Dear Hearts, we know how much it has taken for each of you to negotiate this lifetime of tremendous pain and suffering, and now the ultimate triumph is in your grasp.

You are MASTERS Dear Hearts, you have earned the right to be called such, for you have triumphed over countless lifetimes to come out of the darkness, abolish separation and move once again towards the LIGHT and the ONENESS you truly ARE.

The amount of LIGHT each of you has contributed to this New Earth is radiantly sparkling and sending the message that darkness will no longer be tolerated on the Earth.

Dear Ones, Love each other, nurture each other, as I do each of you.

It is time now for you to align your energies, prepare to make this next shift towards all you have dreamed of and worked for.

PEACE will reign because that is what is in your Heart and your DNA. Abundance in all things you do Dear Hearts. You each have the ability to alchemically change everything that no longer resinates in anything but LOVE.

I say once again, LOVE EACH OTHER AS I LOVE YOU.

I, your Eternal Mother wipe each tear until the time we walk again together in the most glorious time of Infinite Joy on this magnificent New Earth.

Hold your hand on your Heart - I AM THERE.

Blessed Be Dear Hearts,


Monday, September 25, 2017

25th September, 2017            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Once again it is time to take a lesson from Mother Nature, and in particular the TREES.
See yourself as a magnificent Tree, sending your roots down firmly into Mother Earth, feel the stability. Now bring that stability up through your whole body, then out through the
Crown Chakra, aligning with the stability at the centre of the Galactic Core. Stability from above and below. Truly anchored. Again as that Tree, allow yourself the flexibility to bend
and move, with whatever is flowing in and around you. You need to maintain equilibrium right now and grounding is ESSENTIAL. Your whole Be-ing will thank you with this one little exercise.

Nature can teach so much. It is time to fully re-member your connection to ALL of nature
and the sensory clues provided. Talk to the trees, flowers, birds, insects - ALL have a message for you. It is truly time to “take the time” to listen with the senses you have for eons shut down, when you chose to become separate from the ALL.

Now you are re-membering your connection once again to the ‘ALL THAT IS.’


You and the tiniest of insects are ONE. Re-membering this will have a mighty impact on how you proceed from this moment forward.

When you fully embrace your ONENESS - One with ALL - magical shifts of perception will happen within and around you, affecting not only YOU, but the ALL.

Dear Ones, you are beginning to re-member so much of what was, and are now calling it back into your awareness and your moving around space.

Miraculous shifts and changes are happening all over Planet Earth, as you and the Mother make this magnificent transition into the New Mode of Be-ing.

Humanity is waking up and taking personal responsibility for what is happening and no longer relying on main-stream anything to tell them how their life need be.

With this personal responsibility comes great gifts - freedom, wisdom, choice, amongst others. Taking back your sovereignty - re-membering who you are and why you came allows greater opportunity to embrace the life of your dreams.

As Co-Creators you are once again trusting your ability to “Ask” or set your Intention and it shall be received.

So many innate abilities re-surfacing that you had in fact “hidden from yourselves.” Now as your consciousness is re-awakening and you are re-membering, great changes will flow forth onto the Planet.

Re-membering you are ALL ONE is the catalyst for no more wars/fighting. Also the Abundance will flow and be shared by ALL. New or re-membered techniques will allow for magnificent healing to be achieved by all Be-ing’s.


Because of YOU

++PEACE will reign on Earth for ALL

++ABUNDANCE will pour forth for ALL

++PERFECT HEALTH and WELL BEING will be manifested for ALL

Intention is everything Dear Ones - YOU are the Creators of this New Earth.

Hold these intentions, envision the Earth, where these are the greatest possibilities and more.


Dear Ones, you have all strived for this reunification and realignment of the ALL. It is now time to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Hold each other hands and hearts - anchor these affirmation of PEACE, ABUNDANCE, PERFECT HEALTH into the Earth as you do your daily “Tree exercise” and watch as all
Be-ing’s flourish in the abundant, glorious LIGHT that now permeates the Earth.



Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
18th September, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are well aware that Mother Earth and ALL Humanity are currently in a pattern of transition and transformation. You are witnessing extreme weather patterns, hurricanes, earthquakes etc etc. All perfectly aligned to bring the Earth back into balance and to redistribute the “Waters” of the Earth.

Balance is KEY!

You are also witnessing Humanity (Self and Others) as this rebalancing takes place within your own Be-ing. So much anger, rage, fear, resentment all being “released” from your bodies in order to assist in Humanities move into Well-Being. All the old energies are leaving your bodies after lifetimes, this is what is required for you to “lighten-up.” You are moving from the very dense carbon to the new crystalline version of YOU. You cannot take the old with you, and that is a challenge for the human Be-ing.

So Dear Ones, Balance in all things is priority right now.

Become aware of what YOU need on a daily basis, to find this balance within, and then that will reflect out to all who come within your radius.

This is a time of massive change and transformation. Within these next 3 to 4 years, all that is NOW, will be unrecognisable (including YOU.) You are learning to accept the changes more readily and are going more easily with the flow that is required to accommodate such change. 

NOTHING will be the same in the near future and you are being prepared on a day to day basis to adapt and accept all that is unfolding.

A Reminder Dear Ones - you CHOSE eagerly to be here at this time to be the CHANGEMAKERS!!!!

These changes are necessary for the positive outcomes for Mother Earth and ALL her inhabitants. So we remind you once again to focus your Intention and Attention on the LOVE you are, and the LOVE you hold in your hearts for each other. It is only through and because of this LOVE, these changes will come into perfect alignment.

We have spoken of the changes which are leading toward the ABUNDANCE that you are and always have been. The PEACE that you find within your own heart space and then share with others. The WELL-BEING that is being created by you through your willingness to change your thoughts to those of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for who you truly are.

It all starts with YOU.  YOU loving and accepting yourself alters your DNA and allows for Well-Being within and without as a consequence.

IMAGINE when you have a Planet of Beings who truly LOVE AND HONOUR themselves, and each other, living in PEACE AND HARMONY.

This is why you came Dear Ones.

This is what you came to achieve for YOU, and ALL HUMANITY.


It all starts with YOU, the work you do to allow yourself to be the LOVE you are, and then radiate that out to your fellow Beings.

What can you Create Dear Hearts?

A pristine Canvas awaits you.

The choice is yours.

How do you wish to proceed?

As always you are never alone, accompanying you on this journey are so many Beings of Light, Star Brothers and Sisters, your Loved Ones in Spirit, the list is endless. Other Galaxies are watching in awe all that is unfolding.

Standing beside you, we await your Call.


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Monday, September 11, 2017


Dear Ones,

Hold your faith. Now is a critical time for you to focus on the Triad of Affirmations I gave you. Remembering of course Positive thoughts, emotions and actions CREATE.

Hold the CONSCIOUSNESS of Stability - where there is none.

Let your LIGHT shine brighter than it ever has before, you are so needed to shine right now.

YOU are Powerful - through your thoughts, words and actions you are changing your Earth.

Chaos is reigning around you, BUT you can stay in neutrality, holding the stability for ALL HUMANITY. YOU, are having an impact on all that is transitioning in and around you.

As Beings of Light, you are connected to the Higher Aspect of Self - your I AM PRESENCE, Higher Self, Over Soul, all “parts” of the larger YOU are working with your physical Being, to bring about all that you desire for yourself and your loved ones and all on Planet Earth.

The Earth and YOU ARE ONE. Creators YOU ARE!

Your words are vibration - they travel out and they create - anything stated within the I AM creates - positive or negative. Therefore use your words CONSCIOUSLY - listen to what flows out when you speak - are you adding to, or diminishing your Universe?

I AM present on Planet Earth to bring about - 


Regardless of “what it looks like - out there” KNOW all is happening in perfect alignment with that which ALL HUMANITY has agreed upon.

Your Divine Blueprints are unfolding rapidly now and you are so much more than you ever allowed yourselves to believe.

Everything you need is within you, always has been - ALL the tools, information, peace, wisdom, abundance, perfect well-being - YOU HAVE IT NOW!!!!

Time to once again claim your Sovereignty.

Stand up Dear Ones, look within for all you require - follow no one - BE WHO YOU CAME TO BE. Your uniqueness is unravelling more each day and you are witnessing the growth of Humanity because of all the challenges you are experiencing.

You are so much stronger and more resilient than you have ever been. You are beginning to KNOW YOURSELVES and what is unfolding is a JOY to witness.

As your Earth and YOU transition, so much more awareness of the “AWE” of YOU will be revealed.

We are not as surprised by this unfoldment as you are, because we have always KNOWN - Who you are - the greatest of Angels to EVER walk Planet Earth.

You are on a mission Dear Ones and your time has come.


Hold your heads high - look into your Higher Hearts and see what we see. Everything you have EVER required is available to you when you look within.

Dear Ones, we continue to walk this New Earth with you loving and supporting you every step of the way and we are in awe of what we see unfolding before you - and because of YOU.

Planet Earth is in good hands.

You are the Stewards of the New Earth.

All is well.

And so it is.