Monday, May 23, 2016

23rd May, 2016

Monday Message 23rd May, 2016    Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Do not fear or give energy to the emotions flowing to the surface of your awareness. Most are old worn out stories of who you once were. You are no longer that old tired version of Self. 

The new YOU emerges each new day. Allow what needs to be released to flow out and send it on its way with LOVE.

Breathe, Let go.

You are being renewed in each moment, but in order for that to transpire - all that no longer serves your highest integrity must be released from your cells and memory. For indeed Dear Ones cells contain your memories and as you are amping up your new DNA, replenishing and cleansing, the old will float to the surface - let it go Dear Ones, you are no longer that version - you are upgrading to the most unique version possible.

You have become so used to rehashing, reliving old dramas - this is an entirely new reality for you to KNOW that it is no longer who you are. What has been your experience/story/drama for many lifetimes, no longer applies to this evolutionary transition into the New Beings of Light.

For you are truly ALL becoming Beings of Light and therefore, can no longer hold onto any of the darkness that defined you in times past.

You are becoming Lighter in ALL aspects of your Being.

Let it ALL GO. Breathe

Dear Ones, do you not feel lighter even hearing those words?

Allow all that kept you imprisoned in the past to be released from your beautiful bodies and minds. 

LIGHTEN UP is absolutely your new motto.

You are transitioning into the most amazing Beings of Light and it requires you to take your time, go gently within and ask for our assistance as you gravitate towards the New YOU.

There has NEVER been a time like this. 

What you are undergoing has never been experienced before. There has NEVER been Beings such as YOU, who were purposefully chosen for this “Experiment” to return Light and Peace to a Pristine New Earth.

Can you understand how we, in the Realms of Illuminated Truth love to witness you, the Greatest of Beings to walk on the Planet bring into fruition what was once only a possible dream for all. 

We walk closely beside you, blending our energies with you, to be of the greatest assistance we can. However, Dear Ones to accomplish this mission it was required you be “embodied.” It was also required that you have the veil of amnesia place upon you and that you believed you were ALL separate from each other. It was a huge ask Dear Ones, but you the magnificent Beings that you are - always knew you could accomplish the task at hand. Well done beautiful Beings, well done.

Look to your brother’s and sister’s - even those you “judge,” see them with new eyes, listen with new ears - REMEMBER you ALL agreed to “play this game” - the rules have changed Dear Ones - YOU CHANGED THEM - You are ALL ONE - you are remembering that and it is a delight to observe.

You are the ONES turning dark into Light.

You are the greatest of Alchemists Dear Ones. 

We stand in awe with what is transpiring within you and within your Planet.

Many have gathered to watch and more importantly assist in this Grand Transition. Many Star Nations have stepped forward and are already working diligently amongst you to bring forth this most magical of times.

Your Ancestral races stand ready to greet you as more unfolds in these next months.

Expect Miracles Dear Ones for that is what your future holds.

You have all worked tirelessly to bring the New Earth of Peace into reality and each day you move closer that that outcome.

Release, Breath, Let Go.  Allow more LIGHT and LOVE  into each day.

Did we say Miracles Dear Ones - that is what you are indeed.



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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday 16th May, 2016

Monday Message            Archangel Michael        16th May, 2016

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing this Magical Month of May unravelling faster than ever? You are experiencing so much more in regard to your true-selves. What do you want?  What no longer serves your highest calling?

So much is unravelling in the “old world”. So many endings happening within and around you. The focus of course is on YOU and what you desire for your future well-being. You as an individual spark of the Creator and You as the Collective are looking towards what sustains your Be-ing. The grander picture starts with that small seed.

How do you wish this New Earth to look for the New Humanity which is birthing it each new day?

Those of you in the Southern Hemisphere of this wondrous Planet are heading into your seasonal time of Winter - a time of deep reflection. A time for those seeds to be planted deep within the Earth. And then comes a time of germination in the soil, all in preparation for the birthing of the newness of Spring. There was a time when the Seasons were “defined” and you knew when to expect the natural flow. As with all the new upon your Earth - All is in flux. The Seasons are no longer defined and the timing is no longer as it was.

We remind you to be prepared to be amazed and inspired by the New Seasons of your life. Planet Earth is rapidly changing, nothing is - as it was. You feel this each day as the things you once knew to be true are being brought to your attention in a new light. New information is forthcoming and most of it defies what you have believed to be your TRUTH. There is much confusion now and you are learning to go to your hearts and find your personal TRUTH. What resonates within your Divinity Dear Ones? Trust your beautiful hearts Dear Ones, find the TRUTH WITHIN. 

The time of individual responsibility is here. Time for you to be the Ones who bring forth your own TRUTHS. The collective is being awakened and you are the ones called to stand tall with the passion of your true Be-ing.

So much of what you knew and have been taught is unravelling before your eyes. For those who have been on the Planet the longest this is one of the hardest times to transition because up until this time you have believed so much of what you were “told to believe.” However, now as a Being of Light you are no longer able to be moulded into blindly following the crowd. Step into the Light more fully Dear Ones.

It is time for each of you to take that Individual Self that is emerging and align it with the Collective Light that is flowing into each of you and allow the magic you are all becoming.

No longer are you able to accept the status quo - look to the New Children entering your Earth, watch how they are leading the way. Their energy signature is so incredible and they are not “hard-wired” like most of you have been. They flow with what is transpiring and their Antenna will not allow anything that is not for their highest alignment.

You came before to set the stage and allow for these precious souls to arrive at a time of this great transformation. Look around you Dear Ones at these future leaders, allow them their Voice, for that is what will change the Earth for the benefit of all humanity.

Notice the young ones, nurture and inspire them. Allow them to show the way as they have come to bring these new energies for the benefit of ALL mankind.

Every time you nurture yourself and each other you are taking a giant leap in your evolution. Leave the old ways behind Dear Ones, prepare for the germination of the new seeds in preparation for the Spring time which approaches rapidly. A time like no other.

New beginnings, new life, is awaiting the harvest time. You are the New Life Dear Ones, awaiting for the unfoldment of all that is about to transpire on your earth.

Bless yourselves and each other as you enter the birthing process.

As Mother Earth prepares her own birthing time, much will change in and upon her. As with any birthing process there are labour pains. Allow the changes that come forth to be witness to what is required.

Ask any mother who has watched her own transformation from seed to expansion as new life grows within. She knows what it takes to birth new life, and this is what is happening for all now in unique ways.

As the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine each play their part in what is unfolding the new earth will bring forth great gifts. Each of you has a role to play. Be that Individualized Expression of your own TRUTH and watch what unfolds gloriously for your Earth and each other.

Life on Planet Earth is in a most exciting transition Dear Ones and you are bringing it into form.

We are delighted with all that is unfolding as we watch as expectant parents involved in a miraculous birthing process.

Be the LOVE you came to BE - it is that simple Dear Ones.

And so it is.


******SUNDAY JULY 3rd  - Archangel Michael will be overlighting a day of Preparing the Expansion of Human Consciousness for all that is unfolding.

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$88.00 plus a shared lunch

Monday, May 9, 2016

9th May, 2016

Monday Message                                                               May 9th, 2016          Archangel Michael                                                Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Master’s that you are.

Begin each new day with “How may I serve?” The answers will flood into your awareness via your Higher Soul/Self who stands ready to meet any and all requests.

Your Mastery is becoming more evident and your willingness to be of “service” to those sharing your energetic space is applauded.

It is time Dear Ones for that “leap of faith” knowing what your heart has known all along. You are here to be of service. Self-Service first. Take care of that which brings you into balance in your life. Use the many tools you have been provided to effect the change within. As you become more proficient at calming the ego, settling the emotional/mental bodies, balancing your energetic fields, opening your beautiful hearts to reflect your true essence. Now you are in the most perfect of places to be of assistance to those who are just beginning to walk the Path.

Your calmness in the eye of the many storms that are occurring within you and upon your Earth. You will be sought after by those whose lives are just beginning to reflect that same turmoil you once knew . They have watched as you have transitioned such occurrences in your life with an ease and grace they wish to access.

They will seek you out by your aura of calmness and serenity and only you know what it took for you to transition from your original chaos, drama, uncertainty, depression etc. etc.

EVERYONE on your Planet needs to transition from the Old ways to the magnificent New that awaits each of you. Only you, who have walked the path know the pitfalls that can be avoided, which will in fact make their journey a whole lot smoother and shorter.

You were the 1st Wavers, the Wayshowers, Dear Ones, YOU chose to take those first steps knowing in your heart this was your “Act of Service” to your fellow beings. You knew you would transform the energies that allow for a faster transition for all who followed in your foot-steps.

So many Be-ings have stepped up - each adding their piece to allow for the Resurrection of Planet Earth. We in the Outer Realms have walked every step of the way, holding your hearts and your hands even when you believed you “walked alone.” We promised you Dear Ones at the beginning of this incarnation - a time like no other - we would be your Guides and we have always fulfilled our roles.

As we stand beside you at this pivotal time we are in awe of all that has been accomplished as you work tirelessly, not even knowing what you have accomplished so many times. We KNOW and we SEE what is unravelling and it is AWESOME Dear Ones. You, as the Master Beings that you are, have exceeded what was ever believed possible.

You chose this Path, you knew you would achieve your “piece of the puzzle” allowing you to stand at the threshold of a New Earth.
Heaven and Earth are ONE - that was the Plan and you the Architects responsible for bringing that plan to fruition are being blessed with every opportunity and all the assistance promised to bring the fulfillment.

What we witness is beyond the wildest imaginings and through the Company of Heaven, All the Star families, your Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides we are truly delighted with what you have accomplished.

“How may we serve you Dear Ones?”

Ask and it is given.

This is a co-creative opportunity which can only be achieved by being embodied on Planet Earth.

Dear Ones, we ask you to continue each day asking “How may I serve?” Because of your willingness to do so, you will SEE AND KNOW what we have always known.

You are the Greatest of Angels to ever walk on Planet Earth and SO IT IS.

Blessings and Gratitude Dear Ones,



Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd May, 2016

Monday Message                                                                        2nd May, 2016 Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Welcome to the Magical Month of May. May is the energy of the MOTHER. Mother Mary is enveloping All within her bountiful energies. Gaia (Mother Earth) is blessing you with her gifts. It is time to celebrate the MOTHER, the Divine Feminine in ALL. Take time this month to embrace all that is magical and mystical in mothering.

May will also be very transitional on Planet Earth as the intensity of change and transformation increases. Remember Dear Ones, even those of you who are struggling or bemoaning the changes would not be here at this time unless you are in agreement with your Higher Self/Soul.

This is the time of the greatest transformation and cleansing for all humanity and Planet Earth. Only the strongest of the strong Souls agreed to this unfoldment.

YOU Dear Ones, are those very souls who stood up for the challenge, knowing that it would be the mightiest of times and here you stand.

What is before you is the Greatest of Times and you are the Ones who will meet each of these challenges, knowing each experience has been chosen by you for your Soul Growth and Evolution. 

Shine your LOVE and your LIGHT so bright that you will be recognized as the Bringers of the Light who have returned to the Earth to clear the darkness which has reigned for eons.

You are beginning to feel more of this empowerment and beginning to recognise the call of your Soul, more each new day. That to which you agreed is rolling out before your eyes so rapidly now. You are witnessing the TRUTH of the Ages, flowing out from many individuals as more are now listening as they finally awaken to the wonderment of this New Earth.

More TRUTHS will be unleashed during May and will unravel with such fluidity that those still slumbering will be awakened quite quickly. There is no longer time for the UNKNOWN.

It is time to fully embrace these TRUTHS  but most importantly it is time for each individual Soul to embrace your own TRUTH - to allow the Higher Aspects of your Souls knowledge in recognition of your commitment to these times, so that you may fully awaken also.

The Magic of May will truly flow forth in such rapid succession your fellow beings who up until now have been slumbering, will awaken - wide eyed and recognise their own Soul calling. 

You Dear Ones, reading and sharing these words are the Ones they will turn to for assistance as they wake from their time of amnesia.

The Veil is so thin now, Heaven and Earth are working together to make the reality of this time flow forth.

You are the Architects of the New Earth and you will step up once again, as you feel the gifts of the Mother’s Love surrounding you and embracing you in the Love of the Mothering Energy and all that entails.

Dear Ones, the month of May will be paramount in many ways and you are the Ones orchestrating these changes .

Take each other’s hands, hold each other’s hearts and allow the Divine Feminine to surround you in the most glorious of ways.

Call on Mother Mary, call on Gaia, be the embodiment of Mother Love yourself and allow that combined energy to flow out to ALL humanity.


May will certainly be a month of Great Change, and Great Transition - beneficial to ALL.

Hold LOVE IN YOUR HEART FOR THOSE WHO WILL AND MUST awaken. You are the Ones they will reach out to - be that Beacon of Light you came to be.

You are Loved beyond measure Dear Ones, as we begin yet another forward adventure let us hold hands and walk the Path of great LOVE, with the commitment you sent forth before you even stepped onto Planet Earth.

Time to remember YOU, Dear Ones and all you agreed to bring forth at this time of Transition - Heaven and Earth are ONE Dear Ones and so it is.



                                                                      Angel Therapy Practitioner
      Leslie-Anne Menzies

                                                          Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
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    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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