Monday, February 29, 2016

29th February, 2016

Monday 29th February, 2016         Archangel Michael Message      Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Congratulations on your ability to ride the wide, expansive energies of this month. As you approach March the energies will subside for a time. However, March has much to offer. So integrate what you have learned in February and bring that awareness and resilience into this new Month.

Take back your power this month, it is time to spend time on your inner world, working with what you know to be true for you. So much more is “coming up” for each of you through signs of “things not working out in your life” be it relationships, health, finances etc etc. These are all “keys” to offer you an insight into so much more of what is truly happening for each of you. Go within, go quiet, take time, let all that is happening out there, be silenced and look to the “eternal/internal guidance system within” that will only ever be your greatest teacher.

March will be an incredible month, so much in process with the Eclipse, Equinox, Easter heralding yet again many changes for humanity and your habitat.

The lessons from February taught you to let-go of that no longer required to sustain you in this unravelling New Earth.

Learning to Love YOU, Love your body - your physical vehicle. For many your bodies have called out in “pain” reminding you of your connection. Your body wants you to “love it.”
Commune with your Body Elemental, ask what you can do to relieve the pain? Work with - not against your body. Your body vehicle works tirelessly for you and now it is “demanding” to be recognised , nourished and cared for in all ways.

March will be the month for you to undertake a new relationship with your body. What can you change that will assist this amazing vehicle to take you into the next phase of this process?

The energies of change will continue to bring to your attention all that is not in alignment. Relationship to all things, people, places will be questioned. What is not in total alignment for your highest outcome will be shown to you in various ways. This will give each of you an opportunity to re-align, re balance and be in total integrity in your lives.

So much change Dear Ones, remembering of course this is what was requested as you go through the dis-comfort of change. Know it is exactly what is required.

As always may I remind you - each step you take on this New Evolutionary Path is guided by your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light our Star Brother’s and Sisters all in agreement, all blending our energies with yours, to make this an incredible outcome for all humanity.

This is what you have agreed. You have prayed for, cried out for and it is unravelling at warp speed now.

You are becoming all you have ever dreamed. As you unravel from the Old the New is ready for you to step into. How long that takes is up to each individual. Go within, through Meditation/Contemplation look for the answers you already have. You are the authority in your life.

The time to call forth the real YOU is now. We celebrate your return to your true/soul/self.

And so it is.


Monday, February 15, 2016

15th February, 2016

MONDAY MEDIATION                                                         15th February 2016         
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                      Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Many of you have just celebrated “Valentine’s Day.” What a magical day to open your hearts to receive LOVE, not only in human form but from the Galactic Centre, which is radiating so much LOVE and LIGHT into each of your beautiful hearts to allow the maximum amount of infusion that each persons heart can withstand in any 24 hour period.

Celebrations as you have just experienced, allow for so much more integration into so many more hearts and for this we thank you for aligning your hearts at this glorious time.

“Changes, Changes everywhere.” I believe this is a statement many will know so well and I tell you Dearly Beloveds these changes are now happening more rapidly than ever before.

Great changes are occurring. We have spoken of these for what you would say was eons. All in preparation Dear Ones, for you would not have been able to envision what is to take place even as little as two years ago.

You have been prepared DAILY through this Light infusion from the Galactic Centre and with this influx of Light, the opening of your Heart Chakra/Higher Heart/Thymus Gland this is the preparation required to allow you to bring about the necessary changes for your Evolution.

The time has come Dear Ones, Changes, Changes Everywhere.

You the Light Masters of this time are now required to stand up - reach out your hands to those souls still living in fear, doubt, confusion.

You are required to be the stillness in their storm. Lead them to the safe harbour you have found. Share with these magnificent souls your Light and Love and guide them.

What to many, will look like chaos and despair, you KNOW is the beginning of incredible changes for your Planet.

All Peace, Abundance, Prosperity, Freedom, Perfect Health, Love and Goodwill to all Beings is what lays before you.
At first as this transmutation takes place you will need to stay strong Dear Ones for you KNOW this is truly a New Birth of a New Earth for ALL.

When the debris clears you will see that these changes are the most beautiful outcome you have all called into Be-ing.

Please hold each other’s hands, open your hearts and minds as to what is about to unfold.

Your generosity of Spirit is being called forth like no other time.

Your calmness in the Eye of the Storm will be witnessed by those looking for a safe haven.

Be that Safe Haven Dear Masters. This is your time to shine, you know these words as they resonate an excitement within your heart chakra. Your memory has been evoked.

All you have dreamed is about to become reality.

As always Dear Ones, we are right beside you, holding out our hands to welcome you Home.

Call on your Mighty I AM PRESENCE to be your guide. St. Germain and the Mighty Violet Flame stand with you ready for the greatest Transformation and Transmutation that has EVER taken place on Planet Earth.




Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Message               Archangel Michael              February 8 2016                    

Dear Ones,

This time is all about YOU. The energies at this cosmic time are extremely turbulent to say the least.

Therefore, we are suggesting you be very aware of “filling your cup first.” You are indeed required at this time and you will not be ready when called unless you nurture and care for YOU.

Many are experiencing “body issues.” These past many months have been about clearing much of your mental/emotional selves. Now it is time to focus on the physical layer. Many aches and pains, digestive issues, still a lot of vertigo, heart and blood issues. Grounding is hyper important.

Mother Earth is shifting and changing every moment and the effects of all that flow on to you. The Earth and You are ONE. Therefore what affects one affects all.

During these next few weeks it is highly recommended that you take extra time and extra care of your physical selves. Become indulgent with YOU. Even if the only time you can spare in your hectic lives is to take time to focus on you, be still, take deep, deep breaths.

Just Be - Just Allow - Breathe deeply - Ground. You will certainly feel the benefits if you bring these small steps into your consciousness. Without these small adjustments your body will make its needs very clear to you.

If you choose not to stop, relax, breathe your body will show signs of stress and pain and you will be “forced” to slow down.

Relax Dear Ones, it is not all about running, achieving, struggling. That paradigm has passed. Time to slow down and embrace your new life of freedom. Go slowly, acknowledge you have “shifted” from your old ways. Embrace the New YOU and all that entails.

Take moments and notice how you have changed. How do you feel compared to a few months ago? Can you recognise a difference?

Everything and everyone is changing. Time to acknowledge that. Time to embrace the new. Time to breathe Dear Ones, relax, you are in transition. Recognise the role you are playing in this grand game of life.

Breathe, and then move forward in ease and grace.

No longer pushing, shoving, striving.

Relax, let go, In-Joy.

And so it is.




Sunday, February 7, 2016

Monday 1st February, 2016        Archangel Michael Message

Dear Ones,

Are you ready to fly?

Make sure your baggage is stored - you will not be requiring it ever again. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor - connected to Mother Earth. Everything you require for this leg of your journey is available within you.

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

Are you feeling the magic in these days? You are each bringing forth all that is required for ALL Humanity to make this giant leap forward in your evolution.

We know you have “packed” many times and delays have occurred but we assure you the time is NOW - you are ready for take-off!!

The alignments are in place to allow ALL humanity to once again claim your Sovereignty. The abundance you desire, in all forms is before your eyes.

Look to the skies and give thanks for the many blessings that are flowing in to be shared by ALL humanity.

Your prayers for Peace and Love have been heard and reverberated through the Universe. You are undoubtedly the Ones you have been waiting for.

All the masks are off - time to reveal and OWN who you TRULY are and what you have come to do, or be, at this Cosmic Moment for awakened Beings.

The Critical Mass of Souls owning their desire to step up and be counted amongst the Pioneers is extraordinary. Each time one of you leaps forward, many more hear the the call and follow. It is indeed a Revolution and you are the leaders. You will be called upon in these coming days, weeks and months to TRULY “Walk your Talk.”

Those walking just behind you are trusting you “know the way” and that you are willing to hold their hands and lead them to this Glorious New Earth.

So many of you are tired, exhausted even, from all the many “false starts” but we remind you Dear Ones you were given opportunities to move forward BUT you were the ones who chose to wait for that perfect moment when all humanity could move forward together.

That moment has arrived. You can feel it in your heart. You KNOW the Cosmic Moment is upon you.

Strap yourselves in for this grand adventure and a ride like no-other. What you do now has NEVER been done before in a physical body.

Did we say fasten your seat-belts?

As always it is our delight to be of service to you as we share this grand adventure.

Let’s all hold hands together - physical and non physical Beings as ONE.