Monday, March 24, 2014

24th March 2014

MONDAY MEDITATION                                                  24th March, 2014
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                               Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

How are you traveling? Are your bags full, packed tight, no more room? Or are they light, plenty of room to spare so as to be added to if needed? On this journey called Life on Planet Earth, in which you are participating may I remind you this is like no other lifetime EVER experienced. Can I suggest if your bags are full - let go of a few items, start to feel the release with the awareness you can give up, or give away “things” in your life that are no longer serving the highest expression of who you are.

The feeling when you - LET GO of thoughts, actions, accumulations is an expansive feeling and totally frees you up in so many ways. It allows more clarity of thought and awareness. Just breathe and LET GO - feel the expansion and freedom. Can you not feel the difference in the ability to open yourself up to the new just waiting to enter your life.

This will show up as new opportunities, new awareness, new items that are available to you but have been unable to come to you because of the blockage - the bag has been packed too tight. Remember to breathe often, such a simple reminder but such a powerful result will come each time you remind yourself to LET- GO and BREATHE.

As you loosen up all that you hold so tightly, your life will be significantly relaxed and you will marvel at what comes into this new space you have created.

Remember Dear Ones, you are Creator Beings, therefore whatever you desire you can create and bring into your awareness. You do this everyday but now you are doing it more Consciously. No need to hold on so tight to the old worn out thoughts, actions, possessions, it is time for the NEW you to blossom.

Take a moment to picture your life as the Creator Being that you are and how your new life will unfold for you? What do you desire to achieve, believe, contribute to this magical New Earth that is birthing? Gaia is spreading her wings with expansion and growth and new possibilities. You and the Earth are ONE it is a co-creative time to unleash on Planet Earth a very new paradigm of Health, Happiness, Peace and Abundance for all her inhabitants.

As you lighten your load, you make room to assist others lighten theirs. It is time for Planet Earth to begin purging much of what no longer fits. As you become lighter, more focused, more resilient you are able to assist others who are just beginning to awaken to allow them the opportunity to see the many changes you have made to your life which will give others the courage and impetus to also lighten up.

As always we are preparing you and the Planet for the many changes that are still to come. So many changes, so much preparation for the times ahead. You have prepared well by bringing in more and more of the Conscious Light onto Planet Earth.

As you run this energy through your amazing bodies you then share the energy with those around you. You will be the Beacons for those watching at this very moment.

You are the “Light” leaders of Planet Earth, so continue to lead by example and those who follow will be in amazement of what you have done to get you to this day and it will make the transition for the many so much smoother and easier. And here again we remind you Dear Ones that you did say “send me first” so that I can make the path smooth for my brothers and sisters.

What a sterling job you are doing Dear Ones, and as always you are applauded.

Your resilience for accomplishing the task with your blindfolds fully intact just extraordinary.

Can you feel the release as the blindfolds very slowly slip away from your eyes and reveal the magnificent New Earth just before you?

Job well done Dear Light Warriors.

Blessings as always.


                                                                                                Angel Therapy Practitioner


                                                                                                                                                Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                                                                                Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
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Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday 17th March 2014

Monday Meditation 17th  March 2014         AAMICHAEL         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you enjoying the energies? Does it feel fast and furious in your world, or are you
re-membering to slow down and breathe? I is so important Dear Souls that you acknowledge your breath and take each moment in its awareness. So much is happening within you and around you.

Take the time to acknowledge your part on this Journey.

Make time each day to slow it all down - take in the deep in-breaths and just allow yourselves to “BE”. You will feel the difference immediately and the world will not stop just because you do. In fact, the world will improve because of your actions.

Be an example to others in your field and see this radiate out and effect those in your vicinity.

Know that peace on Earth is guaranteed. No more wars on Planet Earth, this is the prayer we hear daily from humanity. Remember Dear Ones - Peace starts with you. Be “at peace” in your life and see that reflection in your immediate circle and then watch as the ripples ride out to effect all who come into your field. Peace is upon you because of the work you as a Collective are calling forth. Each of you reading these words is making a difference on Planet Earth. Allow your energy to shine the Light for all others to follow. Many are looking for that Light, and as you shine brightly it has the ripple effect and eventually the Collective will join as ONE.

I have shared with you many times what an amazing job you are undertaking during this time of massive transformation and I reiterate our love and support to each and every Soul on this remarkable journey.

Every day you see more truths revealled, more changes taking place, and every day you are becoming more confident to stand tall in your Light and shine like the Beacons that you are.

Many are watching, not only from this Planet but other Planets are watching just how this game on Planet Earth is unfolding. They watch with great delight as they see the promises made for this great Evolution are played out into each new day.

The countless Love and support from the many Beings of Light and your Star Brothers and Sisters radiate out for you to breathe into your fields and restore your energetic bodies.

Much is transitioning, much is unfolding. Do you get excited as each new day begins as you wonder what will unfold this day?

So much is coming your way Dear Hearts, so much Love, so much awareness, so much support and friendship. Endless days of Peace, Joy and Harmony.

Is this not why you came Dear Hearts.    And so it is.           I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                   

                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                                                                                                  Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                                                                                                  Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday 10th March 2014

10th March, 2014  AAMichael Meditation                                   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

It is with Great Joy and Love I greet you this day. You are feeling more of the Joy, this Divine Love as it washes over Planet Earth. Not to say you are not feeling the feelings of the Energetic Shift that unfolds on your Planet daily but you have “noticed” that you are adjusting to, and allowing more to move through you, or pass by you. In times past, you may have grabbed hold of thoughts and emotions - not always your own. These energetic systems and of course the negative emotions would then be added to what ever you had in your field. You are becoming more discerning, more Light filled and now you “look before you leap” into someone field of someone else. Well Done Dear Ones, you are learning to take responsibility for your own unique energetic patterns. Does that not feel better?

The Love that You Are is radiating out into the field of energy surrounding not only yourself but it is then extended out into the Quantum field like never before. More Love, More Light is being “picked up” by the Collective and then as you are aware, it grows and expands exponentially.

Well Done Dear Light Masters, Light Servers your Mastery is becoming more obvious to us and it de”lights” us to see the Radiance that is permeating Planet Earth each new day, bringing a higher Octave of Light each time and we watch in awe as this transition unfolds.

You are doing so much more that you are presently even aware. For some you feel it in your bodies the many changes that are taking place and for others it is as natural as “breathing.”

Combined you are making up an Energetic Field that is radiating such Love, such Light that even the darkness can no longer sustain itself. More of the darkness is giving way to the Light. You can see this played out in your world on a moment to moment basis.

Imagine when more souls awaken to what is truly happening on Planet Earth and consciously join with you to bring the Peace to Earth that the Collective wish to occur. Each day is a new chance for you to change your world. Before you go to sleep and upon waking, make it your intention to see more peace, more harmony, more love radiate out firstly from you and then send that vibration out to all who share this time and space with you and watch how what you desire becomes reality quicker than you can imagine.

Miracles are abounding on Planet Earth each day Dear Ones - watch as evidence of this becomes clearer each new day.

You are loved beyond measure Dear Souls and it is with great Love and Respect for the Divinity within that we hold hands as we all walk together to the finish live to create Heaven on Earth for all beings to shine as all live in Peace, Love and Oneness.
And so it is, Love and Blessings Dear Ones.                      
I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL-Bringer of the Light          

Leslie-Anne Menzies
Angel Therapy Practitioner, 0408 083 185                                                                                                                              
Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Meditation 3rd March 2014

Monday Meditation 3rd March, 2014                                              Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

It is with great anticipation and expectation that I greet you this day. You have been told many times that YOU are making a shift and YOU are making a change. We in the higher realms are able to watch, observe and note all the changes that are taking place on a personal and planetary scope.

So many changes have taken place which allow us to move ever closer to each of you. As you say the veil is thinning more and more each day. If you reach out, you will feel that we are closer to you than ever before. We ask that you call on us as you  move through these amazing times. Much is now within your grasp. However, you do not have to grasp - just rest Dear Ones and allow - so much is happening within the “allowing.” Humanity is finally understanding that you are the Keepers of the Light, a role you chose on this incarnation and as you become more Light and bring more Light - that Light is also filling you with love, wisdom and understanding. One of the greatest breakthroughs you are having is allowing the Light to radiate through your beautiful bodies and as you take in more Light you become more loving of yourselves and then radiate that LOVE further afield to affect all those with whom you come into contact.

The LOVE that YOU ARE is becoming so much more noticeable and you are FEELING that LOVE as it permeates the Earth and all humankind. Even though much still has to change on Planet Earth because of the LIGHT/LOVE Quotient you have collectively brought forward. The Earth and all her inhabitants are moved by what is happening. You are witnessing so much more acts of kindness in an around you. You are noticing the animals who are leading the way in showing what can happen when you “allow” and just be. The Lion is laying down with the Lamb” in complete peace and harmony. The Animal/Mineral Kingdom are blossoming. Many new “Crystals” have returned to Earth to enlighten and enliven the changes. Many of these beautiful stones have been hidden away until the perfect time for their return to Planet Earth. Many of you were the keepers and caretakers of these stones in the Atlantean time and yes that “ah-ha” you felt upon reading or hearing these words indicate you were one of those entrusted with these beautiful Light Beings.

The Crystals and the Grids of the Earth are being re-activated on a regular basis just as the Light Quotient is upgrading in your bodies so is it upgraded in the Earth with each new raise of vibration or Planetary upgrade.

All on the Planet are vibrating at such a higher rate and as this continues the growth and the amount of information that is being returned to you the Custodians of the Love/Light whose energetic signature was signed the day you came to Planet Earth, for this transition and this emergence of the New Earth.

Dear Ones as always we are delighted and excited at the amount of growth that happens on a daily basis. So many more “awakened souls” wipe the sleep from their eyes each day. We have said many times - this is the most exciting time to be on Planet Earth as each of you rises from your long slumber, stretches out and say - “what can I do, how can I serve?” You serve well Dear Ones and we walk this new path with you each day as you create that which has never been before.
It is a new Earth you walk upon and with each new day you are feeling that, and owning the role you chose at this time. We can see the level of Love/Light and the vibration that it is holding.

We see that you are not only loving each other, more each day but the greatest gift you brought to planet earth - the one that you have hidden for eons of time is the gift of “LOVE OF THE SELF” It was known in the higher realms that when you unwrapped this gift that would be when the greatest shift would happen on Earth.

We ask that you daily embrace this “new” gift of loving yourself in every sense of that vibration - you are the Love/Light, you are the ones who said you would step forward at this time and unwrap that most magnificent gift that you have hidden so well.

Dear Ones, Love Yourselves first - feel what that feels like, to give the ultimate LOVE to you and when you are basking and bathing in that LOVE all you will ever want to do from that day forward will be to share that LOVE with all who come within your Radiance and then Dear Ones watch the Magic and Miracles become an everyday event.

When you realise how simple this is, you will never want to be anything BUT LOVE.


I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (the Bringer of the Light)



                                                                                         Angel Therapy Practitioner
                                                                                                          Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                       Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                       Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                       Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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