Monday, July 20, 2015

20th July, 2015

MONDAY MEDITATION                                                           20th July, 2015
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL                                                 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are becoming excellent “surfers.” You ride the waves of energy on your Planet like true professionals now. You have gained much experience and it shows. You have become most proficient at “going with the flow” - tides in and tides out.

It is becoming easier for you to navigate these energies through the experiences each of you are having. You are also noticing how much more you can assimilate and that makes the flowing more effortless.

These energies are responsible for the “heart - opening” which is now occurring all over your Planet. You now feel the connection more readily to “ALL THAT IS.” You notice that when one is hurting, many feel the pain and reach out like no other time before on your Planet. And I tell you it is a JOY for us to watch and celebrate.

These are the times of change you were promised and you Dear Ones are that CHANGE. It is about you personally becoming the change within and then reflecting that out to your fellow beings. We are watching this, it is like watching an Orchestra - at first the notes can be out of tune and then with practice, co-operation and cohesion it all comes together beautifully, all playing the same cord. This is what you are doing Dear Ones, you are finding what brings you together rather than what is discordant with you.

So much is unravelling within your Beings and within your world but being the magnificent Beings that you are you are finding the harmony and then flowing with that. You have had much practice to bring you to this point in your Evolution and the excitement level on your Planet is rising each and everyday. You are feeling that your work is paying off and you can now see the “Light at the end of that very dark Tunnel you have traversed” and the view is Glorious.

Keep practising Dear Ones, there is still much to accomplish for you all to bring this to a magnificent crescendo but as always we are with your directing the notes you ask us to play.

It is a grand production Dear Ones and you are incredible musicians and magicians as you blend your energies together in harmony and the magic you each bring to this process.

It is always our JOY to assist each and everyone of you as you walk out of the dark fully into the Light. You are being who you came to Be. You are seeing yourselves for the very first time for the true Light that you are and it is truly magnificent.

It is truly a magical time to be on Planet Earth when all you have ever asked for, prayed for is being delivered to your door. The reward for your part in this amazing orchestration of Heaven on Earth.

Keep playing together as ONE, Dear Ones.


                                                                                              Angel Therapy Practitioner
                                                                                    Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s             Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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Monday, July 13, 2015

13th July, 2015

Monday July 13th, 2015             ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 

Dear Ones,

The greatest gift you can give each other during these turbulent times is the gift of your LOVE. This is a time like no other on your Planet. You are watching as everything is being broken down, to rise up again as the Glorious Resurrection you were promised.

All over your Planet there is so much destruction, war and pain as the darkness is in its final days of defeat. The Light is now ready to completely permeate your Planet and to clear out the final remnants of what was. What is before you, is so incredible, it is almost impossible for you to imagine, because many are still only focused on what is leaving. Let go of what was and embrace the Light of the New Earth.

So many of you are calling on our assistance and you are noticing that when you call we do answer and we give the same answer always. Focus on LOVE, focus on LIGHT, these two elements when used together sent to a person, a place or situation, can change the dynamics instantly. You are beginning to REMEMBER to implement these elements as you change the dark to LIGHT. All is in perfect alignment and timing and what you have come to Earth to do is being achieved one person at a time. 

As you move out of your old 3rd Dimensional reactions and beliefs you are noticing how you can move more effortlessly through situations. You are seeing from a larger vantage point and the view is much clearer. All that is old and outdated is leaving. You are witnessing that on a daily basis. Notice how the old monetary systems are collapsing around the world in readiness for the new. As you “allow” all that is no longer serving ALL OF HUMANITY to fall away knowing in your hearts when the new system is in place it will be for ALL. This is the World you have breathed into existence, this is why you came, you could no longer tolerate so many on your Planet suffering and eking out an existence whilst others thrived beyond belief. You new Earth is to be a place where there is equality for All.

This time of Evolution on your Planet has stretched you as Be-ings but Dear Ones do you not look at yourselves and see the growth happening daily? We do. How wondrous it is to co-create with the greatest of Beings who have ever walked on Planet Earth. You are indeed the architects of the New Earth and the plans you are bringing forward will amaze and delight each of you as you move through these next months and years. The Celebrations will continue each new day.

The next time you are confronted with a challenging situation we ask you to practice your new skills - before you re-act as you would in the old energy, take a moment, breathe, call on the LOVE THAT YOU ARE AND THE LIGHT THAT YOU CARRY, send this to the situation, and to all involved including YOU. Surround the situation and all those involved in a ball of LIGHT/LOVE hold this intention for as long as it takes to resonate within your heart space and feel how it feels. We guarantee you will feel so much better than - reacting with anger, jealousy, rage whatever was your first line of defense in your “old way of re-acting”. We also promise you, that the situation will dissipate quickly and effortlessly leaving you feeling amazing that you have a new way to BE. As this becomes your new way of Be-ing, Peace will come into your life. As you can promote Peace in your life, allow that to flow to another - this is how PEACE WILL COME TO YOUR PLANET - once again one person at a time. PEACE ON EARTH STARTS WITH “YOU.”

Everything is moving so quickly now and will continue to do so. We send you our Love and our Light to surround you as you walk through each day with a new found freedom that you are creating. 

Holding hands with each of you during this time of Resurrection and Ascension Dear Ones a most Glorious time indeed.



Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday 6th July, 2015

Monday 6th July 2015           ARCHANGEL MICHAEL 

Greetings Dear Ones,

Are you ready to shine your Light brighter than ever before? This is what is required of each of you now as the Collective Consciousness readies itself to open you up to your most magnificent selves. A time like no other, we have stated before but you are now beginning to get a glimpse of what we have been showing you. You are resonating more fully within your bodies these messages.

Your Soul Self that larger part of you has awakened and now aligning with more of your human body working in unison, bringing greater conscious awareness, more of the Love and the Light that you are into your physical Be-ing.

Time to step up and fully embrace your magnificence. Are you ready to do so?

That which is unfolding upon your Planet will increase ten fold in these next days and weeks. Each day as you arise, so much more will have transpired during your sleeping hours. You will come upon a time when you no longer wish to sleep as long, as in the past. The excitement of what each new day will bring will propel you to rise early in anticipation of what lies before you.

You have come for this time, the evolution of your humanity is now rapidly unfolding and you are feeling the momentum within your hearts. There is an excitement and anticipation and the feeling of “freedom” resonates with you.

What you seek is seeking you. Take time in your meditations and prayers to visualise that which you wish to see in your reality. Dear Creators that you are, it is now your time to shine the Light of your Be-ing onto all of humanity. Send your energy and love to the Plant and Animal Kingdoms and to the Elementals, all rising to assist you at this time. Are you aware of their connection and influence in your lives?  All by agreement. Everything is by agreement Dear Ones.

There is a Unity, a Harmony, a Dance within all of nature right now that is calling you all together as in past times. Listen to the music of the spheres, of all the realms, as this molding and melding takes place. Find your rhythm Dear Ones and join the Dance.

You are witnessing in your every day lives how Unity is becoming obvious in your interactions with those you share this time and space. Reach out and let the Love that YOU are impact on another Be-ing. Watch how just a small gesture can change a persons day and help them to awaken to what is happening on your beautiful Planet. Join hands with someone you would not normally interact with - knowing in your Heart YOU ARE ALL ONE. Really take that understanding into your consciousness, meditate on it and see what it is you can do to make a difference in one persons life. And we tell you Dear Ones it is addictive - the feeling that emanates from you heart will propel you to want to reach another and then another. IMAGINE when all humanity “gets this” the addiction will spread more rapidly than any other, and the side-effects will be glorious.

It is TIME to reclaim your Divinity Dear Ones, you know this, you feel this, and it is now time to take the Action required to make this a reality on your Planet. As always we are standing ready to support whatever actions you wish to implement. This is the Planet of Free Will and as always we cannot interfere in your choices BUT given permission, we will  be your greatest allies and staunch supporters. Together we make a formidable team and then watch how your excitement raises you up in Triumphant recognition of the Truth of who you ARE.

Let’s move forward together Dear Ones, we await your requests.