Monday, August 27, 2012

Archangel Michael 27th August 2012


                       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Be gentle with yourselves and each other - so much of your old way of being is falling away in your reality. Do not try to hold on so tight to what was. What was, no longer serves you. Many of you are reminising over old jobs, old relationships, old places of residence and wishing you could return to them - even knowing that they were not the answer when you were fully engaged there. We have spoken of the void - which is where you are residing at this moment but all is about to change. Feel the power as you take in a long, deep breath - feel the connection to All That Is. Your new way of being rests here in the NOW moments - breathe deeply Dear Ones all is well.

We reaffirm for you that your time of struggle is over - you are in the last days of your old world but you keep trying to clutch on to the shore which is fast eroding through your fingertips.

Let go, let go, there is a new shore line on the horizon and when you can truly release your last grab for the old, just float awhile in the calm, clear waters, you will see in the distance that it is only an arms length to the new shore - this is the place you have dreamed of inhabiting for eons.

The new shore is why you incarnated in this lifetime. You were the brave souls who wished to be the leaders of this New Earth. You are almost at the dock - keep breathing kowing that the shore is ready to greet you and welcome you into your new way of being.

It is within reach - breathe easy.

You are the ones ready to inhabit this New Earth. You will be the ones writing the new Rule Book.

This is such an amazing opportunity to create your New World in such a way that all will live in Peace, Harmony and Abundance. This is what you are creating with each new soul arriving at the shore.

Many of you went ahead to prepare the way for your brothers and sisters and you are feeling fatigued from the long journey. You are now ready to rest on the shore as the others prepare to join you.

You shall celebrate the times ahead with great Joy and above all LOVE will be the new vibration that supports the New Earth.

You have arrived Dear Ones, well done. Open your arms wide and welcome your brothers and sisters to cross the waters and join in the celebrations.

LOVE has once again triumphed on your Earth.

I AM Archangel Michael - blessings Dear Ones, Blessings and Welcome Home

Monday, August 13, 2012

Archangel Michael August 13th 2012

Monday Meditation      13th August, 2012    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

It is time for you to connect most fully to your I AM Presence. All that you have come to do in this lifetime is now being stepped up.

There is no more time to linger in the “what if’s.” Everything is changing so rapidly that on all levels of consciousness you know the time is NOW.

We have told you many times that you are co-creating this reality you are about to step into.  You have been waiting for us to tell you “how it’s going to be” but we remind you - this is your creation, your new way of being with each thought you have. We therefore remind you to keep your thoughts of the highest content. As you out picture using your inner vision and inner wisdom do so with the highest of intention for all beings.

Dear Ones, breath new life into your being, your New Earth, as you create for yourselves the perfect vision of your new lives. You are amazing Creators who have been given a blank canvas in which to release and create your magic. What are you waiting for?

As always we watch in awe as the Greatest of Beings who have ever walked the Planet are now realising who they are and what they have come to do.

The Angelic Realm work with you constantly whispering gentle in your ears on those days when you forget who you truly are.

In the very near future we will no longer have to be your “unseen” guides as you will walk along side us in unision of the vision we all hold for the New Earth.

We remind you also, what you are doing, what you are creating has NEVER been done before. Do you feel that excitement?

You are the Architects and Engineers of this New Earth - do you fully understand the implications of what is before you?

The Angelic Realm can hardly contain the excitement we feel as we see you like small children anticipating an event that is so exciting, so grand and we look forward to that day soon when we once again experience you opening your “GIFTS” that truly reveal the essence of each one of you.

Your potentiality is beyond your current comprehension although you are starting to get a feeling in your dreams and meditations of how it will be. Even though many of you still believe it to be beyond your wildest dreams, that is how it shall be.

Your wildest dreams are about to come to fruition, you are powerful beyond imagination you are co-creators working in co-operation with Creation.

How can you not be amazed by all that is to befall you Dear Ones?

We are your loving and faithful Companions of Light, Overlighted by Archangel Michael

Monday, August 6, 2012

Archangel Michael 6th August 2012

Monday Mediation         Archangel Michael            6th August, 2012

Dear Ones,

I see you struggling in your current space and I ask you, “why are you still so down on yourselves?” You have worked so hard to reach this time of the New Earth. All you can ever want is right before you, closer than you allow yourselves to believe. It is time to give up the struggle - even though some of you gain great benefit from holding on to it. Some prefer what they had, to what is on offer in your brilliant future Universe.

You see Dear Ones you have struggled for so long not only in this lifetime but many other lifetimes and you only know “struggle.” There is a safety in struggle for you and a familiarity. It is now time to release all reference to struggle and watch what happens. Many of you fear the letting go of all that was because you cannot yet see the alternatives. As we have told you many times - there is a space - a leap of faith - a void, when who you are no longer is and who you are becoming is not yet.

It is in this void where the magic is - take time out from the worry, the struggle, the fear of all the “what if’s” spend time in the void - relax, breath, dream and prepare for the time when all you have ever wanted and imagined will come to be.

This time in the void is a magical time. Spend a few minutes, the longer the better in the  - just drifting between the dimensions, so much more of your future will unfold for you.

The magic lies here for you, just take those moments, hours to “play in the void” acknowledge the “YOU” that has chosen to play in this game. No reference to past, only being completely in the NOW. There is no other place that exists.

When you are feeling the effects of these massive changes that are sweeping your Planet and your bodies, go into the void - rest, take refuge - Do you feel the peace, the stillness? No-thing to worry about - just you and the NOW moments available to you always.

When you feel the feelings you are experiencing on days like this I ask you to come to the void. I will be there as always to hold your hand. You will find answers as it is that in between space where all possibilities exist.

Surrender Dear Ones, take time to stop struggling and surviving. Be at peace. Be in Love and your world awaits what you bring back from your time in this solitude.

Trust what my words are telling you, try it for yourselves - you will understand more of this when you have an experience when you feel the aha’s accumulating.

Dear Ones, we are constantly reaffirming our love and support for you. Keep the faith, the miraculous times you crave are being created by each of you. You will feel more at Oneness when you spend more time in the magical place between the dimensions.

Rest assured, Dear Ones, breath easier as you are now knowing all is in perfect alignment as promised.    Enjoy the void - make it your own Heaven on Earth.

I AM Archangel Michael and I AM with you always

(NOTE: This was very much a personal message today, felt like I have struggled all day. Even though the message was directed to me, I have been asked to share it. Felt very reassured by AA Michael that the void is a place we can meet with him and the angelics and rest and play and ask questions. Also Archangel Raphael came in at the end of this message with beautiful green healing energy for me and you. It was very magical. Blessings)