Monday, July 31, 2017


Dear Ones,

Notice where you are currently “positioned” on this beautiful spinning Blue/Green Orb!

Have you taken time to ponder where it is you are geographically? Where have you been in this lifetime and where do you currently find “yourself?” 

From our vantage point we can see the Sacred Geometric Patterns formed by the LIGHT you radiate, and from where you radiate it.

Such incredible geometrics are illuminated by you Dear Hearts. Each and everyone of you, positioned in the perfect location. Some radiate stability from their vantage point and others are fluid, needing to add to specific points on the Globe at certain moments in time.

All in perfect alignment of course.

Dear Ones, have you ever questioned why you “chose” a certain Country, City or Town? You agreed before incarnating in this lifetime that you could best serve the Planet from your chosen location. It needed to be vastly diverse for the Light to integrate all over this spinning Globe. You always “knew” there was to be an awakening in this lifetime. You were encoded within the 11:11 wake up call? This has been something many of you have been aware of for many years of your time and it is still the call to those only just wiping the sleep from their eyes.

A MASTERPIECE in the making. All by agreement!!!

As the many changes continue to unfold on your New Earth many will once again re-locate to areas in need of specific LIGHT QUOTIENT upgrades. You may be “called” to certain places specifically at this time and not understanding why - but still trusting and answering the “call.” 

As you move into place for this next phase of the unfoldment know you are supported and honoured for taking up the nudging of your Soul/Spirit.

Dear Ones you will always be in the right place at the perfect time. TRUST this inner wisdom that guides you lovingly.

The harsh energies of July have softened for the moment. As you move again into the New Beginnings that the August Eclipse Season will bring, which will be DRAMATIC - (hear that as incredible, amazing energies) will transpire.

You may find yourself once again drawn to special geographical locations to perform grid-work or gateway openings for these energies to be anchored into your new Crystalline Earth Structure.

Know that where you are guided and whatever you feel drawn to do, over these next exciting days, know that we are beside you at all times.

Dear Ones, you are acknowledged and assisted more readily and you are feeling the connection stronger than ever as the veil continues to drop away.

Times like these never experienced before are becoming the norm as you watch all around you collapsing and crumbling before your eyes. Know however, that everything is perfect, and what is required for the new Crystalline Structure of the New Earth to form.

Dear Ones, continue to anchor the Light WHERE EVER you find yourselves and with whomever accompanies you.

Your LIGHT and your LOVE is the driving force behind all that is unfolding and because of YOU - PEACE, PROSPERITY, WELL-BEING AND LOVE will be the platform for all to hold in their hearts.

Open your Hearts even further Dear Ones, invite the Light of Creation to flow through you as a conduit for the Greatest Peace and Prosperity to flow to ALL.

That Dear Ones is why you live where you live, or travel to Sacred Places on this Blue/Green Orb.

Magic and Miracles ARE created by YOU.

And so it is.


SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE with personal message from AAMichael 

Monday, July 24, 2017


Dear Ones,

Soon the darkness will be left behind forever, and then the LIGHT will be ALL you can see and experience.

Hand on Heart, breathe and here we go!!!

These past few days of intense energies have been harsh for many, to say the very least. These new moon energetics signal New Beginnings for ALL. You are continually being prepared, and in these next coming weeks, a most significant  Solar Eclipse, and more major energy accelerations will also affect your body upgrades. For those of you holding the Light, it has been as if the earth beneath your feet gave way.

Some are questioning how much longer they can stand strong. Perfect time Dear Ones, to do just that. You are ever so close to that finishing line and those extra ounces of strength and resilience are needed right now.

Breathe deeply Dear Ones call on the “reserves” you have within. You have prepared for times such as these when every ounce of your strength would be needed at the finishing line - knowing that when you do, it would be a Grand New Beginning.

A time like no other.

Dear Creators that you are - it is required now that you truly Ask for it to be given. Ask for the strength and perseverance you need when you feel you can no longer move another step forward. That is the time when you will be synchronistically led to the next high ground to rest and restore, ready for the last days of this old life which is about to be extinguished. The new YOU and the new EARTH awaits you to step into, ready to flourish in the LOVE and LIGHT that you are.

All the old ways and baggage must now be left behind, the challenges and changes you have met in these past years will finally make sense when you step into the new dimensional energies of the New Earth.

Dear Ones, we see your frustrations, we see how physically and mentally tired you are, we applaud you for your continued vision of forward moving. The trust and faith you have in each other shines. Your inner knowing allows you to be focused and that inner guidance allows you clarity in a confused landscape.

Dear Ones, as always we walk with you and this will truly be known in the New Earth when we will no longer be your “invisible” friends and companions.

As you move forward each day, placing another hand and then another within yours, gathering up new awakened ones as you go, we also hold your hands. Returning to the Oneness that you Are is a daily event and each new day adds more and more believers as information becomes available and the darkness is exposed for the control it placed upon each one of you, and your freedoms.

You will soon know what true freedom is and you will embrace it because of all you had to sacrifice to achieve it.

The time has come Dear Hearts, gather your family, friends, all souls together to celebrate the Grandest freedom of all. Divine LOVE AND LIGHT on your New Earth.

And so it is.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
17th July, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Truly a time to rejoice on this Earth!

You are flowing with ALL that is unravelling on these shifting timelines.

Riding the waves like Masters.

Many still remain unsure as to what is unravelling, but KNOW within your hearts that all is transpiring in Divine Timing. TRUST has taken time to acquire, but steadily through each day, as you awaken more, you just KNOW you have chosen this most auspicious of times to be present on Planet Earth.

Chaos may reign all around, yet you feel “centred” in the storm - just as a LIGHTHOUSE stands in all weather - so do you. The winds of change can blow you of course from time to time, but you always return to firm ground and each time you do, you are rooted more firmly in your knowing.

The winds of change will continue to blow, sometimes even “Gail Force” but YOU have weathered so much in the past few years that your feet remain firmly planted on Mother Earth as you work together to bring this much needed New Earth into fruition.

Notice how much has changed for you personally, and how much the old world, governments and monetary systems no longer resemble any stability. ALL is and WILL change in a very short space of time.

Dear Ones, relax, stand your ground - the old guard are losing more ground everyday and collapsing very fast indeed now.

The future reality for your Earth will not allow anything that is not vibrating toward the LOVE THAT YOU ARE, THE PEACE THAT YOU ARE, AND THE ABUNDANCE THAT YOU ARE. 

All that doesn’t match that vibration will fall away and will not survive in to the future reality.

Momentous times are ahead for all humanity who chose LOVE over fear, PEACE over war, and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL over lack and limitation.

This New Earth Dear Ones awaits your choice and your loving embrace. Leave all that no longer serves you behind. Begin today, picture this New Earth, Abundant in ALL ways, living, loving energy flowing forth - all Beings living in PEACE, HARMONY AND LOVE.

This Divine New Earth Blueprint is the very reason you came to the Planet this lifetime. You KNEW this was what would transpire. You KNEW YOU would be the Architects to build the structures and You KNEW YOU could achieve all that was agreed for this time.
You are the Co-Creators of CREATION.

Here you are Dear Hearts, stepping into your true Mastery. And now the change is being orchestrated by the young ones, supported completely by those who came before them.

The New Earth babies, as they grow will easily walk us to this grand new Earth in JOY, LOVE and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL. They will not tolerate anything less.

What an incredible time to experience all that is unfolding - very rapidly now.

Your eyes will swell with tears of absolute JOY.
Your hearts will beat with LOVE DIVINE.
Your hands will be outstretched to hold each other as you move forward in the Grandest timeline of ALL.

Did we say Golden Times Dear Ones.

For it is so.


Each with an individual message from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Monday, July 10, 2017


Dear Ones,

Massive energies and Light Codes swept in with the recent Full Moon. Sleep was not an option for many, and will continue as such for the next couple of days/nights.

So much integration of LIGHT taking place within and around you. You are the transitional team for change, and you are riding these energetic waves like a Master.

Many eons ago, when we communicated how these times may emerge, during this great shift of Human Evolution, it was agreed we would ALL walk through these days together. We, unseen and mostly unheard until you began to reawaken and reactivate memories of what would unfold in these most magnificent times. You began to “feel” us once again through synchronistic events playing out in your lives. You have taken up the mantle for Humanities well being and you have mostly traversed these times blind-folded. The blind-folds have been removed and so much TRUTH is unravelling for ALL to see and no longer deny.

It has not been an easy ride for those who stepped out on the front line, but the rewards are tremendous. You have had extraordinary experiences, on this surface level they appeared to be so devastating they took you to your core, broke you open, allowing the LOVE YOU ARE to shine forth.

Dear Ones, many of you were taken to the depths of despair in this lifetime. You felt so often that you were alone in all these challenges. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH. The Veil was impenetrable in those early times and it was only when you reached out in faith and belief you began to break down the walls of Illusion, allowing ALL who came after, to see more clearly.

Now the Veil is ultra thin Dear Hearts and it is only a matter of time before ALL see the reality of who You and they truly ARE and you will then know beyond any doubt that separation was and is an Illusion. YOU willingly placed the veil so that you could experience the contrast, dissolve it, and return once again back to WHOLENESS.

Dear Ones, we remind you, that YOU ARE the GREATEST of ANGELS to EVER step out into the darkness and then through all your trials, disappointments, belief in lack, limitation, feeling unloved, unloveable and alone you set about step by step to release all the limitations. Then learning to open your hearts once more and return to the LOVE THAT YOU ARE and  proceed to Anchor the LOVE AND  LIGHT of Creation back to a desolate planet floundering in despair.

Dear Ones, because of your bravery and breaking off the shackles of darkness, your belief that there WAS AND IS a better way for ALL Humanity to LIVE AND LOVE on your Planet YOU have been victorious, and ALL humanity will benefit from those who dared to step out and lead the way.

Dear Hearts your rewards are Divine.

You are clearing out fear from your bodies and allowing only LOVE to reside within that space.

Dear Ones, We know, how this has all played out because we have been with you every step of the way! We know, how arduous this lifetime has been. Now it is time to reap the rewards you always knew were coming.

Indeed, what has transpired took longer than any of us could have imagined. We remind you this has always been a Planet of Free Will and therefore we were unable to interfere unless it was for the Highest Good of all concerned. However, you have continued to move forward no matter what played out before you, and for this you are truly honoured.

Now is the time to rejoice Dear Hearts.

Breathe deeply - release the last vestiges of the old world - breathe in these Powerful New Energies of Divine Creation.

LOVE, PEACE, ABUNDANCE FOR ALL Beings, is the order of this New Earth.

You will once again reign in Glory Dear Ones, and it is so.

In LOVE AND LIGHT, you are creating


And so it is.


Each with an Individual message from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
26th June, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Acknowledge and embrace the Creator Beings that you are. Speak to your I AM PRESENCE, THE I AM THAT I AM vibration of your Soul/Self.

Now is the time to allow these gifts, the Creative Manifestation you have long hidden from yourselves.

Your remembrance and Mastery is returning. As you allow these memories to unfold and re-awaken you will no longer be caught in the outmoded thought patterns that have had you inprisioned, in the limited belief of who you are.

As Creator Beings you can step easily into your Creative Mastery and reclaim your true being-ness. The very reason you stepped foot on Planet Earth for this lifetime. 

As you fully accept yourselves as Creator Beings you no longer allow old negative thoughts or beliefs to control your daily activities. 


So much of the old has been transmuted from your physical vehicles and as more refined Light Codes flow through, the last vestiges of the old belief patterns will leave FOREVER.

Truly this is a time like no other.

The opportunities for growth and expansion into your true Mastery is what you are witnessing. As always Dear Ones, it is a choice how you view what is unfolding in and around you.

Viewed from the old 3rd dimensional negative separation, your life and your world would look “grim.” However, as the New 5th Dimensional Earth is evolving you KNOW you have a choice to live in that Mastery of Belief in the Oneness of ALL. In the 5D reality, illness and accidents will no longer exist as the vibration of the Planet will have evolved out of fear, lack, limitation into the New reality of Peace, Co-operation, Co-Creation, Love, Abundance and Perfect Health for all Beings residing on the New Earth.

Dear Ones the choice is yours - how will you choose to experience this next Evolutionary Step?

Open your Hearts and Higher Minds allow the Light of Creation to flow into every cell and atom of your beautiful bodies. Allow this incredible Light Energy to permeate your bodies until all you know and radiate is Light.

Light-Beings, Light-Masters, that is who you are and that is where you are flowing each day as you continue to open your hearts wider to allow the energy of Creation to flow through and around you. As you then ground that Golden Liquid Light of Creation into the Earth, consciously you are allowing Mother Earth and ALL humanity to share in this Light.

You are leading the way Dear Hearts, All in the Galaxy are focused on YOU and how you are allowing this evolution to unravel.

So many watching, loving, supporting and cheering you on Dear Ones. For YOU it is all in a days “work.” Soon you will understand what it is you have been creating all this time and you too, like us, will marvel at what transpires.

Walking every step of this incredible path with YOU.



Dear Ones,

Amidst all the chaos and uncertainty - JOY awaits your every thought.

Souls are awakening from the dream and beginning to recognise the past and all its lessons, were just that .... some even allow a smile to come to their face .... there is a KNOWING - new and exciting times are upon us.

Hold the INTENTION of JOY in each moment and watch what unfolds before you.

As Beings of Light and Co-Creators of ALL THAT IS transpiring, you each hold the ability to bring forth into your lives that which you hold in your hearts and awareness.

As the many intense energetic shifts continue throughout this month of July 2017 massive changes will be witnessed by all. Not only global change, but personal change as everything you desire begins to line up in your reality.

Dear Ones this has been and will continue to be an arduous journey but one you are well equipped for. Looking back over these past years and months you would indeed see the strength and growth YOU AS A SOUL have endured. This growth will continue.

Recognise the resilience and strength of character it took Dear One, as you have, and are, still negotiating a time never before experienced on Planet Earth. 

The New Earth each of you are co-creating, with your thoughts and actions is unfolding Divinely and we in the Realms of Illuminated Truth stand with you every step you take. Many are now realising just how much Divine Support is available and are calling on us more readily. The Veil of Illusion continues to thin and because of this, you are noticing the synchronicities and support that “appears” when required.

It has always been this way, however now you are so much more aligned with the Cosmic Energies your ability to reach out and “accept” this Eternal Love has increased ten fold.

Dear Ones, we love this co-creative alignment and your willingness to step up into your true Being-ness. You feel our commitment and support and the feeling of no longer being alone lessens each day, as you witness the Love and Light which now permeates your Planet.

Daily your awareness is drawn to “Random Acts of Kindness” being performed all over the Planet and people reaching out to each other like never before. LOVE is now the highest vibration on the Planet and it expands exponentially everyday.

Hearts are opening WIDE!!!

In your own lives you are assisting and supporting each other in ways not thought possible in earlier days. Strangers reach out to HUG each other. Dear Ones, have you noticed in your own reality how much more you HUG, and are you aware that in that action of Hugging you are “touching” each other’s HEARTS?

Your hand around another’s back, chest to chest - brings you into the Heart Chakra and each HUG is a connection from your Heart Chakra to theirs. HEARTS TOUCHING HEARTS - it is a beautiful energy that ignites and transforms so much.

A HUG is a hello from one heart to the other.

HUG more often Dear Ones, good for you, good for the “other YOU” and good for the Planet.

This is how JOY is spread one heart at a time.

Dear Ones, you continue everyday to bring greater PEACE to your Earth and through a simple action of a HUG this is reverberating out and the LOVE THAT YOU ARE is spreading heart to heart.

So much LOVE AND JOY in your lives Dear Ones - this after all is what you came to achieve -


Let that expand, radiating out and watch how fast everything else is transmuted into LOVE, AND PEACE and ABUNDANCE FOR ALL.

And so it is Dear Hearts.

You are loved beyond measure.