Monday, April 24, 2017

MONDAY MESSAGE Archangel Michael
24th April, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are on the cusp of a massive evolutionary spike in Human Consciousness. You held and arranged the space for this to occur, and occur it will.

You are bringing forth wisdom and information that has been “hidden” for eons. 

The time is right - the time is NOW.

You will experience some of your greatest triumphs in these next coming months. For many, this has been a long process and some have given up just before the end line was insight.

For those who have stayed the distance and continued on against all the obstacles that appeared on your pathway, YOU will reap rewards beyond your wildest imaginings.

These are the times you came for. You have prepared for such moments as these when you first set your foot on Planet Earth in this lifetime. You knew what was before you. You knew it was not to be an easy accomplishment BUT still you said “send me,” I can complete this mission against all the odds - and here YOU are.

You were NEVER alone, we walked every step of the way beside you, encouraging you when you became too weary to continue.

You have now begun to “feel” that progress has indeed been made and you are leaning into the New Earth with new awareness and insights being delivered to you daily.

Still more of the puzzle pieces are to be revealed and we remind you Dear Ones, each of you hold your own Unique Piece and each of you is required to step forth and place that piece so that ALL can be revealed.

What is your piece Dear One and are you bringing it forward? 

No more time to hide or play small in the shadows. The shadows are fading into the Light that is now radiating in greater quantity each new day.

Be the Creator you came to be Dear Ones.

It is indeed your time to shine and the tools are now available for that to happen for each of you. Deep in your hearts you know these words to be true. You have been given the gift of greater confidence, you have searched your Higher Heart and you are now ready to Shine - please do so Dear Ones.

This transition you are instigating is now fully engaged and you are the Transition Team employed to bring the Light.

Dear Ones much is unfolding in your reality now and you are no longer buying into the “fearful” information being played out in an effort to control and manipulate you as in the past. Your unique Light and Soul Signature now defines YOU.

In the past we have stated NO MORE WARS on Planet Earth. 

The Company of Heaven, the Galactics and the Beings of Light support the Earths return to full being-ness and will no longer allow or tolerate what you have been told by the mainstream “fear” campaigns.

You are more knowledgable now, and will no longer be seduced into “fear” thinking. You are the keepers of the New Earth, a pristine New Earth awaits you. You are creating it daily  with your LIGHT AND THE LOVE that you are.

Come out fully from the shadows Dear Ones, let your Light shine to its fullest radiance and no darkness can exist in that space.

Dear Ones, we always have, and always will be your Companions on the journey. The journey has stepped up, the excitement is palpable and we stand together Heart to Heart.

Let’s step into this next evolutionary leap once again.

And so it is.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
10th April, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

How Joyous it is to witness YOU standing in your own power with discernment. No longer beLIEving all that you see portrayed. The Veil has lifted, and now many of you are no longer “buying the old stories” being fed to you by main stream news outlets.

You are becoming most discerning and no longer allow yourselves to be fooled by what is being shown to you to keep you under control.

Asleep no more. You are aware of how the old, tired dark energies are seeing you, they are now running scared that you will no longer be told what to do, or believe how things appear.

You are Awakened Be-ings - more so every day, and you will no longer be blindfolded and led in the ways of old.

Celebrate how much has changed for you Dear Ones. YOU are the change-makers leading the way of the LIGHT. There is now more Light than darkness and only the remnants of the old is left behind. However, they are still trying desperately to hold ground, which is rapidly drifting from beneath their feet.

Congratulations Dear Ones, for no longer are you being fooled into believing that which has been fed to you for eons.

These are indeed times of great change and the LIGHT is now leading the way, showing the TRUTH and lighting up anything that has been hidden by the darkness for way too long.

Now is the time to rejoice Dear Hearts, for YOU are now the instigators of the Massive Evolution on your Planet and with ALL who walk beside you, VICTORY is assured.

Still many great changes lay before you and each new day brings new or remembered information and you are feeling that awareness resonate within your bodies.

So much is transmuting, your bodies, your awareness, and now wonderful information is being down loaded to all.

You are expressing expectation and excitement even though you can’t quite see it
ALL just yet, but you are envisioning more every day.

The next two weeks of April will bring forth even greater awareness. As outlined in earlier messages - some on your Planet will be “shocked” by what is about to be revealed. Those of you who have walked this path for many years are wearily prepared to hold the hands of those now awakening.

I have spoken many times of the Magic and Miracles that await you and for many such experiences have begun and before long ALL WILL KNOW THAT WHICH WE HAVE SPOKEN OF.

Open your hearts Dear Ones, breathe in the Magic and Miracles, dare to Dream once again for it is YOU creating such.

Allow yourselves to reach out to others and embrace all you have come to BE at this point, in the most incredible unfolding of your New Earth.

Hold hands and hearts and ALLOW - much is now unfolding and you are the Architects of this New Earth.

How does your future appear Dear Hearts?

Let your Creations flow forth.

For it is so.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
13th February, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Monumental times you are experiencing. Just as you wished.

Time is moving so fast, look at where you are now in your new year of 2017. Time will appear to speed up even more in these next few months.

The Planetary cycles are your cycles also, and what affects one, affects all.

Humanity is in a time of mass expansion, an evolutionary process you agreed upon for this lifetime and the experiences you needed.

Such an exciting time to be present on Planet Earth. As agreed, you are now assisting with the orchestrating of the New Planet Earth.

Change is rapid and relentless.

Your new Crystalline bodies are coming on line - not without challenges we note. However, all is in perfect alignment to roll out as designed.

Many Souls are dragging their feet in resistance to all that is unfolding. Resistance is futile Dear Ones. Allow yourselves to get in the “flow” - relax into what is unfolding and the ride will be less intense.

Relax, breathe, flow Dear Ones and you will notice your lives moving with so much more ease. If you continue to “push against” what is unfolding you will feel the repercussions more directly.

Relax, breathe, now is the time to reconnect to your Soul Calling. All that you have been, done, become, will no longer serve you.

This 2017 year of New Beginnings will ignite within you all that you ‘ARE’ and all that you have called forth for this magnificent time frame.

Change, everywhere you look, all over your precious Planet.


This year will be a “System Buster” and when you end this year (which will dissolve in the blink of an eye) you will look back and you will “try” to remember what your old life resembled.

So much change Dear Ones, we remind you do not fear who or what political party is “seemingly” in control this day. Their days are numbered. 

The changes engulfing all the Planet include:

+New Governance
+New Monetary Systems


Totally new systems are being installed at this time, all in readiness for unveiling in future moments. All is in readiness Dear Hearts.

Let go of of fears of what is coming, for what is coming is made from your dreams, your envisioning, your LOVE.

LOVE is the new element on the table. All that is not of LOVE can no longer remain - do you understand that statement Dear Ones?

Breathe it in.

Look around you. Do you not see LOVE growing exponentially  - LOVE is the major vibration on Planet Earth at this very moment.


Fear is leaving, it is leaving your bodies, your minds and your Planet. Fear does not leave graciously!!! That is why you are witnessing the turmoil as fear is forced to pack its bags, GO and never return.

LOVE AND LIGHT is the new currency and as you focus on these two elements, your world and all upon it will gradually gravitate to the new energetic framework.

See only LOVE, only LIGHT in and around you. Project it onto every situation that is not of that same vibration and watch how LOVE completely overcomes that which it is not, into that which LOVE IS.

Truly Magic and Miracles are the formulation of 2017 Dear Ones, allow the Alchemy to flow forth.

Dear Ones, so much LOVE AND LIGHT are engulfing your Planet and each one of you.

Open your Divine Hearts even wider each day as the Creator Light flows into each and every cell of your Divine bodies. Breathe it in. Anchor it into the Earth Star Chakra beneath your feet - allowing all who walk on Planet Earth to bathe in this infusion of LOVE AND LIGHT radiating to all Beings.

Time for the Change you are Dear Beings of Light and Love.

And so it is.


27th March, 2017 Archangel Michael

Monday Message Archangel Michael
27th March, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

With the recent Equinox you crossed a bridge - nothing feels the same - life may “appear” to be going on as usual - that is not the case.

A great shift occurred and still more is unfolding behind the scenes. Expect to see all the darkness now swept rapidly to the surface in such a way, for many, it will be devastating.

Those souls still firmly entrenched in the Illusionary world will be the hardest hit because there will be no where to turn when their perfect illusions are shattered as all the darkness comes flooding to the surface of Gaia for transformation and transmutation.

For many of you these past few days and weeks have left you exhausted, frustrated and completely unable to move forward with any plans, that is because you are now on a totally new trajectory and all will unfold in perfect timing as always. Relax Dear Ones, breathe, stay in the NOW the only place to BE.

All is returning to LOVE.

The old ways are up - no where left to run and hide. ALL will be revealed and it will be massive. Dear Ones that is why YOU, the Star-seeds, Light-workers, Way-showers or whatever label you have placed upon yourselves, are now required to step forward in greater numbers, with greater commitment. You have spent lifetimes preparing for such times as these.

This lifetime you stepped out front, so that when the masses did finally “wake-up” you would be the Light they emanate to.

It is now time to be that LIGHT, show your Love and compassion for those just putting their feet on the path and those who will be shell-shocked when they finally understand what TRUTHS are about to be revealed.

These next few months of 2017, this year of New Beginnings will reveal so much information it will indeed send many souls “crazy.” For some it will be just too much to comprehend and they will chose not to stay and play in a world they no longer relate to. All is in perfect and divine order and many will chose to return when Planet Earth has made her full transition into the New Earth.
For those who choose to awaken and come to a new understanding of what the New Earth will be, they will experience Joy as they realise the promise of the future is now unfolding and they are participating in this unfoldment. All by agreement.

YOU will bring Peace to the Earth - YOU are the Peacemakers, YOU will bring Joy and Love and community back to the Earth. This New Earth will supply abundance to ALL and ALL living in Divine Oneness.

Dear Ones, you are seeing the darkness erupt all over the Planet and you are sending Love/Light/Compassion to those areas and then witnessing the transformation that is taking place.

You are truly the Ones who will be the “LIGHT” ON PLANET EARTH.

Once again I remind you Dear Ones, you are not alone - never have been - and at this juncture more and more Brothers and Sisters of Light, from the Star Nations, and Divine Beings are joining forces to assist as you complete this transformation of your New Divine Earth.

Much is being whispered to you, information and Light Codes are pouring into you and into the Earth herself, to assist.

Take time to receive the transmissions we send to you. Go into your quiet places and listen as we impart to you wisdoms that allow you to make this transformation smoother than it has been.

Watch your skies there are so many indicators within your cloud formations. Look up Dear Ones, call on us, welcome us into your meditations as we share with you the information that you were intended to bring forth at this momentous time on your Planet.

Dear Ones, everything is truly in Divine, Perfect Timing.

And so it is.

Monday Message Archangel Michael
3rd April, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Enormous changes are just out in front of you and all humanity. You have strived to bring about all that is transpiring.

The physical exhaustion continues as you realise what an incredible metamorphose you are all experiencing.

Many times we have spoken of your desire and eligibility to be present as these momentous shifts were to take place, and which are occurring within your physicality and within Gaia herself.

You are the ONES bringing and holding the Light of Creation as it manifests through you, to allow the Evolution which is currently unfolding.

Once again, this is not new information, merely a reminder of all you agreed too.
Mighty Beings you are indeed, and your choice to undertake this grand assignment is acknowledged and celebrated in the highest realms.

We witness all that transpires within and around you and applaud your determination to see out this transition of consciousness as it engulfs Planet Earth.

No longer will you be controlled by anything or anyone! You have taken back your power and you are now embracing all you have chosen to undertake.

You are feeling into your roles more adequately than in the past and your knowledge and awareness increases each new day.

You are feeling “empowered,” you are feeling the expression of your “Self” in a grand way. No more ego - just a “knowing which is encoded in love.”

You no longer feel small, you are beginning to sense what it is you are achieving and a knowingness that you are on the path of freedom and that excites your cells Dear Ones.

It is “innate” this path you are on, and now you know that to be true. So much is changing in your being-ness and your belief systems are opening up to greater possibilities when it comes to your own healing. You are turning away from “main-stream” anything, be it healing, news or information of all kinds.

You are remembering “who you are” - why you came and you are embracing so much more of ALL THAT IS.

Dear Ones, your excitement level and belief in the future has amped up and you now “feel” the goodness flowing back into your awareness and that fear is subsiding, as you no longer give your power away.

You are seeing the “signs” of great change and you are feeling within your Being the Grandness of your Soul. You are honouring all that you are and have a knowing that the best is yet to come because YOU are bringing it forward with each new breath you take.

You are the Creators of this New Earth and you are celebrated each step you take because you now know this is just the beginning of this incredible awakening you have instigated, and now taking to the next level with ease and grace with a sense of accomplishment not felt, just a short time ago.

No stopping you now Dear Ones. All is about to be revealed and though for many it will still be “shocking,” for you who have done the hard yards, you will be able to extend the hand of Wisdom and walk gently with those just awakening.

You are the Light

You are the Love

Be that Light and that Love in all interactions with ALL Beings and see how quickly that is reflected back to you and your New Earth.

Be the change you came to Be Dear Hearts.

And so it is.