Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Meditation 25th March 2013       Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Greetings Dear Ones

I AM Archangel Michael and I wish to share these words with you today.

As you are all aware, very new times are just before you. So much of the old has gone - even those who vigorously are holding on to what was, are finding their grip loosening as though the sands of time are slipping through their fingers.

I say to you all - let go Dear Ones. Let go of all your angst, all your fear and apprehension. A New Earth has been promised and you as citzens of that Earth have worked tirelessly to bring this New World into being - all the while still not wishing to completely let go of the old/familiar. The road has come to a stopping point - all the signs are there - Are you not watching the collapse of your banking systems, governments and so much more. It is the end of the Old Road. Now it is time to build your New Earth.

You are all taking monumental steps in this new direction but still for some you would like to “turn back” that is just your old insecurities and I tell you those too are leaving.

Soon you will realise there are other roads to this beautiful path that you are creating daily as you make new choices and you trust your inner voice more readily. That still voice within is the only voice to trust. Your Inner Wisdom/Inner Guidance is all that it claims to be and so much more. Each of you needs to spend more time quietly connecting to this higher wisdom as you allow it to reveal to you the magnificent path you are creating with each new step.

It is a very clear path, a wonderous path and you know deep within, it is the only path for you. Your Inner Being/Guidance is waiting to assist you with any doubts or fears that are still left to dissolve. I tell you there is not too much debris left in your fields - slowly your last remants are being cleared. You feel this as you go through your “interrupted sleep patterns” this is where much work is done to clear these old energy fields.

The new way of being on this new Earth will see you much lighter, much clearer in how you react to the other beings sharing this space with you. Open your Hearts wider each day, allow the Love and Light to penetrate every atom of your being. Then send that Love and Light out to your fellow beings and watch the miracles unfold.

I have promised you that this new time on Planet Earth will be amazing and you are co-creating with all the Beings of Light for it to be so. It is with great excitement we watch as you edge so much closer to the reality of this new life on Earth.

Mother Earth (Gaia) is celebrating her new birth - along with each of you. We have said many times before you are One with ALL there is - you are beginning to understand and experience what happens to One effects ALL.

Therefore I remind you be gentle with yourselves and each other as you walk on this  beautiful Earth. Know that each step you take enlightens your new path. Whatever you wish to create in your new world is up to you. See the beauty, feel the love of your Father/Mother God as you walk this path of the New Creators of the New Earth. All as One.

Blessings my Dear Creators - Blessings         I AM Archangel Michael

Monday, March 18, 2013

MONDAY MEDITATION   18th March, 2013     Archangel Michael       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Time to take a breath. These are transitionery times but for today “just breathe.” Bring yourself into this glorious moment - this NOW time. Is your life not wonderfully amazing? Are you not growing as a SOUL on a journey? It is time to take a break from all you have been doing, all the stresses of your daily life - time to just BE and breathe.

How good does that feel?

Dear Ones Remember to do this often. This transitionery time on the Planet has you all rushing, trying to “fix things” make things better - trying to return it to “how it was” and I tell you those times are over - they exist no more. Many of you are living in anxiety as to what is to happen next. You do give us cause to laugh with you Dear Ones.

I AM here today to remind you - YOU are the Creators in your world - what is it you want to happen next? This is your book with the last few chapters unwritten - how do you want these last pages of the book to be? What is the most magnificent, wonderful, miraculous way you wish these pages to unfold?

It is up to each of you - as the Creator Beings that you are - start to dream the big dreams. See the best, most wonderful outcomes of any experience you so choose. This is not random - you, your thoughts, deeds and actions allow the pages to flow.

For eons you have given your power away to those who would happily tell you what you needed to do. Those days are over - never again will you be under the control of anyone.

Time to recognise you for who you truly are. This has been stated many times, you have read these words, and yet you still don’t quite grasp the reality of this.

Each of you are “Beings of Light” - do you understand that statement? Allow it to resonate in your heart chakra. A Being of Light who embodied at the most magnificent time to help raise not only your own consicousness, the consciousness of every being on the Planet. And as if that was not enough you agreed to help Gaia - Mother Earth to raise her Consciousness. You and She are ONE just as you are ONE with every living being on this great Earth. It is time to wipe that sleep from your eyes - there is no more time to play small. Look into your heart, look into the hearts of every Being you encounter - see their heart, feel their soul - then you will REMEMBER why you chose to be here now.

Look beyond the walls, beyond the Illusion and see into the hearts of all who walk beside you, in front and behind you.

Breathe, take a moment. The very next time you have a “situation/experience” in your life do not re-act as you would have in the past. Look into your heart, then look into their heart. I promise you there is not EVER a situation that cannot be healed by LOVE.

As you open your heart chakra wider, you allow others to do the same, each encounter see as a “holy exchange” and see each Being for who they are and watch how your world transitions before your eyes.

Yes Dear Ones, great transition - it starts with you - YOU are the One you have been waiting for. Wait no longer, the time is now - breathe - this new world, its new way of Be-ing and Re-acting is up to each one of you. You have been anticipating, awaiting change - Be the Change. Make Heaven on Earth happen through each action you take.

Can you finally take the Responsibility you signed up for? Remember, many Great Beings of Light stood aside - they said, “send the Great Ones for this Evolution and here you are.

Look in the mirror Dear Ones, look past the Illusion - see your hearts opening wide, see the Love that pours from your heart and then send that Love out to EVERYONE you encounter. Then watch as your world “shifts” much faster than you anticipated because you are the Creator of this life - it is your time to Shine - Shine on Dear Ones, we hold your hands in love and appreciation of this co-creative process.

We have also waited for this time with such eager anticipation - the time where you look in that mirror and see before you the Greatest of Beings who have ever stepped on the Planet - each of you is a Great Beings who chose this time to re-write those last pages of the book together.

What a great story it is.

We enjoy so much this Co-Creation.

As always I stand beside you taking these steps with you.


Friday, March 15, 2013



28th April, 2013                 

Saturday 16th March, 2013   11.30 am

Dear Ones

It is with great excitement I anticipate those who are gathering for this day.

It will be a day of Activation and Attunements to your new 5th Dimensional Reality. All those who step forward for this day will receive these Activations and so much more.

Masters are being called forth all over the Planet to bring to fruition the New Planet Earth - much is happening to your “old” sructures and so much is happening to bring into Alignment the New 5th Dimensional Structure.

You have chosen to incarnate at this most auspicious of times on the Planet. You have chosen to “step-up” your Mastery of Self which will allow you to hold the hands of those who still struggle with letting go of the old world.

The Ascended Masters and I look forward to this work and play we have created.

As always everything is in Divine alignment and this date of 28th April will prove significant  as you prepare for the many changes that are just in front of you.

Blessings Dear Ones

I AM Archangel Michael

Leslie-Anne Menzies
0408 083 185

Monday, March 4, 2013

Archangel Michael 4th March 2013

Monday Meditation 4th March 2013       Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

So much is shifting and unfolding in your Outer World - as it is in your Inner World - that reflection is how it must be.

All on the Planet regardless of their acknowledgement are going through the changes and as always we remind you: You have not found yourself in this place by “accident.”

Each of you Mighty Beings stepped forward and declared “Send Me”, some in booming voices and others a little more gently - however, you knew what was before you. The excitement for this experiment on Earth was palpable. Never has this been done before - in full embodiment.

We delight in all that is transpiring on your Earth - however, the levels of distress, depression and frustration will lessen as more and more of you come into your own Light. 

I gave a message to this channel this morning upon awakening, for her to share with each of you -


This is how we want you to come to recognise us - we are ALL in this together - you are not alone, never were alone and never will be alone.

You are here to reflect your Light back to the Creator of ALL THAT IS. It is now your time to Shine. As you start to “know yourself” once more and to REMEMBER why you came at this time, that reflection will shine brightly.

EVERYONE on the Planet is awakening, some of you are still kicking and fighting the inevitable - how much less stress in your bodies when you REMEMBER who you truly are.

Do you wish to continue to experience the dark days or are you ready to embrace your own inner light?

The Angelics and the Ascended Masters move closer and closer to you - whispering in your ears - you do not hear them as you are still engrossed in your old ways of being. How much more confirmation do you need to show you, the old ways of the world no longer hold true for you.

Take time-out, the next time you feel the dis-tress, the dis-ease sit quietly and ask us a question. Better still call on your own Higher Self/Higher Consciousness - every question you have ‘EVER’ wanted an answer to is within you and yet you rarely look there!!!

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within” you are ALL there is - you are ALL you need - it is time to realise this if you truly wish to alleviate much of the pain and suffering you continue to go through each day.

How much better will your days and nights be when you look to your own Inner Light for the answers - everything you search for is within you - how many more ways can I say this?

We wish for you to know this in your HEART, we want you to “know yourself” as we know you.

As you begin to slowly awaken that part of you which you have kept hidden until now it will be all TRUTHS revealled. You will acknowledge yourselves as the Masters we know you are.

How much better will your Earth be when you see the Love that YOU are shining forth. Even more exciting when you acknowledge that Love within each Being on this Planet. wars will end - globally, locally and personally.

This is the New Earth you wanted to Create and here you are at the threshold - take back the Power that you are Dear Ones, wipe the sleep from your eyes - see yourself for the magnificent Being you have always been. Acknowledge that which is in you is in every being on the Planet and yes even those you judge as evil, bad or wrong.

The old game is up - we have told you that many times - are you not finished with this old mode of relating? It no longer serves you on this beautiful New Earth.

Are you ready for the new game to commence? It really is ALL up to you.

We await your signal for the New Game to begin.

I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings.