Monday, December 7, 2015

7th December, 2015

Monday Message Archangel Michael December 7th 2015
Dear Ones,
You are currently being bombarded with LIGHT AND LOVE from the Great Galactic Core/Sun. If you are feeling exhausted, tired, aches and pains - rest. Take naps, look after your beautiful Earth Vehicles. Your bodies are metamorphosing. You DNA, RNA, every atom, every molecule, every cell is being up-graded, re-aligned, regenerated, revitalized. Did I say TIRED?????
This is the path you have chosen at this time and once again we say Relax, Allow, Let-Go. Whatever you are hanging onto so tightly will be released from your “grip” so relax, let it all go and TRUST. Trust all that is happening right now in this time/space reality is for your complete and highest outcome. Even if that is not what you are feeling, please once again we ask you to TRUST. All will be revealed in perfect time and then you will realise how the plan needed to unfold.
As you watch your world and all the “drama” that is playing out REMEMBER to also allow and let it go. You can remain detached from all that is unfolding and your LOVE, LIGHT AND DIVINE ENERGY can be sent to these situations, that is all that you are required to do. You have chosen to lead the way out of the chaos and drama which can be done by focusing your attention on, and visualizing the perfect outcome for all humanity. This allows those still caught up in the fear and negativity to see another way.
Be that LIGHT, that LOVE.
Open wide your magnificent hearts and allow the LOVE energy to flow to all who come into your energy field. By osmosis others will be affected by you holding your Light and your energy in such a way they cannot help but feel it also. So those who now wish to see - what you see, and feel what you feel will radiate to you.
Many souls are now leaving the drama behind and are looking for a more peaceful alternative to what they see - out there. They look to you and notice you are going through the same world but have a way of not getting caught up in the fear and anger.
What is it you do? I want what you are projecting - it feels better, it feels peaceful. How do I do, what you do? I want to feel better.
Many more souls will pose these questions to you in the coming times. Be prepared to show them the LOVE in your Heart, the steps you have taken, the tools you have used to move from that place, into your new world. Show you are willing to assist them, hold each others hands and walk a new path to your New World in ONENESS.
With all that is transpiring on Planet Earth, all the devastation and destruction. Dear Ones, we tell you this is the prelude to your most amazing future. Old structures, old perceptions, old modes of being and interacting on all levels of humanity are ending - sometimes extremely abruptly.
Be the love you came to be - be the way shower to those still stumbling in the dark. This is the role you chose and every cell in your body vehicle is vibrating to this call.Answer the call Dear Ones. Open your hearts wider, make your smile bigger and allow those who are searching to ‘SEE YOU” and know your energy.
That is your agreement Dear Ones - honour yourselves and each other.Miraculous times await Dear Ones as you welcome more souls to the Light. The Light you came to shine.As always Dear Ones, we ask you to TRUST, have FAITH and know these words I send forth are true.
Once again as the Veils between all Dimensions thin we are closer than ever to you. Call upon us, your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Star Brothers and Sisters - so much assistance is at your fingertips now. We are but a breath away Dear Ones.We work closely with you during your dreams at night and during the day in your meditations and moments of silence - we are with you always.
You are loved beyond measure Dear Ones for choosing to be the ones who stepped forward and said “send me.” And here you are now standing in all your Glory, ready to answer the Clarion Call.
Wondrous Light is available to each of you Dear Ones, allow your quotient to increase daily as you KNOW more than ever - who you truly are.

Monday, November 30, 2015

November, 30th 2015

Monday Message                                                30th November, 2015
Archangel Michael                                              Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

What is it you desire in your life at this moment?
Bring into your awareness whatever that is.
Place your intention and attention upon it. Call on your Mighty I AM PRESENCE to surround it. Remember using I AM is a statement of intent and all that follows those words MUST manifest. That is why we remind you to pay close attention to your language and the vibration it resonates. You are Conscious Creator Beings and at this time of your Evolutionary Shift your unique gifts are becoming obvious.

Your Planet is reeling from the effect of the last call to arms of the dark forces. As Beings of Light you have matched and risen above anything they have tried to create. The Light is in great abundance now and more are waking up each day.  Your Intention to bring Peace to your Planet is overriding anything that can be placed in your path.

Victory of the Light was always going to be. You the Creators that you are, create so magically, it is a true Joy to watch. Each time you raise your vibration you do so collectively with all awakened humanity and also with Mother Earth.

Your Earth is going through the same incredible changes upon her surface in readiness for the transition, just as you are.

Keep your focus and intention on creating this New Earth and the New Humanity that is manifesting before your beautiful eyes. Look around you, notice all the miraculous “new” inventions that will make your life on the New Earth so much cleaner and lighter.  Amazing new technologies are being brought into your awareness each new day.

The young ones that are bringing through these wonderful “new” creations are the ones you birthed or are your grand-children who were needed at this time and prepared to bring forth all that is about to blossom on your Planet.

What you see happening before you is infinitesimal compared to what is about to be unleashed in these next months and years. It will be extraordinary.
Call on your MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE to assist you at this time of rapid transformation and know you too will be adding your piece which is required to allow the WHOLE to function in PEACE AND UNITY with ALL.

YOU ARE ONE with all that is, Dear Ones - bring that into your daily awareness and watch what transpires even faster.

You are the Creators of your world - what is it you desire Dear Ones?




                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner


                                                                                                     Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                        Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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Monday, November 9, 2015

9th November, 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE                                                        9th November, 2015           Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

So much was achieve on our day together yesterday. So much preparation for what is to unfold. Blessing to all Be-ings in attendance for standing in their Mastery.

We spoke of the 11.11 Gateway that opens 11.11.15. This will allow for so much expansion and allow opportunities for growth in all areas of your life on Planet Earth. Your Earth is also going through this massive expansion.

Are you ready?

The Archangels will be holding the Gates wide open to allow for this next expansion into your Ascension.

You have worked well in preparation for these times and we in the Illuminated Realms are delighted with this next phase.

So many more gifts and opportunities will be presented or returned to you. You ARE ready Dear Ones. Such are these times that the ability to shine in your chosen fiElds will become so apparent to you, you will wonder why you ever doubted your abilities.

You are the Masters becoming and at this time of Great Mastery the 11/11 what an important opportunity for all Be-ings and Mother Earth to step on this accelerated Path. You will walk this path with much more assurance of who you truly are.

YOU will shine.

So Dear Ones, prepare for these massive changes by just Be-ing you, raising your thoughts and expectations for it is truly a time of significant upgrades within your Earth and within YOU.

Your Soul is calling, lovingly and loudly, listen, take the time to go into your quiet space, STOP. Breathe deeply, call on us to be with you.

Ask and you shall receive Dear Ones.

Your time of blessings on this New Earth, with these new Be-ings, YOU has arrived.

Smile at yourselves Dear Ones, for all that you have left behind and at the willingness you chose to go on this incredible journey with your blind-folds firmly in place. That is Divine TRUST, that is Divine FAITH, Dear Ones and you were the Masters willing to lead the way.

Dear Ones it is now time to remove the blind-folds. Open wide your magical eyes and SEE what we have known all along. What a sight lay before you, all because you had the Courage and Fortitude to step bravely into new territory without a road map.

You will be known as Master Pioneers on this immaculate New Earth.

We sing your praises on High.

Blessings Beloved Masters.




Monday, October 26, 2015

26th October, Archangel Michael

Monday Message                                                                                 26th October, 2015 Archangel Michael                                                                    Leslie-Anne Menzies                                 

Dear Ones,

The door to your Soul is flying open. Much is being returned to you that you have kept locked away for eons. You are noticing in your awakened times (in those early hours, the time in the past when you would have been fully asleep) that those hours in your awareness are spent, In-Spirit (inspiration). It is truly a time to wake up. Sleep for you has changed.

 Wake-up listen to the nudging of Spirit - so much is being gifted into your awareness during these still moments when you are least hindered by the noise and confusion of your daily life.

This quiet time of “awakened inspiration” is when we commune with you. This is the time you are able to allow the awareness to flow back into your Be-ing. So many of you are feeling this, getting up in the middle of your night writing (like this**** woken up at 4.00 am)

Dear Ones, the excitement is building on your Planet, you are feeling it - talking about it - and as the Creators that you are - Creating it.

This time is so precious, so enlivening and as we watch each of you awaken more fully each day, we share your Joy and Enthusiasm for what is to come.

Your gifts are being “unwrapped.” They have been “stored” so neatly for so long some are still a little apprehensive when confronted by the possibility you may hold something truly precious. You are not sure this is “your gift.” It looks TOO GOOD to be yours. Time to acknowledge the Light of WHO YOU ARE.

Dear Ones, it is time to wake-up, just like on Christmas Day or your Birthday knowing what is in “those parcels” truly has your name inscribed upon it.

Unwrap them with the same excitement, joy and anticipation of the greatest gift you can ever imaging receiving - for it is truly for YOU.

This is the time you came to the Planet to witness and create - this is your agreement, your Piece of the Puzzle - no one else holds this - ONLY YOU. Answers to the questions that have been sought for eons are coming into individual awareness and as you progress through these monumental times each of you will bring forth the necessary answers.

It is a co-creative process, a magnificent plan you “organized” long before you incarnated into this lifetime.
It was YOU WHO SAID : 

 “I WILL DO THIS, I WILL BE THE ONE WHO BRINGS ...................................... TO THE PLANET.

Allow me to bring this gift.

And it was agreed that would be your “PIECE” to share and in doing so, make the ‘WHOLE’ complete.

Dear Ones, you are asked now to step forward, lay down your ‘PIECE” in perfect alignment so the next person can lay theirs and so on and so forth until in the very near times the puzzle pieces will ALL be in perfect alignment.

The immense Joy you will bring to your fellow Beings will be echoed through the Universe and beyond.

You are ALL ONE, duality is no longer an option. Lay down your weapons of defense and allow you Higher Heart to rule your every action and intention and watch how the New Heaven on Earth unravels before you eyes.

And all you did was open a GIFT - the GIFT all humanity has been waiting on - YOU - You being the highest expression of all that you are, the LOVE that you are.

Shine your magnificent Light on Planet Earth Dear Ones and as each of you shine more brightly, with each new day the Earth will dazzle.

What a sight that will be Dear Ones and we will bask in the Glory with each of you.

Shine brightly, chose this day to be all you came to be - no more hiding your gifts - open them to the World - we await you Dear Ones.




Monday, October 19, 2015

19th October, 2015

Monday Message                                                          19th October, 2015
Archangel Michael                                                         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Truly amazing times upon all humanity. For many the energies feel as though you are diving and weaving . . . but with each influx brings new awareness.

For each of you, letting go of that which no longer serves you is paramount. For in the letting go, you make space for the new. Life as you once knew it is gone - you are creating the new each day.  When this understanding enters your awareness you will move forward with more ease and grace, no longer striving to hold onto that which has already moved out of your field. Are you noticing this Dear Ones?

You can feel that the old energies are struggling to maintain stability - they are on shifting sands and the sand is about to be washed away completely.

Your new stability is forming, you are grounding this new energy daily. However, some days feel like you are still walking through quick sand.

Dear Ones, remember grounding is incredibly desirable with these massive changes because the Earth beneath your feet is also shifting with you. We remind you the Earth and You are ONE therefore the experience is being replicated within each of you.

Now is the time to work with your heart energies, calling to mind your true mission on Earth. Remembering your connection to the Earth’s heart beat and noticing how you beat in synchronicity. Take time in your day to stand on the earth bare foot, take a deep Earth breath, connect with the Mother and breathe the rhythm of her heart into your own. Take the time to feel this connection and then all your earthly troubles will just melt into oblivion. Breathe deeply like this whenever the stresses or burdens become too much. All is leaving your body and the more you take time for this simple BUT profound exercise, change will rapidly come into your awareness.

Dear Ones, these new frequencies of energy are clearing out ALL that is no longer required by you. What is leaving is not only from this lifetime but from previous incarnations. That is why we say to you “LET IT GO” send it off with love and give thanks for the lessons and the blessings that have brought you to this new day and time.

You are on the threshold of so many miraculous experiences. You have chosen to walk this New Earth, with this new awareness and we now call for you to Stand Tall and BE who you came to BE. It is time Dear Ones for you to know the mighty Beings that you are. Look past the old facades you created to see into your TRUE/SOUL/SELF - the reality of who you ARE.  When you do, you will stand proudly acknowledging the LOVE/LIGHT that you brought from Home to this Earth to shine and share with your sisters/brothers.

No more hiding, no more playing small, no more pretending to be anything other than what you came to be - Magnificent Beings of Light, here at this time to bring the most momentous of changes to your beautiful Planet.

As you acknowledge this Beingness within yourself reach out to each other and acknowledge what you witness in the Other You - your sisters and brothers. As you do this each of you will grow in awareness and stature - you are each reflecting the Light, Soul to Soul. When you have this recognition of divinity within each of you, change will be rapid. You will no longer play the old games, of the old earth. Honour the Divine within each Be-ing with non judgement, allow your Heart to lead the way in each encounter with another.

Through this you allow the Light/Love to grow on your Planet and then watch how it spreads exponentially.

We stand with you as always, once again united in the LOVE that we are and always have been.

It is an honour to watch you and your Planet bring the New Earth into Be-ing, just as we imagined.

Such JOY, such delight as all the dreams we shared are now coming into Be-ing. We always knew we would stand beside you no matter what and here we are at this most auspicious of times. Excitement is not a large enough word for what is unfolding Dear Ones.

Love and Gratitude for all you are and all you bring.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings.



                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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                                                                                     Skype: angelstoinspire1111

Monday, October 12, 2015

12th October, 2015

MONDAY MESSAGE                                                                           12th October 2015        
Archangel Michael                                                                          Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you noticing the energies of this NOW moment? Are you feeling the well-being, the relief, the acceptance? Can you feel that all is moving in perfect alignment and even though you may not yet see how it is all unfolding, youTRUST that all is, as it needs be.

You have entered a time in your Evolution where your feelings are leading and guiding you to better outcomes than your past endeavours. And even though the outer world looks as though not much has changed, we assure you so much has.

Try not to focus on what is being projected to you via the old world, for it is collapsing faster than is being portrayed. Those still dealing in fear and mayhem want you to believe, all is, as it always has been. But deep in your hearts you know, this is not so. The hearts of humanity are awakening each day and each new day your ranks swell with those who have begun to awaken to this New Earth that you have been quietly creating behind the scenes.

Now the tide is rising and there is no holding it, or you, back. You now all speak your TRUTH with conviction and with nothing to hide. You cannot stop the flow, it is edging you forward every day and as you move forward more and more are joining you until this ground swell must be heard. Look at the numbers that now gather in areas of injustice all over your Planet. Never before has this happened and it will continue to grow as the changes continue to gather momentum.

You are now all beginning to feel and understand this is what you have chosen to be here for. You can no longer remain small and unheard. You are raising your voices as ONE.  This is what you all agreed to before incarnating. You are beginning to feel the ONENESS each day and you are looking into the eyes and hearts of each other knowing you can no longer condone what happens to your sisters and brothers. You know that feeling of what happens to them, happens to you. And you will no longer stand by and allow the injustices, that you once closed your eyes to, to continue.

Your sense of pride and heart opening joy comes when you witness people standing up for what no longer will be accepted or tolerated on your Planet. This is a joy for us to behold.

As these new energies enliven your Planet on a daily basis and more Light and Love permeates your hearts and minds,TRUST that you are moving towards the most incredible time that you can ever imagine on your Planet. REMEMBER that this is a time you asked to experience and many stood aside so you could be the ONES to bring this plan to fruition, and here you are.

You are the ONES creating this NEW EARTH and you are doing it with your hearts open wide. Look to the skies, watch the clouds, the Sun and all Creation are co-operating to bring this Earth into this magnificent new alignment with the ALL THAT IS.

You are the greatest Creators to ever walk this Earth.

We are delighted to share this experience and watch as you put your Creative hats on and bring about this Evolution of Humanity in the grandest of styles.

As always we are with you every new step you take and it is desirous that you call upon us.

Well done Dear ONES,



                                                                                    Angel Therapy Practitioner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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