Monday, July 30, 2012

Archangel Uriel 30th July 2012

Monday Meditation Archangel Uriel Leslie-Anne Menzies

Greetings, I AM Uriel here to assist you all this day. You are watching your world and the changes that are taking place, many predicted and many surprising but I tell you this Dear Ones you are all contributing to these changes. At this agreed time on Planet Earth all is as it needs be.

Each of you, awakened or not is playing the “perfect role.” We in the Angelic Realms also agreed to be very present at this time to be of optimum assistance. And here we are, ready, willing and ever so able to take this New Earth to the next level.

The times of the World Olympic Games where much of humanities concsiousness is focused in on the Love and the gathering of souls from all over your Planet represents a perfect opportunity to commence many of the changes fortold.

The times you wished for are upon you. No longer can you deny the collapse of your old way of being. You are responsible for the collapse of the old world and yet many are still throwing your hands up in the air saying “what is happening to the World?” We tell you Dear Ones “YOU” are happening to your World.

As a Collective Consciousness you have agreed to all this, the chaos, the disruptions in governments, finance, weather patterns - you have just forgotten your part. Many of you are remembering and honouring your role in bringing this forward. However, it is time for all humanity to awaken as the days of the “old world” are numbered.

There is no more time for anyone to play small, to pretend “nothing”is happening. For those still unawakened the shock of what is to come over these next few days and months will be enormous as so much is revealled.

It will assist the Planet and all her beings if you begin to have the “uncomfortable conversations” with those of your family and friends who are still unawakened.

It was thought many more would have peered behind the viel by now but clearly the density has remained more entrenched on the Planet that was first envisioned.

You Dear Ones are called to shine your light brightly, and open your hearts to those still unaware. You risk the feeling of being “exposed” as you allow your love and your light into conversations or opportunities that at least open the space to entertain an idea of the beautiful New World you know is about to unfold. For some it will just be a word that confirms their thoughts and feelings that they have not expressed to anyone up until now.

There is very little time left when ALL will be revealed - we feel it best that most of your population at least have an idea of what is about to occur on Planet Earth.

This is a time never before experienced by your Planet and many, many beings of Light are watching, and assisting you - ready to be called on when required.

You can plant the seed for those unawakened souls and then call on the Beings of Light to assist by shing further Light on to the situation.

Much is needed to “shift” in these next few days and many are called to step-up once again.

Time as you know it is running out and that is not a fear statement it is a reality statement. Time in your new dimensions is of no consequence as you will soon understand.

The next few days will see such an excelleration of your Planet that we ask you to use all the tools available to you to ground your energy. You are asked to be the Light you came to be, stand tall as a Being of the Light to your fellow beings so that they know where to go when there are no more answers for them in their old world.

What a magnificient time you have all chosen to be here. We honour your choices and we also aknowledge your own difficulties but we see how you have opened your beautiful hearts to allow not only more Love and Light into your own bodies but you are teaching others to do the same.

Your world is changing, one heart at a time. Be the Love you are and be the Love for others who are guided to you.

It will not be long and we will all be rejoicing together for we are closer than you can even imagine and soon you will know us as you know each other.

What a glorious time awaits us all.

I AM Archangel Uriel

Blessings Dear Ones

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday 23rd July 2012

Monday Meditation    23rd July, 2012                Leslie-Anne Menzies
Dear Ones
There is much turmoil and anger currently playing out on your Planet. We wish for you to hold your Light high during these momentous times of change. We have pointed you to this time on many occasions, trying to prepare you for the “Storm” that is brewing. We see  that many of you are standing strong, shining your beautiful Love/Light even though you also struggle with the changes. We of the Angelic Realm stand with you, beside you. Many of you call us forth in these situations and we ask that many more do also. Please remember this is a Planet of Free Choice and we still need to be invited to assist you.
These times have never been experienced by the souls currently embodied on this Planet. You have no point of reference, so therefore we ask you not to put your energy and attention into the “how bad it is.” We call you the Lightworker’s and Way Showers of the Planet to once again step to a new level of awareness.
Be the anchor of Love and Suport to the souls who do not yet have the understanding that you do. Allow all that is happening “out there” not to enter your energy fields.
You have all practiced many techniques and modalities over these past years that were designed to assist you in moments like these. We ask that you now put these modalities/tools into use in your own lives and teach what you know to those around you.
The storm is brewing, there will be many more storms before this “Shift of Consciousness” is complete. With each storm you grow stronger, more resilient, more equipped to stand tall and let the storm pass by you without engaging in the “energetics” it distributes as it passes.
As more and more of you acknowledge the gifts you have and the ability to dissipate your own private storms you become of great value to your families and communities as they experience your resolve, your resilience to weather each new day.
Be the Love, be the Light and shine on these situations both personally and globally.
It is no “co-incidence” that in these times of enormous change you have the means at your disposal to connect with other Lightworkers, Way Showers all over the Planet.
The amount of energy produced when you all focus your Intention, and your Love on a specific situation - we tell you Dear Ones, you can and will move mountains.
Join together in your local groups, family groups and then your global groups and see what an enormous difference you make on the Planet.
You are all children of Planet Earth, who now desire a better place to live and a better way of be-ing . You have called us forth to help bring Heaven to Earth - it is happening but as with all new creation the old ways of being first must end. The old creation is crumbling before your eyes and hearts but we tell you the most magnificent New Creation is breathing into completion and it is being overseen by each Light, each Heart that shines the Love you are into the creation of this magnificent new place on earth.
We are assisting you each step of the way. As each piece of the old construction crumbles - bless it for the benefit it has been to you. Bless those you call the “dark-ones” for they played the role you asked of them, so as this day drew nearer you would all see the Beauty of All That Is.
Blessings and Love to “all” and we do mean “all” for as we have stated many times,  “everyone” is playing out their piece of the old puzzle.
A new game is about to commence and you are the ones writing the Rule Book. All that you have learned from the old game will be analized by each of you and you will decide what it is you wish to bring into this new game.
The old ways and anything that is not for the highest good of all concerned will not be tolerated . You are taking enormous strides to make this the “best game ever.”  We your Angelic Support Team are continually amazed at the changes you are bringing forward.
These dark days are coming to an end - you are leading the charge forward to the greatest time on the Planet. Each and everyone of you reading these words are the ones who said “I will go - I will be there when I AM needed to shine my Light for all to see and here you are and we honour you.
Blessings Dear Ones, 
I AM Archangel Michael

Monday, July 2, 2012

Archangel Michael 2nd July 2012

Dear Ones
This is a very important time in your evolution as a soul. There are so many changes taking place in all that you know.
We in the Angelic Kingdom applaud your resilience. So much is happening within you and therefore reflected in the world you inhabit.
You are showing remarkable strength and determination to help bring about the changes necessary to complete your mission of bringing Heaven to Earth.
Much has been achieved, look back on how far you have come. Thank each and every soul who shares this path with you for the contribution they are making in your world.
You are beginning to accept the concept that it takes each one of you to bring forth your unique gift to complete the mosaic. There is still much to complete but we tell you this - you edge closer to Home everyday. For some it may not feel like much has been achieved. We have the ability to see all and we assure you from our perspective much has progressed.
We are in awe of what we see transmuting on your planet. You have achieved so much more than we could have ever anticipated. We in the Angelic Realm are so excited as we watch your plans for your New Earth unfold everyday.
We have a glimpse of the bigger picture but may we remind you, you Dear Ones are the Creators of this New Earth and sometimes these creations become “real” in just a few moments and we watch the focus of your attention build before your eyes.
You are such amazing Creators and as you begin to truly acknowledge that reality there will be no holding you back from your creations.
We can’t wait to see how much further you can inspire this world with your creations. You are also beginning to recognize more and more the element of “Oneness” - we see the groups that form to support each other when you see the TRUTH of yet another injustice come forth.
This is the beginning of such a dynamic Planet when all the Truths are finally revealed and you will stand tall as the Masters that you are becoming and will be celebrated by all.
We ask you to keep moving forward with all your missions. We witness your confusion and frustration when things don’t evolve as quickly as you wish. We ask for your patience for just a little longer. As we have always suggested -
“Everything is in Perfect Time”
And this evolution is no exception.
In a short passage of time the Celebrations will begin and the knowledge that you carried out your committment to bring Peace back onto your Planet will be evident to all. Can you imagine the JOY you will feel in every cell of your amazing human bodies?
The atoms that make up your being will also join in the singing and dancing that will take place on your Planet when you finally have the evidence you have held in your cells for many incarnations.
You are truly One with all that is
Blessings Dear Human Angels, Blessings
I AM Archangel Michael