Monday, March 26, 2012

AA Raziel 26th March 2012

Monday 26th March 2012 Archangel Raziel
Greetings Dear Ones
I AM delighted that you have finally called upon me in this way. I have been helping you for  a very long time as you have travelled the spiritual path. I AM the one to call on as you struggle to understand the principles of Sacred Geometry. I can help you move through the veil of mystery that surround many of the esoteric teachings. Many of you do not believe you are intelligent enough to have such understanding but there have been many lifetimes when you have in fact known first hand of this information and have taught it in the Mystery Schools and now in this lifetime you are starting to call back those memories. In the not too distant future those so called mysteries will once more become conscious to you.
It is my desire to assist all humanity at this time of Planetary Evolution in returning those skills that you have accomplished over many lifetimes.
You have been Masters of many of these mysteries and are becoming Masterful once again. During your meditations and your dream state invite me to re-activate and re-mind
you of all your glorious skills held within your higher consciousness. It is now time for these skills to be made available to you once again. Those of you choosing to step forward and lead your fellow beings on this journey are being re-equipped with the information and skills to assist you, assist others.
Many of you are being “opened up” to the mysteries that you have safely stored away to be re-activated at this critical time. Sometimes you have “flashes” of insight, memory or knowing that you can’t quite understand. That will change in a very short time.
So many gifts are being returned to you as the re-establishment of your DNA structure and your Light-Body re-configuration takes place.
We in the realms of all possibilities watch in utter delight and joy as we see the Light You Are becoming brighter and stronger every day.
We are delighted that you are seeing us as more accessible and available during this process of Ascension and that is how it was always envisaged - working together towards the Oneness that WE ARE.
So many more mysteries will be unravelled for you all in these next few weeks and months as you place your attention on the connection that we share.
It is a Unified Field of Oneness and Love that is being created for you on this Planet and each day we watch as more and more “Lights” turn on.
As more Light permeates the Planet and more souls awaken to the Love that They Are, more will be given unto you.
As an Individualised Soul becoming a Unified Soul much is asked of you during this Shift of the Ages. Much will be given to those of you who make yourselves available to work towards the Service to Others.
Service to Others is key in this awakening process and out of that service, the personal growth, the willingness to stand up and be counted as the souls who take their rightful place in all that is about to transpire will be readily available to you. You will be dazzled by who you are becoming - back to your true-selves, the most magnificent highest expression of your One True Self.
As we watch from the higher realms we are delighted by the way in which this transformation is playing out.
We all agreed on the dynamics of how most of this framework would take place - we were never prepared for the innovation of the human aspect as we watch in joy as many of these plans take on a most ingenious result never even imagined and we are so pleased to be of assistance as we work beside you. We remain in awe as many of the outcomes surpass the expectations originally held.
Congratulations, a job well done dear Earth Angels you are moving faster and more stedfast than even we believed imaginable. You are true Creators making the most magnificent progress as your new way of being manifests.
It is the delight of the Angelic Kingdom and in particular myself AARaziel to be of service and support during this time.
I will join you in this Meditation this evening, call on me for the assistance you require at this time.
And so it is.

Monday, March 19, 2012

AA Raphael

Monday 19th March, 2012 Archangel Raphael
Dear Ones
It is indeed a pleasure to join you this evening. As you know, my Universal Energetic is in Healing and at this time like no other, it is absolutely vital that much healing takes place during this time of massive transition. I work with you constantly and when you summon my Healing Rays I Am delighted to be of service to you. You are moving into a new Energetic Template in your human energy field, much is changing and aligning in your bodies. As you know you are being dramatically affected by the energetics of the solar flares, your bodies are being bombarded. So many changes are occurring within and around your energy matrix. It is asked that you be gentle with yourselves during these changes. Much is happening to you. Your DNA is changing, many changes happening regarding the rewiring of your brain structures, many of your gifts which were removed over time are being returned to you. Some of you dear souls worry that you are feeling tired, old, worn out from years of struggle. I tell you that is all about to change. Be gentle on yourselves, rest is required to allow the alignment to take perfect shape. Love and nurture yourselves and each other.
As always I am available to assist with your healing requests but I must reassure you that no one can heal you if you are not ready to receive such healing. For many lifetimes humanity has relied on others and given their power away so freely - especially when it comes to healing. This will now cease as humanity becomes more in line with their own healing vibrations.
The vibration of healing is available to all and it is a conscious choice. Choose health, affirm that is what you require. Picture yourself as whole and in perfect health as that is how you are.  Picture in your Higher Heart and your Higher Mind the perfected image of you as a whole, healthy, complete being and that will be out-pictured in your reality. 
Many of you will use the information you are gaining regarding your own empowerment to bring yourselves back into perfect health. Many healing modalities will become available to those who feel called to work with your brothers and sisters in spirit who are starting to awaken to these new energies and as yet do not understand their own empowerment. It will be your delight to teach these modalities and watch as you empower another to find their own perfected health.
The future for your planet is her inhabitants living in perfect health, peace and abundance and then you will know what you have always believed will be true for all humanity.
What a blessed time it will be when all live from that state of perfected health. However, there is still much work to be done until that time. You are the ones holding the Light and the vision for this to be true for all.
In the near future many will look to you for the “secret” of your own good health and vitality. I ask you to remember always work from your higher Heart in your healings  - never allowing the “ego-self” to take over - that was the old paradigm. The new paradigm is humility and love and the highest outcome for all beings.
You are offered a unique opportunity at this time of allowing more and more Light into your bodies, especially the Higher Heart and when you blend those aspects and the highest intention for wellness to occur in your self, your clients or family, Miracles will occur.
The new way of being on this planet from this time forward is the perfected body and complete wellness in harmony, balance and alignment.
All is “WELL” in your future Dear Ones.
I thank you for the opportunity to commune with you this evening.
Blessings, I AM AA Raphael.

Monday, March 5, 2012

AAMichael 5th March 2012

Monday Meditation 5th March, 2012 Archangel Michael
Greetings Dear Ones,
It is timely to re-connect with you.  However, I am with you always and all you need do is call on me for assistance, that is my role. I am very much connected to all that is transpiring during this massive evolutionary shift and by agreement I assist all Lightworker’s on the Planet. Many Lightworker’s feel they have been on the ascension path for what seems an eternity but I tell you, your efforts are about to come to fruition.
You have been and continue to hold the Light for others to find their way through the darkness that has overshadowed your beautiful Planet.
The amount of Light Quotient that is now present on the earth is finally dissipating the last remnants of the darkness.
Evidence is now showing up daily and sometimes hourly as those who have been working in the darkness are being exposed and held to account for their activities. In these next few days and months many truths will be revealed. Some will be shocked by what will be released but with all release there is an opportunity for transmutation and transformation and that is what is about to unfold. Stay out of judgement remembering that all have played the role agreed.
We seek your assistance and stedfast faith in what is unfolding. The times you have dreamed of and prayed for await you dear ones.
In a short space in your Earth time there will be jubilation as you watch those who have enslaved you (through the control of the economics) of your world find their true justice.
All gifts shall be given unto you once more.
When you notice the events of which I speak happening you will know that the time has come for all the inhabitants of the Earth to celebrate the creation of the New Earth. All of your systems of Government, Finances, anywhere power has been held over and controlled you will dissipate and new systems will come into being. These new systems are being created by many of your fellow Lightworker’s who agreed this would be the role they would play at this time. They are to be congratulated for the diligence and patience for these new systems to unfold upon the Earth. 
It is upon this time also that your new “jobs” will become evident for you. Many have felt the “void” when what you have been doing to what you will be doing as a “knowing” that there is something for you that will be a perfect match to the alignment with the new energy that is approaching. We ask you to be patient for just a little longer when all shall be as it is.
Create in your heart the ultimate “job” and we tell you that it won’t even come close to the incredible work you will be performing for not only yourselves but your fellow beings.
You are becoming the beings you have always known you are. At your soul level - your soul self is about to emerge in the greatest way possible. What you dream of for the times ahead we say times that dream by 10 and then 100 and then to infinity.
Your Angelic Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all beings of the Light rejoice as we see what is very available to you in these near times.
Call out to us, seek our counsel.
We await as it is our greatest honor to assist at this specific time of creation.
Your creations are starting to manifest into form and we hold great excitement as we co-create with you.
Your New Earth is an incredible dream come true, you are the most magnificent creators and we honor your achievements.
Blessings this day for all that unfolds.
I AM Archangel Michael 
Your Cosmic Leader