Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday Message                                                            29th August, 2016  
Archangel Michael                                                     Leslie-Anne Menzies                                                          

Dear Ones,

You are the CHANGE-AGENTS as witnessed by all in the higher realms. You are celebrated for all you have chosen to undertake in this unique lifetime.

As we observe Planet Earth, we are constantly in AWE of what we witness unfolding. You inspire us with your ingenuity, when it comes to problem solving. So many obstacles seemingly appear in the Collective and then you creatively find solutions previously not thought of. A true sign of Creator Beings. You are also noticing in your individual lives you are finding solutions which until recently were unavailable. You Create different outcomes by your Intentions.

Dear Ones, so much has shifted in your energetic spaces, so much more allowing. So many more possibilities once unheard of. This is how Creator Beings manifest - it is a lesson in perseverance and appreciation.

Gratitude is playing a larger role in your everyday lives. You are learning to be grateful and appreciate the smallest possibilities. What has us equally excited, is your ability to also see the “gratitude” in moments previously thought of as obstacles. This is the growth of a Master Dear Ones. When you can rejoice and celebrate the things that didn’t work out as you had planned, BUT you see the JOY in what did unfold, and you appreciate the lesson in that unfoldment. True Spiritual growth and understanding that only a few short years ago so many would not have seen this as an opportunity to expand their awareness.

Many souls in the past accepted “victimhood” whereas now your spiritual understanding allows for the growth and change that indeed breeds MASTERS. Forgiveness of SELF/OTHERS is KEY.

As always our hearts are delighted with what we witness as we stand with our wings wrapped around you, allowing you to expand even further. Know you have the love and support of the Higher Realms in all ways.

You are also MASTERING being present as a witness to the challenges of other’s pain. Not taking on their energy - allowing them their own personal experiences but forever having an open heart and hand to assist when a HUG says a thousand words.

You are becoming the MASTERS of PEACE on your Planet. So many individuals now standing up for PEACE - no longer able to tolerate a vibration lower than that. Your bodies react against vibrations not resonating with PEACE. You will move away from anyone whose vibration is not matching yours. You can no longer tolerate low vibration. It is not a case of being “better than” it is an energetic field you can no longer be a part of.


Dear Masters, the greatest Solar Eclipse EVER to be experienced by humanity arrives in a couple of days. Prepare yourself for massive changes - the changes will be palpable - you will know without a doubt great change has come to Planet Earth. There is no fear in this statement - just preparation. Your Higher Self KNOWS this is your time.
September, 2016 will be etched on your calendars forever. For many this will be the time of their grand awakening. Others who have trodden carefully on the path with a “foot in both realities” will know it is time to choose to fully awaken to their true being-ness.

This is the Demarkation Point you will KNOW in September what all the fuss has been about.

Changes, what changes? 
As Creator Beings you will influence these changes for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all BEINGS.  You will witness and be the change you came to be. 

A very powerful month indeed. A new understanding of your Earth Sun will become evident as this month unfolds.

Call on the Magnificent Light that will permeate all creation. This month, change will affect ALL - the animals, the Earth and particular all Beings of Planet Earth. Glorious times are ahead for all.

These are the times you have called forward Dear Ones. It is with great Joy and Anticipation we walk with you.

Dear Masters, stand tall, be the Beacons you came to be. Let your Light shine so bright, those coming out of the darkness will KNOW you are there to be of service.

PEACE will reign on EARTH because of YOU Dear Masters.

LOVE/LIGHT will shine forth because of YOU.

TRUTH will be revealed because YOU can no longer tolerate being lied to and manipulated.

FREEDOM is yours LIGHT MASTERS.    ABUNDANCE in all forms is yours.

DIVINE PERFECT HEALTH is your birthright.

You will shine your LIGHT and acknowledge your SOVEREIGNTY NOW AND FOREVER.

And so it is.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Monday 22nd August, 2016   AAMichael Message   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are becoming ‘GRAND MASTER’S OF THE LIGHT.’ 

As conveyed in previous messages, I wish to reiterate - the greatest gift you can give yourselves or another is the Conscious, Heart Inspired action of energetically sending LOVE AND LIGHT. 

For added impetus - place your hand on your heart, speak the person’s name, this vibration heightens the intention of the LOVE AND LIGHT being received directly into their energy field. Also stating .... I AM  sending LOVE AND LIGHT to................... heightens it tenfold. It will not only be received but most importantly felt.

The transition of Planet Earth continues and so many times you feel helpless as to what action you can take to make a genuine difference. If you spend just a few moments each day focusing on places/individuals who require this energy transaction, you will also benefit. It is “impossible” to only give, for it is in giving that you receive. UNIVERSAL LAW.

As Lightworker’s, Way-shower’s, Star Seeds, whatever “tag” you associate with, you have been on this pathway tirelessly for eons and it was always your “intention” to step forward and show the way. Many are now tired and preparing to step back to allow those coming forth into these new energies to show the way forward. All that has been accomplished to this day could not have been achieved without YOU, Dear Masters. What has been achieved is beyond miraculous and though many are weary, your feeling of accomplishment resounds throughout the Universe.

Those of you with the energy to push on, have indeed weathered many personal storms - loss of loved ones through transition, loss of relationships, family and friends. For many of you it has been material objects homes, farms, livelihoods, life styles which appear to have been “taken from you through circumstances beyond your control.” Everything Dear Ones is in Divine and perfect order. These “circumstances” were required for your Soul Growth and was a choice made by you to Master your environment and return balance to you and all humanity.

The lessons and sacrifices you have made are what has taken you out of your cocoon to the amazing transformation taking place in your lives on a daily basis. NONE of you would wish to return to your “old life” with all it’s control and limitations. Dear Ones, you are fast becoming un-limited beings - much to celebrate.

The new expansive, regenerating YOU stands at the threshold of all that lays before you. You can feel the excitement building and even though many of you are unsure of the future you have FAITH AND TRUST that what you have given up will be replaced by the most Glorious future.

You Dear Masters are now being asked to gather all you have gleaned from past occurrences to allow you to be witness to your Brother’s and Sisters just awakening from the Dream.

I tell you Dear Ones, they will awaken much faster and will be dazed by what is to be revealed to them. You have the Knowledge, Understanding and Compassion to steer them through their own rough terrain. You will shorten their journey to the other side, for you Dear Ones have the tools and the gifts to share with your fellow Beings as they chose to “own” their Mastery.

These are the days you have dreamed Dear Ones, unfolding at such a rapid rate now, time feels endless. Days into weeks, weeks into months - just a blur - and no memory of what happened - as it needs be.

Watch as miracles unfold before your eyes Dear Ones and know it is because of YOU these miracles have been birthed.

Oh Dear Ones, if you could only see a fraction of how we honour and adore you for what you bring to these momentous times.

Our smiles of adoration grow larger every day and we watch the Master’s becoming, assisting the Master’s becoming - it is truly a JOY to behold.

You are all held in such Loving embrace Dear Ones.

And so it is.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday 15th August, 2016     Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

By now you have noticed the shift in the energies within and around you? These last few days have brought monumental changes within you and your consciousness. Are you feeling so much lighter? More confident?

Breathe in deeply, feel those energies, embrace all that is Divine within you.

Allow, Dear Ones.

As you move further into these times of rapid shifts, allow all to flow into your awareness. Let go of the need to push - just allow.

Welcome the new YOU.

You will now also notice manifestation will flow to you more easily. You are in the “wave” that is taking you to your desires. Watch as what you have been seeking, finds you in some very un-expected ways.

Always have gratitude for what appears in your awareness and watch then how that gratitude multiplies.

Changes in geographical location will happen for many as you begin to “feel” where you are best placed for what you have come to achieve.

Dear Ones, this is the beginning of so many wondrous new qualities you are about to embrace. As the shackles fall, and fear subsides, you will allow yourselves to dream once again. This time however, you KNOW those dreams will come to fruition.

You can feel it.

Freedom is yours to experience within each of your beingness. Step into the “feeling of freedom.” Step out from that old feeling of fear - breathe - allow it to leave your body. What an incredible feeling now that you can finally TRUST all that is about to unfold.

These coming times are what your dreams are made of. Remember Dear Ones, it is because of your dedication that the return of the LIGHT WAS POSSIBLE. The LIGHT has  finally returned to Planet Earth and it is because of YOU.

You always knew it would not easy, and yes we know there were many, many times you wanted to quit and return HOME to rest - but you have bravely carried on, and got up one more time and continued because in your Heart and Soul you knew this was your destiny and you also knew there would be a time of JUBILATION. 

Dear Ones, we tell you that time is NOW.

You have been grandly successful in your achievements and the Light is now penetrating all darkness which is fading into oblivion.

Expect to see more “signs” of this even in your mainstream news, as it can no longer be ignored. Such major upheaval will become common place as the old guard pack up their tents forever. Anything not holding Light will fold - including your governments, banking, anyone or anything not of Conscious Integrity. Prepare for great change, which comes from co-operation and co-creation and working in harmony for the good of ALL. 

Every day new and exciting revelations will unravel, giving you the reassurance you have been seeking. 

You will KNOW beyond doubt of our existence once and for all.

These are the times you have dreamed into reality Dear Ones.

We are celebrating each step with you as always.

This is just the beginning of the New Earth for a New Humanity.

Peace and Harmony Dear Ones

And So it is.


Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Message                                                                         8th August, 2016                                                                       
Archangel Michael                                                                 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you ready to roar with these powerful energies of the Lion’s Gate 8/8 2016?

Did you awaken today feeling “different” as though something has shifted, internally as well as externally? Be prepared for so much more. This is just the beginning of these magnificent new changes you have envisioned for eons.

Feel the Sun energies in your Solar Plexus. Breathe these energies through your beautiful body vehicles - feel enlivened, rejuvenated and regenerated.

All is in readiness for you to step forward into this Planetary Alignment of Abundance for all, Peace and Prosperity. All this is happening because of YOU Earth Warriors, you are the ones who have set your energies and intentions to be the change you wished to experience.

So much ahead for you all now as you take yet another step up the Evolutionary ladder and claim what has been rightfully yours. You stand on the precipice of so many extraordinary changes and you are ready to accept the mantle of who you truly are, and all you came to BE.

The Lion’s Gate is the “Infinity” portal. You are Infinite Beings Dear Ones - practice using the ***Infinity Breath Sequence to bring into your awareness, all that you are.

We in the Angelic Realms have awaited this time with great expectation and as always have loved you into these gifts and abilities you have brought forth for these momentous times.

Are you ready Dear Ones?

The LIGHT has arrived - YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

Let us begin to embrace each other, accepting each of us with the unique gifts and talents we have brought to share - NO MORE SEPARATION.

Look to your brother’s and sister’s and only see YOU reflected back in their eyes. Then Dear Ones you can do no harm.

Embrace the Animal Kingdom who have been supporting these massive changes also. Look into their eyes and once again see only YOU. What a difference will befall your planet when all humanity ‘OWN’ who they have come to be.

We stand with you, at the starting gate to this new reality and as you move forward we will walk each new step with you in Love and Gratitude for all you have achieved and all you have be-come.

Congratulations Dear Ones, times like no other. Let the Celebrations begin. Holding hands and hearts we step into this new era.
We stand with you now as you honour your position in this new evolutionary phase of humanity.

You are beyond ready for this awakening and so many Be-ings - from all levels of existence - step forward to assist those who wish to step up and claim their birthright.

Much is unfolding on your Planet - truly the “end-times” for the old world. As always we implore you not to give your focus or attention to anything the old play is projecting - all is concluding - the curtain is about to rise on all that no longer serves you.

Only shine LOVE - fear is ready to exit stage left of this old production.

You are the cast and crew readying yourselves for the most glorious production of your new Earth.

The Stage is set Dear Ones - the time is NOW and you are the ONES ready to put into action all that you have gained in these past times, knowing these times were ready to burst forth.

The Lion is ready to pounce and play and bring into fruition all that you have strived for - time to stand tall Dear Ones, acknowledge who you are, embrace the reality of the 8/8 2016 Lions Gate energies.

From this day forward all will be altered - this is a time like no other - a time to be spoken of in future times.

You will recognise the signature of this date and you will marvel at what transpires

BE LOVE         BE LIGHT       BE YOUR glorious selves.

And so it is.

                                                      I AM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.

***Infinity Breath Sequence

Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday Message 1st August, 2016   Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You now know that you require more rest, sleep or just quiet, reflective time.

Much is happening energetically to you. You are electro magnetic Be-ings therefore all are affected and the results show up in your body vehicles.

Take time to slow down and just BE - all of these energetic upgrades are having an impact on your nervous systems causing anxiousness/anxiety, anger, frustration, etc. etc. These upgrades are also affecting your head/brain causing headaches, fogginess, forget-fullness and just plain fatigue on all levels.

Many are also experiencing strange body aches and pains, shifting and changing to different parts of the body.

Exhaustion is taking its toll on all of you, so we remind you to take care of yourself first. Attend to your own needs, allowing you to be refreshed to attend to the needs of others.

As these up-grades continue to flow through you, your bodies will adjust incrementally, allowing you to flow in more ease as time moves forward.

As always, call on us, we are assisting you in every way possible but we do need you to ask.

The energies of August/September will be once again “intense” as the up-grading, re-wiring, rejuvenation of your new crystalline bodies move toward the next major alignment.

Remain focused on the LOVE THAT YOU ARE  and radiate that out to your fellow beings allowing the Light Quotient of Earth to continue to increase to its maximum capacity. Remember Dear Ones, within every 24 hour period of your time, your bodies take in the amount of Light that each of you can tolerate. Be gentle with yourselves and each other.

Remember, Dear Ones, you are the LIGHT,  you are the LOVE, and you are successfully bringing that LIGHT that is driving out the darkness, daily.

August/September are pivotal months for 2016 - the year of endings, the year of massive change on Planet Earth.

So many magical times ahead for all humanity as the LIGHT continues to spread vigorously across the Planet.

Leave fear behind, when you see what is unfolding in the old world send your LOVE/LIGHT to that area. It is truly just the old remnants being cleared because of the work you are doing. Because of your commitment to the Light, the dark is coming up to be transmuted.

Stay true to your mission Dear Ones. Only give your energy to the Light. When all fear is withdrawn only LIGHT will remain.

Victory is yours Dear Ones.

We remain vigilant in our love and support of your desire to see Peace on Earth, Abundance for all Be-ings and LOVE radiating across Planet Earth once more.

And so it is and so it will be.