Monday, July 28, 2014

28th July 2014

Monday 28th July, 2014        Archangel Michael Monday Message

Dear Ones

I have said many times “what a wonderful time it is to be on Planet Earth” and yet for many you are not feeling that, or seeing that. However, it is. This is the chosen time for all to awaken to the Light. Major changes are happening to your Planet moment by moment. The amount of Light that is now permeating Planet Earth has never reached this velocity ever. You are the ones who chose to be here at this time, yes, I have said that many times also. For many, you are only just beginning to believe that statement. You have all come up against so many obstacles to lead you to this space and each time you have doubted that you could take much more and yet here you stand. You have all progressed through many levels of shedding what no longer serves you. You have moved through your Mental/Emotional baggage and let go of so much. What you have let go of, is not only from this lifetime and that is why we remind you to be easy on yourselves. You still do not grasp what amazing Beings of Light you truly are - that will change shortly.

As I watch each of you lighten your load, stand up one more time and do it all again the next day, I AM in awe of what I see before you. Your Light is shining so brightly now and affecting so many around you that you can no longer fail to see what is happening. You are becoming aware of the effect you are having on those who are radiating within your field. It is a beautiful sight to watch and I see you all starting to take up your mantel - you feel it more than you ever have. Your knowingness and awareness grows each day. You can no longer just sit back and watch it happen, you have become the activist in your own lives and therefore in the lives of those with whom you come into contact.

It is a time like no other on Planet Earth - PEACE will be in your time - PEACE is just around the corner and yet you look to your world not seeing that being reflected in any stretch of your imagination. I tell you when the tide turns and it will, it will happen in a heart-beat. It is through your hearts opening wider and the Love that you Are becoming more engaged every moment of every day - You are the change - don’t wait for someone else to be that change - you are that change. It is because of each of you reading these words and sharing these words with those you love that you will have the ability to stand tall. You know what I AM saying is directed at YOU - YOU can and will be the change makers of Planet Earth and when you do, the Celebrations will be relentless.

Leave the fear behind Dear Ones, you have built bullet-proof skin, you have been through so many challenges and so much integration and alignments within your Be-ings that you are now ready to be ALL you came to be. You know my words are true, for they resonate at your highest level. You have waited for this time, for these words and you know it is NOW.

As always all in the Realms of Illumination stand with you side by side, my Sword of Truth is raised - the time has come - PEACE WILL RAIN ON PLANET EARTH.

Join together Dear Ones, acknowledge your part in the Divine Plan no more sitting idly waiting for someone else to do it all - lets all march in unison and as we do, you will know that you are finally here what you came to do. Your memory will return and you will acknowledge you are indeed the Ones you have waited for.

Much Celebration on Planet Earth - your hearts, your eyes are opening wider each day what a magnificent creation you are. There are no words to describe how you will feel when you finally recognize who you truly are - the powerful Be-ings that you are no longer alseep but wide awake living the life of your dreams, a life only YOU can inititate. Hold hands Dear Ones as we march together for PEACE ON EARTH - just as you always knew it would be - the time has come and here you are. Nothing left to do but follow your BLISS and see where it leads. You laid out the path before you came so as you take each step you will remember and it is Glorious. 

Blessings Dear Ones,


Sunday, July 20, 2014

21st July 2014


Dear Ones

Blessings and Gratitude for what was achieved yesterday. Through the activations and attunements each of you willingly participated in, much was achieved. Another small victory for the Light. Each of you through your willingness to assist humanity, are bringing in more Light to Planet Earth and holding hands with those who are just waking up. As you all move up the Spiral of Evolution what ONE does affects MANY.  You are the Light and the Light is You and more LIGHT is becoming available within you and through you, each and every day.

Well Done beautiful Be-ings, well done.

As I mentioned through these next days, weeks and months, much will transpire within you. You have opened to a new way of Being and that will be reflected both within and around you. Many of the tools that were given to you are to assist in your acceleration of coming into your Higher Consciousness. Please call on those tools and us in the Angelic Realms, for as we promised we are at your service to assist you as you take each evolutionary step closer to who you truly came to be.

The “gifts” you brought to Planet Earth are being unravelled every day and as you use the information and the tools you gained you will notice how far you have come in such a short space of time. Time is truly speeding up for you - a most exciting time to be “WHO YOU CAME TO BE.”

As you know the Elemental Kingdom has also stepped forward to offer you assistance and LOVE as you make the necessary transitions. All is at your fingertips right now. A time of Magic and Miracles on Planet Earth.

It is with Great Love that we shared our energies together and the blending that took place will stay with you.

Once again we thank you and honour you for standing in your Light and taking your Power to be the Beacons for those still finding their way out of the darkness.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings


Monday, July 7, 2014

7th July 2014 7/7/7

Monday Meditation 7th July, 2014           Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

It is with great JOY I greet you this day, for JOY is an element slowly taking over your Planet. More and more of you are connecting to the vibration of JOY therefore you are anchoring it into the Planet.

From the Higher Aspect that I have advantage, I see the radiance of the many, aligning with greater choice and acceptance of these changes now rolling out rapidly on Planet Earth. It is a JOY for us in the Higher Realms to see what you are creating on your Planet. Many are watching what unfolds on the Planet of Free Choice with great interest and pleasure as what you are unfolding is moving rapidly into the new alignment.

The dark energies are very quickly exiting the Planet as more of your Creator Light enters. The more Light you bring into your beautiful bodies the faster the Earth changes for the betterment of all. All you wish to create, all you wish to be, is set out before you and each step you take brings it closer each and every day.

We watch in awe and delight as we see the manifestaions taking place daily. As you gather in groups to show love and support of each other, it is witnessed around the world giving power and momentum to others to take up the challenges that befall humanity at this time. You are witnessing global changes that have never before been so relevant and so uplifting. One action starts a re-action on the other side of your spinning globe and the Oneness we have spoken of then becomes reality.

You KNOW you are all connected, you KNOW you are all ONE on many levels of your Be-ing and that last bastion of awareness has now entered your focus and you are the ones embracing your brother’s and sister’s all over the Planet. This is truly a JOYOUS time for Planet Earth.

So many of the elements are joining together with you to assist in this transition, your awareness of other beings including the Elementals is now so much more in your observation. Many of the stories you heard as children regarding the Elemental Kingdom are now being presented to you as fact!! The Elementals have once again stepped forward choosing to assist humanity in the monumental task of changing the Consciousness of Planet Earth. These times were always going to be “interesting” and are you not finding that to be true? EVERYTHING is connected, if you can think about it, you can bring it forth. When you add the element of LOVE to all that you do, all that you believe, so much more will be made available to you.

How exciting are these times Dear Ones? You are re-discovering aspects of your life that you never believed you would see in this lifetime - you had forgotten what you came for and what would evolve. The clouds are parting Dear Ones, all will be revealled in the fulness of time and that time is NOW

It is with great Love and Admiration for each of you as the unique roll you play in the change of Consciousness of Planet Earth unfolds.

Congratulations it’s a new day and a new game.

We are in JOY playing with you everyday.

Blessings Dear Ones