Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Message 25th July, 2016     Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

These are indeed rough roads of change you are riding BUT you are becoming ever so Masterful at navigating it all.

2016 was promised as a year for great change and it has not disappointed - it is numerically a 9 year - a year of Completion and for many of you - that is your TRUTH.

All that no longer serves your Higher purpose is being stripped from your awareness and though as it happens it can feel brutal or at least un-nerving, you are coming to that place of Mastery within, where you recognise it was time to let go, release, surrender.

With all that you have surrendered, including the pain associated with it - you are now perfectly poised to welcome all the new beginnings soon to present themselves to you. We tell you Dear Ones, it will appear as a smorgasbord with a plethora of choice.

Your discernment and your newly awakened senses will allow the perfect person, place or object of your desire to effortlessly appear in your life as if by “MAGIC.’ 

Then you will KNOW all that has brought you to this moment in time was perfectly aligned for your Highest Outcome.

Then you will surrender and fall to your  knees and give thanks - thanks to Creation and thanks to yourselves for having the faith and trust that has allowed you to walk your path - fully blind-folded but with an inner wisdom that has eternally guided you to this moment.

Gratitude and thanks are such a blessed way to live each day Dear Ones. Even in your darkest times if you can see beyond that darkness - drawing in the Light of Creation believing that this darkness shall pass, you allow for a higher/faster vibration of Light/Love particles to enter into your bodies through your Divine Crown Chakra - allowing that Light to filter through every cell of your magnificent body vehicles, cleansing, clearing all darkness as it leaves. Send the old energies into the Earth for transformation back into Light and watch how that transformation takes place within you.

Dear Ones, we remind you - do not focus any of your attention on what “appears” to be happening “out-there”. Focus all of your loving energy on improving YOU and your own life and circumstances. Set your energy to the highest possible vibration of Love/Light and as each of you become Lighter, more loving, that will by osmosis affect all other Beings on the Planet.

Dear Ones, we tell you this. There is more LIGHT than ever before radiating within your bodies and within your Earth - never before in your history has there been this much Light available to you and your Planet.

Focus that Light Dear Ones, for you are the change that is happening on your Planet. Let  all the stories of LOVE, ONENESS, CO-OPERATION that are showing up in humanity become the “News of the Day.” Humanity as its best-self. Let there be more focus on these stories allowing the darkness to fade into oblivion. 

When Light fully shines on darkness - darkness disappears never to return.

Dear Ones, the Golden Age awaits you ALL. Recognise your connectedness, forget your differences - they were only needed to show you a way back to the Light.

Dear Ones, stand together - feel the Love that resides within your Being - send that Love out to those around you - especially those in pain and then watch how YOU truly make a difference in one persons life. Times that by 10, 100, to infinity then you will truly witness the speed of change you crave.

It is truly up to each one of YOU.

Dear Ones, Be who you came to Be. Do what you came to Do. Just BE you and BE Love, it really is that simple.

Loving you always Dear Ones,


Monday, July 18, 2016

18th July, 2016

Monday Message 18th July, 2016      Archangel Michael        Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Hold tightly to your belief in the magnificent future that IS. So much turbulence and grief is out pouring in your global community. All brought on by the massive fear and terror that is leaving your Planet. Pain is shouting out as it leaves forever.

We remind you of how these end times are to play out. All that is not of LOVE and the Highest Intention will fall. The last of the old rigid structure of the 3rd Dimension has to crumble and breakdown. All that was holding it in place no longer exists. Imagine if you will, an old building that has lost all the mortar between the bricks - without this cohesion it must fall. You Dear Ones, have been that cohesion. Now you have removed your connectedness - that which was holding the old world in place - so all will crumble and fall.

All in Divine and Perfect timing.

Once, you as a collective agreed to create a New Earth where Peace, Love, Abundance and Freedom for all is to exist, there was nothing left to support the old worn out structure.

Congratulations Dear Ones, all you wish to create for your New Earth is unravelling in the most wondrous of ways.

Allow what must fall to fall. Hold strong to your commitment to the New Earth you are birthing into Creation.

Show Love and support to those who only see chaos and fear at this time - Be the Love and Light All are searching for.

Because of YOU, this New Earth is rapidly unfolding. Because of YOU, Peace will be your reality.

Hold the Vision Dear Ones.

Hold each other.

Take time out to focus your attention and visualize the New Earth Creation and how you want to live and love with your fellow beings.

Be gentle with yourselves - take a walk in nature - remove yourselves from what is being experienced in the old collective.

Time to focus your Attention and Intention on YOU. Calm your own fears, feel yourself relaxing into your own breath, your own heart space. Remember the hand-on-heart breathing we talk of - this connects YOU to YOU. This reminds you of your commitment to all that you are here to accomplish.

Remember Dear Ones, it starts with YOU and then ripples out to ALL who come into your energy field.

There is so much you can do to affect your surrounding - just by Be-ing YOU and using these simple but effective ways of Be-ing.
Observe your ability to change the atmosphere and then by osmosis watch those around you change.

Step by Divine Step Dear Ones, that ALL it takes.

As always our Love and Divine Guidance surround each and everyone of you, the Amazing Be-ings of Light and Love who came to change worlds.

Blessed be Dear Ones,


Monday, July 11, 2016

11th July, 2016

Monday Message                                                              11th July, 2016   
Archangel Michael                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Miraculous times are upon you. Many of you are making comments to affirm this is so.
Do not look back at the chaos that is playing out in the old world - this is the last vestige of the old structure and its final decay.

All is in perfect, divine order - all is in agreement as to how the end times would be.

Instead, look to what is unfolding in the most miraculous of ways.

See the Wonder. Breathe in the Miracles.

Know that the I AM THAT I AM  that is you, is leading the way.

I AM the Animal Kingdom living in peace and harmony with my brethren, showing human- ity what is possible.

I AM  the Mineral Kingdom with my crystal structures being activated all over the beautiful Planet. The ley-lines that are now singing in harmony and synchronicity.

I AM the Plant Kingdom returning to you my wondrous bounty in the form of medicinal plant resurgence.

I AM the New Children bringing forth new technologies and solutions once only dreamed of until recently.

I AM the Star Nations who have supported you for eons and now ready and waiting for reunification once more.

I AM the Angels, Ascended Masters and Beings of Light who have walked with you every step now waiting to re-unite with you and walk these next momentous steps in unison.

I AM THAT I AM and so much more - Dear Ones embrace all these aspects of YOU - the “I AM PRESENCE” as you move into these next extraordinary energies that are now presently assisting you on a moment to moment basis.

All is in perfect preparation for your return to WHO YOU CAME TO BE.

All is unfolding in perfect alignment. You are unravelling from your cocoon you placed upon yourselves. You are ready now to unveil the NEW YOU,  Ready to open to the magnificent possibilities of ALL THAT IS.

A time like no other - only ever imagined in your dreams until this moment.

Send your thoughts into this creation - picture you, your humanity and all the Beings who have assisted you on this long arduous journey back to YOU. Living and loving in the most extraordinary of times.

Allow yourselves the ability to dream the big dreams, free of all the restrictions you once knew. Your freedom to be who you came to be, is now your reality. The last of the chaos is fading away. Believe in who you are. Believe in what you have come to BE and DO at this time.

There are no limits - ALL is possible in your New Earth - ALL is possible in your new bodies, your new awareness.

As you take each step in this new Creation, KNOW you are creating with new freedom and desires you have held in place until this perfect moment.

No more fear Dear Ones - only LOVE lives on this New Earth. As each of you step forward, regaining your power and your JOY you transform not only yourselves but you give others the momentum to step into their own Be-ingness.

We ask you to reach out your hearts and hands to assist those beside you to take that leap with you. You are leading the way in glorious harmony, allowing others to make the changes necessary to speed up their own evolution.

What glorious times await Dear Ones, hold the vision of all that you desire for your moment to moment unravelling of your New Earth.

Out picture through your 3rd eye ALL that you wish to see and experience in these magical times.

Allow the dreams to become reality because of the Creators that you are.

All is moving forward rapidly now. LOVE is surrounding each of you - you are the LOVE you came to be. LOVE now envelopes your Planet, covering the last of the darkness.

BE THAT LOVE          BE THAT LIGHT        Just BE Dear Ones

As always we walk each step you take, we are assisting you in every moment, loving you always.

And so it is.



Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Message                                                       4th July, 2016                                                            
AAMichael                                                                  Leslie-Anne Menzies                                  

Dear Ones,

What a magical day we in-joyed yesterday. It was a Joy to share the day and to witness Souls standing up and opening up to more of who they have come to be - well done, Dear Ones.

Such acceptance and agreement between souls will flow out to the Collective and this of course is desirous.

So many more Beautiful Be-ings are now stepping up, accepting personal responsibility for their growth, awareness and ascension. With that responsibility comes the desire to then impart that knowledge to those who follow in their footsteps.

Dear Ones, you will be noticed by the vibration you are now emitting and many will now be drawn to you. So much is about to change for all Be-ings on your Planet. It is wonderful that there are now so many leading the way ready to be the support team for those following closely behind.

So much more Light has recently entered your Planet. This Light allows many more to awaken from their deep, deep slumber and be ready to follow the Light they see radiating just in front of them.

Take all of this new information and integrate it and then share it. So necessary at this juncture.

The changes that are right before you demand a stepping up of information and knowledge. If you are unsure of something you have seen, been told, read - place your hand on your heart - feel the resonance - is it true for you? Let this be your guide in all things in the vastly unfolding world you now live.

As you experienced we are so close to you now. All the Be-ings of Light, the Angels, Masters, Star Brother’s and Sisters wish for you to acknowledge and share your experiences more fully.

Reach out Dear Ones, call on us we are so willing to assist. Enormous shifts are rapidly occurring within each of you, along with the massive Earth changes in your environment.

Walk through the seams with ease and grace Dear Ones. Do not get caught in the chaos or uncertainty. You have been given so many tools that allow for you to make other choices.
Stand tall, be the loving guides you are to be at this time - you are so needed as each Soul traverses their own space.

Dear Ones, it is time for you to be of service to your fellow Be-ings.

Be who you came to be Dear Ones, that shining Light for all to see through their own darkness.

And so it is.


                                                            Angel Therapy Practitioner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Leslie-Anne Menzies
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