Monday, May 16, 2011

A message from Archangel Michael - raising our vibration through words

“The Power of our thoughts”

We have told you Dear Ones many times of the “Power” of your human thoughts.

At this time in your awakening that TRUTH has never been truer.

As the Planet shifts and changes the amount of Electro Magnetic
Energy is stronger than it has been for a very long time.

Therefore the Electro Magnetic Field needs to be honored for the role it plays. One of the areas it holds its greatest focus is in your thought process.

Your thoughts are EM therefore the words you use and the power that they radiate is significant.

No longer can you use words haphazardly “Conscious Word Creation” needs to be your new mantra.

The words you use then magnetize the result to you faster than ever before.

Choose your words carefully; think of the re-action to the words you use. Do you wish to magnetize the thoughts you have been thinking and more importantly “feeling” to you faster than ever.

Does your day have ambivalent thoughts of lack and limitation? Do you degrade your being with words that disempower you? Do you think and feel words that assault your soul in ways you would be offended if another offered them to you?

Your thoughts and feelings are what creates your reality – now faster than ever before.

Are you ready for a bigger, brighter reality?

Choose bigger, brighter, vibrational words and watch how fast your reality changes.

You are becoming more conscious in all areas of your life and it is of the utmost importance your word choice is a high priority.

Watch as simple but powerful words, change your reality.

And so it is.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Readings with Archangel Michael - Leslie-Anne

I am now offering personal readings from Archangel Michael with each of my Healing/Spiritual Counselling

Please contact me on 0408 083 185  for bookings.


Much is happening during this major Spiritual Evolution - everyone on the Planet is affected.

Mental Illness, suicide, major cancer outbreaks, relationship issues, financial issues - there is no one not affected by what is happening.

The Angels tell us that all that is NOT who we are is leaving our body - hence the major cleansing taking place.

The new light energy coming into the planet is affirming who we truly are as spiritual beings.

Walk with Ease and Grace during these times, be gentle with yourselves we are heading towards an amazing new future.

Love to all sharing the journey



Monday 9th May 2011

Dear One

Your changes are becoming more and more evident to you. You can no longer deny what is happening.

It is a truth that all you have been in the past is leaving your body. Your old way of being is resisting the changes - looking to hold on to "what was."

This of course can no longer be - your Future Self is awaiting you. The birth of the New You is iminent. Resist no longer - ALLOW

With East and Grace it will happen - give up the fight to hold on to the old you. TRUST that all is how it will be in the future. TRUST that you are safely
on your path. TRUST you are loved and supported fully.

Relax into the new you - allow all that needs to transition just flow through you, washing away all that is no longer required.

Be gentle with yourself - all is as it shall be. This is what you have worked so hard to achieve. Resist no longer.

Take gentle steps - be easy with that which is leaving - the dark hole will soon be replaced by the light you are bringing in.

Transition is in full progress - take care of yourself. It serves no purpose in the New Energy to continue to hold on to the outmoded ways
of re-acting and be-ing.

Hold to the Light dear one you are so loved and protected.

And so it is.

2nd Message

Dear Ones

Each and every one of you are farewelling aspects of yourselves that no longer serve you at this time. You are all finding difficulties in the "letting go" process. But we tell you
this is the next stage of the Evolutionary Process that you all agreed to put into motion at this time.

What is leaving you, and the Planet are aspects of your past selves that no longer serve you and that which you can not take with you into your New Earth Journey.

These seem like "dark days" and it is up to each of you how you navigate this transition. The darkness is leaving the Planet and therefore also leaving you. Be easy on yourselves as
you watch these aspects firstly rise to the surface and then be released. These aspects of your past reality are causing some of you great pain.

Many of you are experiencing Relationship Issues, Financial Issues or Major Health Crisis or as in some cases a combination of all three.

We remind you this is how change occurs as you make the necessary changes to create the ways of your New Earth.

As with all things - this will pass - as you move through that which you have chosen to let go of. Only you know what is required for you to make the changes necessary.

The future is all about each and everyone on the Planet taking responsibility for their own futures.

The future of the Planet is one of ownership of what is required to become a Citizen of the 5th Dimension and all that entails. There is a greater emphasis on the uniqueness of
each being and total responsibility.

Many of the structures of the past are crumbling and will continue to do so for sometime. What remains in the future will be built on TRUTH and INTEGRITY with none of the old
out moded ways of being remaining.

Abundance and all that embraces will blossom in the New Energy. You are Energy Beings therefore able to create all you require. Everything is by choice. Can you stand alone
as well as stand together. Each standing tall in relationship with neither one nor the other "leaning" into it.

Stand tall dear ones in all aspects of your future.

A future that is becoming reality as fast as you choose.

And so it is.