Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
20th February, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Give up the fight and the struggle.


You are living in a new energetic field now - all has changed - look around, see the “newness” you are creating.

Did we not say this year would be a year of NEW BEGINNINGS.

Let Go - Allow all to flow to you - this is the energy you have worked so tirelessly to bring to your Planet.

You are all so entrenched in the “old” that some of you are not noticing the “new” that is within and around you.


Notice Dear Ones when you do this, how much your body-vehicle responds, it brings harmony into your field.  Allow yourself to take in deep, deep Earth breaths from the Mother.

Spend time doing this several times a day, especially when you feel the old energies as they are leaving your body. Allow them to flow to the surface and out - gone forever - NEVER to return.

How much “Light”er do you feel Dear Ones?

As you acclimatise to the New Energies that are amping up this month, believe all that you came to DO or BE is searching for you, matching your vibration. The Planet is readying itself, making itself available and aligning with your awareness. Your Dream state is vivid, and very active with information regarding your future on this Planet.

All is changing rapidly now and especially these next few days leading up to the 26th February with the Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse is about the Collective future of your Planet. Greater spiritual awareness will be given to those choosing this path. The Collective future is manufacturing before your very eyes. 

This is such an optimistic time on Planet Earth as you watch your dreams turn into reality.

You have all worked extremely diligently to bring forth this unprecedented time and you are ready to watch your dreams manifest. 

Call on the Mighty Violet Flame of St. Germain to assist you to clean out the last vestiges of the old you in preparation for all that is unfolding rapidly now in this year of 2017.

Hold on to your hats Dear Ones, the ride is turning into the fun element you have all waited for.

How you will laugh at yourselves and each other when the TRUTHS are revealed and you realised you NEVER had to take it as seriously as you did.

All just a GAME really - and you will know that soon enough.

IN JOY Dear Ones - ALLOW the “Light”ness and the LOVE of who you are to shine forth.

You are so dearly loved, protected, and guided.

And so it is.


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
6th February, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Time to slumber no more. This is a critical time on Mother Earth - YOU were born for such times.

Dear Ones, time to remember WHO YOU ARE and therefore your MISSION. You did not appear randomly on Earth - YOU chose to be here at this most momentous time of CHANGE. I have mentioned before how Souls stood aside so that YOU would be the ones to step forward.

Breath that information into your heart, open your heart and KNOW this as a truth.

Dear Ones, wake up - take notice of all that is transpiring within and around YOU. No-thing is as it was - you must know and feel that within every breath you take!

There is no more time to pretend “life will continue as it has in past times” - never again Dear Ones. This is a time of massive CHANGE a time like no other and a time YOU chose to experience.

Feel into these words and KNOW what I AM saying is true - how much more proof do you need Dear Hearts?

Open your EYES - see what is transpiring all around your Earth - does any of “that” appear normal to you? Open your hearts - how much longer can YOU, the Soul that you are, the Soul that you came to be, accept what is happening to your fellow beings and pretend
that is O.K.

Time to be the LOVE you came to be.

Time to reach out and shower your fellow beings with compassion, understanding but most of all LOVE.

You are LOVE INCARNATE, Dear Beings of Light - do not go back to sleep!!! Do not ignore what is happening around you as if it does not affect YOU.

YOU and every Being residing on the Planet are ONE. One with everything, plants, animals , fellow beings... you cannot stay asleep to this information any longer.

YOU KNOW in your heart these words are true. Before you incarnated into this lifetime YOU KNEW this was to be the Grand Awakening of Humanity - therefore YOU can no longer deny YOUR “part” in what is unfolding.

It is not an impossible task Dear Ones - quite simple really. All that is required of YOU  is to embrace WHO YOU ARE, and when YOU LOVE YOU, it is impossible not to LOVE OTHERS. Awaken to the reality that YOU  chose to come to Planet Earth at this time for just this purpose. How can you not LOVE the Divine Being that is YOU, one of the Greatest Beings to every step foot on Planet Earth.

The second step is just as simple - LOVE OTHERS AS YOU have learned to LOVE YOURSELF.

Dear Ones all in the Realms of Illuminated Light, your Star Brothers and Sisters are stepping forward at this time to re-connect with you.

Your Planet is being infused with Photonic Light - what this Light does is affect ALL of Humanity, ALL of Planet Earth.

Photonic Light is flowing through your bodies transforming every cell, every atom. Taking you from your old 3rd Dimensional carbon bodies to your new Crystalline Light Bodies. Understand Dear Ones, this Light which is bathing you and your Planet is altering your Divine Blueprint, altering ALL that you were into ALL that you have come to BE, Beautiful Beings of Light living in abundance, perfect health, well being - Being the LOVE that you intrinsically ARE.

Photonic Light is flowing through your Earth, changing everything. This Light will in the future allow for all your needs.

This Photonic Light is assisting with you REMEMBERING who you are, as it breaks down all the old fragments of who you were, allowing the new you to step forward in perfect health and vitality. 

This Photonic Light is allowing your brains to fire up with new electrical impulses as YOU are reignited and the restoration of memory cells that will delight and inspire you to be fully in your new awareness.

The Photonic Light is assisting with “instant” manifestation. Therefore Dear Ones there has never been a more critical time to watch your thoughts and your words. Staying in your I AM PRESENCE and offering words and thoughts from you holy I AM - for what is offered shall be returned. “Ask and you shall receive.”

I AM THAT I AM ........

Most powerful time for manifestation EVER.

Dear Ones, I cannot reiterate enough how important this time is to Humanity. Time for YOU to BE who you came to Be - no more playing small, as if your life doesn’t matter!!!You are HUGE BEINGS OF LIGHT - embrace this information - breathe it into your Being. Accept it, honour it.

As you awaken all that is within you, your Light will shine so brightly others still asleep will be drawn to you for assistance in their awakening also. This is why you came.

And Awaken they will - for some it will be a tumultuous awakening - that is why YOU are so needed to step up to this information - share it freely with those who’s hearts and minds are REMEMBERING.

What a joyous time awaits all of humanity as you all begin to LIVE AND LOVE AS ONE.

We are delighted to assist you as we all walk this path together - holding hands and hearts as always Dear Ones.

Exciting times for YOU AND ALL HUMANITY.

This is your birthright Dear Ones.

Claim all you came to BE.


So it is.

Monday Message Archangel Michael
30th January, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

There has been a massive shift in the energies in the last 24 hours. Keep holding your Light High, it is so needed at this time. As the old systems continue to crumble, as they must, it is incumbent on you to extend your Love/Light out to ALL HUMANITY.

Times like no other we remind you Dear Ones. These are the times you CHOSE to experience. For many, learning that you chose this time/this experience has at best been challenging but you are now learning to accept that commitment and learning to advance with the knowledge of that reality.

The shifts and changes seem relentless and that is because of the need of the hour to push forward and allow all that needs to transform and regenerate to come into being.

Dear Ones, you can feel the changes within your also. So much is happening to your Divine Body Vehicles as you take on more of the Divine Crystalline energy that is the New You. What is unfolding within you is miraculous - never been done before moving from the denseness of the carbon body to the new Crystalline structure. Miracles are unfolding within your everyday awareness and yet for many, it is as if nothing is happening!

More Souls who chose, will awaken now and for some it will be instantaneous. These Souls will require your love and support as they process what has happened in a very short space of your Earth time.

Be the Love you came to be - Be the Light you know you are.

The unfolding of the New Earth is on a rapid trajectory and as mentioned, this year will unfold in ways you cannot yet envision.

2017 was always going to be “unique.” All that was set in motion in 2012 was aimed at this year to allow many more Souls to awaken, and a little extra time to step on board.

The train is moving faster now and it is expected this year of massive transformation will delight and challenge you all in one breath.

Breathe deeply Dear Ones, remembering you “chose” these experiences for your Soul Growth. You are the Masters Planet Earth called out for. No one but YOU could have done what you are doing. You walk hand in hand with us each and every day. We honour you for what you are providing to your own growth and that of the Collective.

A time like no other for sure.

And the best is truly yet to come.

Your integration of these energetic shifts is what is allowing Mother Earth and you to make this marvellous transformation.

New You, New Earth in this new year of new beginnings - all is in perfect alignment Dear Ones.

So much to be excited about. As you unravel this year of Abundance in all areas of your life. Joy and yes Peace - you will know Peace Dear Ones - remembering of course it all starts with YOU.

Divine Beings it is our delight as always to take this ride alongside of you - loving and supporting you all ways.

Hand on Hearts, the ride is just beginning to speed up.

And so it is.