Monday, December 7, 2015

7th December, 2015

Monday Message Archangel Michael December 7th 2015
Dear Ones,
You are currently being bombarded with LIGHT AND LOVE from the Great Galactic Core/Sun. If you are feeling exhausted, tired, aches and pains - rest. Take naps, look after your beautiful Earth Vehicles. Your bodies are metamorphosing. You DNA, RNA, every atom, every molecule, every cell is being up-graded, re-aligned, regenerated, revitalized. Did I say TIRED?????
This is the path you have chosen at this time and once again we say Relax, Allow, Let-Go. Whatever you are hanging onto so tightly will be released from your “grip” so relax, let it all go and TRUST. Trust all that is happening right now in this time/space reality is for your complete and highest outcome. Even if that is not what you are feeling, please once again we ask you to TRUST. All will be revealed in perfect time and then you will realise how the plan needed to unfold.
As you watch your world and all the “drama” that is playing out REMEMBER to also allow and let it go. You can remain detached from all that is unfolding and your LOVE, LIGHT AND DIVINE ENERGY can be sent to these situations, that is all that you are required to do. You have chosen to lead the way out of the chaos and drama which can be done by focusing your attention on, and visualizing the perfect outcome for all humanity. This allows those still caught up in the fear and negativity to see another way.
Be that LIGHT, that LOVE.
Open wide your magnificent hearts and allow the LOVE energy to flow to all who come into your energy field. By osmosis others will be affected by you holding your Light and your energy in such a way they cannot help but feel it also. So those who now wish to see - what you see, and feel what you feel will radiate to you.
Many souls are now leaving the drama behind and are looking for a more peaceful alternative to what they see - out there. They look to you and notice you are going through the same world but have a way of not getting caught up in the fear and anger.
What is it you do? I want what you are projecting - it feels better, it feels peaceful. How do I do, what you do? I want to feel better.
Many more souls will pose these questions to you in the coming times. Be prepared to show them the LOVE in your Heart, the steps you have taken, the tools you have used to move from that place, into your new world. Show you are willing to assist them, hold each others hands and walk a new path to your New World in ONENESS.
With all that is transpiring on Planet Earth, all the devastation and destruction. Dear Ones, we tell you this is the prelude to your most amazing future. Old structures, old perceptions, old modes of being and interacting on all levels of humanity are ending - sometimes extremely abruptly.
Be the love you came to be - be the way shower to those still stumbling in the dark. This is the role you chose and every cell in your body vehicle is vibrating to this call.Answer the call Dear Ones. Open your hearts wider, make your smile bigger and allow those who are searching to ‘SEE YOU” and know your energy.
That is your agreement Dear Ones - honour yourselves and each other.Miraculous times await Dear Ones as you welcome more souls to the Light. The Light you came to shine.As always Dear Ones, we ask you to TRUST, have FAITH and know these words I send forth are true.
Once again as the Veils between all Dimensions thin we are closer than ever to you. Call upon us, your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, your Star Brothers and Sisters - so much assistance is at your fingertips now. We are but a breath away Dear Ones.We work closely with you during your dreams at night and during the day in your meditations and moments of silence - we are with you always.
You are loved beyond measure Dear Ones for choosing to be the ones who stepped forward and said “send me.” And here you are now standing in all your Glory, ready to answer the Clarion Call.
Wondrous Light is available to each of you Dear Ones, allow your quotient to increase daily as you KNOW more than ever - who you truly are.