Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November already

Wow, November already. This year has certainly "flown." As we continue to raise our vibration as we speed towards 2012 I guess we will accept the time acceleration.

I personally have just experienced my youngest daughter Jodi (who is mentioned in my bio) her wedding to her partner Simon on the 1st of this month which was a wonderful celebration. (Photo attached)

Throughout this month the angels wish us to focus on LOVE as the means of dealing with all our interactions over the next few weeks. We are in a very high vibration at this time and to help us stay focused with the intent of "being the best we can be" LOVE really is the answer.

Another reminder from the Angels is about forgiveness - very important that we not only forgive others but to totally forgive ourselves for what we believe we have "done". So much healing and wellness comes from forgiveness and the angels ask us to call on AAMichael if we need help in this area.

I have recently completed and become an Essence of Angels Practitioner having studied with Simone Matthews from Universal Life Tools and this experience has added to my healing modalities.

I look forward to working with you using these new techniques in the future.

My love to you all in these exceptionally amazing times.