Monday, May 25, 2015

25th May, 2015 FREEDOM

MONDAY MEDITATION              25th May, 2015              Leslie-Anne Menzies

Greetings Dear Ones,

Are you feeling your new found FREEDOM?

YOU ARE FREE - it is your Divine Birthright to be so.

The shackles of the dark times in your history are over - YOU ARE FREE.

Breathe that into your beautiful hearts - place your hands on your heart, take in the breath, hold it in your heart, then release. Do this three times, repeating each time -


How does that feel Dear Ones? Are your cells jumping with excitement? There is a new anticipation flowing into your energy fields each new day.

Allow your focus to be on your Heart each day. This is who you truly are. In order to raise your Vibration breathe in LIGHT into your Heart, hold it in your heart and then breathe out LOVE. Do this repetition three times - you will feel the cells of your body rejoicing. Now breath in LOVE, hold it in your heart and then breath out LIGHT, once again for three repetitions.

How exhilarating is that Dear Ones? This simple exercise allows your vibratory rate to increase. Can you see by doing this three times a day how much more enlivened and enlightened you will become.

And now Dear Ones you are being asked to do this for your Planet also.

Breathe in PEACE ON EARTH, hold it in in your heart, visualise that Peace, then breathe out the LOVE THAT YOU ARE . Each time you do this feel your LOVE AND PEACE surrounding the whole of Planet Earth - allowing Planet Earth to be bathed in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. You will feel the benefits of this not only personally but also globally. Imagine, all the Light Beings of Earth making this a daily ritual - how accelerated the changes will be?

Remember Dear Ones, YOU AND THE EARTH ARE ONE - what you do for yourself impacts every other life-form on Earth. Just picture your Earth surrounded in LOVE, surrounded in LIGHT and all Beings living in PEACE. Not a dream any longer Dear Ones, YOU ARE FREE and when you embrace this freedom PEACE will reign on Earth.

This is why you came Dear Ones, do you REMEMBER NOW?

The Miracles you have asked for are in your hands - you are the Creators of this New Earth. What you bring forth will be marveled at in times to come. That’s how important your “piece of the puzzle” is Dear Ones.

Embrace your FREEDOM, embrace each other and step forward gallantly on this new journey in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE.

FREEDOM is what you came for.
FREEDOM is who you are.

Be FREE Dear Ones.

It is with great Joy, we Bless you this day.


                                                               Angel Therapy Practitioner


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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Monday, May 11, 2015

MONDAY MEDITATION   11th May, 2015       Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

It is my pleasure as always to step forth this day and give you this message of Hope and Peace which is the answer to your prayers you are sending forth as a collective.

For eons of time you have been transmuting the energies of the past into reified energies of the future NOW. You are working diligently to bring forth lasting PEACE to your Planet. You have each allowed your vibration to raise up to assist in the accomplishment of this prayer.

For many, you feel you are not seeing the corresponding re-action to your action and we tell you Dear Ones look a little deeper, peel back the Veil a little further. You are still being shown what your Media and those who still believe they are in Control want you to see. What is occurring on your Planet needs to be seen with the “new eyes” you are acquiring. Look beyond what appears “real.” It is no longer, you still live from many of the habits of your past. Look with the eyes of a child, see what is unfolding more readily each day.

Changes on Planet Earth are speeding up, just as your vibration and the expansion of your crystalline cells so does that of your Earth. YOU and the EARTH ARE ONE. Each is changing to reflect the other.

As always Dear Ones, we remind you to be gentle with yourselves. When you go back into fear or disbelief know it will only be short lived. It can sometimes appear as though nothing is happening, nothing is changing. Quite the contrary Dear Ones.  As you take each breath the Earth breathes with you. You just need a moment to stand still, take a breath and just breathe deeply into your heart. The heart energy, love energy is the fuel for these changes. Focus daily on your beautiful heart, take time to breathe into your heart - be the Love you came to be. REMEMBER what it is you wish to achieve in this moment. PEACE.

All upon the Planet at this time are here to accelerate the Ascension of each Be-ing and Mother Earth herself. From our perspective all is in Divine Time and Perfection.

As you continue to peel back your own personal veils and then the collective veil much more will become evident.

You and the Earth are a work in progress, there are stumbling blocks along the way but as each block is removed the road ahead becomes clearer and so much more exciting.

We promised you this month of May would equal Miracles - those Miracles are unfolding with each new step you take. Each time you transmute a negative into a positive, which you are now doing more rapidly, you allow for the transformation of the New Earth.

PIECE BY PEACE Dear Ones - you are the ones who will bring this to fruition. Exciting times await when you will see all that you have transmuted has lead to this time.

Have pride in all you do Dear Ones and as always we are shoulder to shoulder with you.


Monday, May 4, 2015

MONDAY 4th May, 2015           ARCHANGEL MICHAEL

Dear Ones,

Welcome to May 2015. May = Miracles

With all that is transpiring in and on your Earth, May will be significant in many ways. Already you are almost to the half way point of 2015. We have spoken of this year being a massive year of transformation. Can you even remember back to the start of your year 2015? Do the days feel like they flow into each other - no time - no beginning - no end just flowing.

This month will see many more souls awaken and it will be a sudden awakening - no more denying, all will witness great changes. Undeniable changes. 

For those who have worked for eons to bring these changes to your Planet there will be a time of feeling the work you have done, the personal changes you have completed will all make sense now. Much of your awakening has been in “blind faith” or a vague remembering of this is what you came to Planet Earth for. For many of you “Holding the Light” has been a lonely place. However, you have found ingenious ways to connect the dots all over your Planet and this has allowed you to join with LIGHT-MINDED Be-ings. This has helped ease that feeling of aloneness, even when you are with loved ones, family and friends.

As you now spend time with those who do not YET see what you see, or feel what you feel, we ask that all you need do is “plant seeds” - no arguments, no right or wrong - that is duality, that is 3D - you have left that Island. You now walk in 5D where you allow ALL humanity to just BE. They will in their own time come to a greater understanding as the “seeds” you planted germinate and grow.

Be there, Dear Ones, when the veil parts for your family and friends - show them the LOVE you are - not in the old 3D way but standing in the Love/Light of the 5D Being you are becoming.

Remember Dear Ones, you once stood in their shoes, reach out with Love, Understanding and Compassion

Much compassion will be required in the month of May and all the days and months that follow, as more of humanity will awaken. Be the Light in their lives, allow them to see you standing in Love, no judgement and complete acceptance of the journey each of you has needed to take.

May will be a month of Miracles unfolding, so much will be enlightened and enlivened in this month.

Treasure each new day and all that is offered on the smorgasbord of Life on Planet Earth. You are about to see the “buffet” of choices take on a whole new meaning.

Exciting times we share with each and everyone. Please allow me to reiterate the Love and Support each of you has available at this NOW moment. We are a breath away Dear Ones, and it is our desire to walk the PATH OF THE MASTER with you. Oh what a joy awaits each and every one of you willing to walk into the Light.

As always it is in Gratitude and Divine Love we share this Path Dear Ones.

Walk tall Dear Ones, what you have dreamed of is coming to fruition. You are the Dreamers and the Dream - Dream big, and bold.

Let the magic of May begin Dear Ones.