Tuesday, July 5, 2011

latest message from AA Michael and Beings of Light

July 4th 2011


Welcome back dear ones,

See this as a new beginning, as if it is a New Year Today.

Are you ready for this exciting Quadrant in time – From now July to October – the roller coaster ride continues only this time there will be – pauses – for you to take a breath and as always be very present. The now moments are where your choices lay. Take time, take a breath and align with “all that is” for you.

These are magical times - and you are creating the magic. It is in the pause, in the breath, that’s where creation lays. How do you envision your future? Use your creative visualisation to Master your Destiny – these are the times you have dreamed of. As we enter the Golden Age of Aquarius this is the moment – take a breath – enjoy your creation.

You chose this time, this place, this experience.  All is by agreement – you Guides, Ascended Masters, all in the Angelic Kingdom as well as many other Beings of Light are now poised ready to assist you on the next step of this journey. We await in joyous union with humanity to create these new times of Planet Earth.

As you are aware, Mother Earth (GAIA) has been stretching and preparing for the birth of the New Earth with your co-operation. As you take each new step, each new breath, each new thought a Creation is being formed.

You are the ones orchestrating this next phase of Heaven on Earth.

How do you wish it to be?

What is your contribution?

When you look back will you be pleased with your Creation?

It is truly time to Step Up dear ones and acknowledge your Spiritual Heritage. Let go of the “human” tag it no longer serves you.

You are ready for these changes. When we meet in the Etheric Realms in your sleep space you indicate to us that this is truly what you dream to accomplish.

These agreements will now be put in place – there is no more time – there never was time – that also was an agreement. Time (linear as you have known it to be) is collapsing.

We look forward to watching your new creations, for although we support you – YOU are the Co-Creators – do not give your power away any longer. Take up your mantle – honour your agreement. Recognise and acknowledge each other for the Magnificent Beings you are.

Enjoy this next Quadrant and see what you can co-create with the Creator for after all that is what you agreed to do.

It is our greatest honour to love and assist you through these astounding changes you are creating.

We are no longer and in truth never have been – out there, or up there as you have envisioned us to be. We are you and you are we – we are in each breath you take – that’s how close we are.

You have NEVER been alone – you have felt in the past we were separate to you – but we tell you dear ones those times have gone.

The future is YOU, your guides and Angels working with the Creator of All that is to bring forth that which you envision to be Heaven on Earth

And so it is and so it will be

Thy will be done

I AM AAMichael and the Beings of Light

A New Year

Wow July has started already - feels like a New Year is about to happen.

I have been interstate welcoming my two beautiful little grandsons - such divine little creatures.

Meditation resumed last night 4th July and I am now available to see clients again.

As we approach these next few months with all the earths changes and challenges it feels like a very exciting time approaching.

Look forward to connecting soon.

Love and Hugs to all xx