Monday, September 26, 2016

Monday Message                                                         26th September, 2016
Archangel Michael       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Your ability to transmute these extraordinary energies increases exponentially. You truly are Masters of your environment. September has been off the charts with dynamic shifting and changes. So much has occurred within your physical bodies and you have felt every ache, and pain.  Every part of your body is affected. We remind you Dear Ones - this is an Evolutionary Shift of physicality from Carbon to Crystalline - NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE IN HUMAN FORM.

You are Way-showers Dear Ones. Congratulate and applaud yourselves for undertaking such an incredible feat. If you could but see what we see. We are truly in AWE, Dear Ones. Each of you now taking more in your stride. The bemoaning has lessened, as you appreciate you have signed on for this transition and you are now witnessing daily the positive outcomes for the effort you are expending.

Continue to breathe through the changes Dear Ones. Your ability to “go with the flow” is being tested to your highest capabilities and as your supporters we witness the growth experienced by each Soul. After all Dear Ones, this is what you came to do!

Dear Ones, as your cheer squad we wish to encourage you to keep on, keeping on. We feel you when you cry out, that it is all “too much.” You tell us you wish to go home - let us remind you Dear Ones you are HOME - this is your new home and you are just beginning to understand where everything is placed - you are finding your place.

When it all feels too overwhelming (and it will) feel us closer than ever before. Go quiet, listen and we are there. We hear your cries, we wipe your tears, we listen to your prayers and requests. As your consciousness rises you are taking your power more completely and remembering your role in this Evolution of Humanity.

Your safe passage is assured Dear Ones, you are making the Dimensional shifts necessary to bring your HEAVEN to your EARTH. You work diligently not only in your awakened hours but during your dream space. So much is being achieved - not yet physically visible to you. You interact on so many levels Dear Ones and the Beings who assist you are delighted to be of service.

Dear Ones, we wish to shower you with LOVE/LIGHT, breathe it in, allow it to flow within each of your trillions of cells.

As you become more LIGHT all of the struggles will subside and you will freely find your Bliss.

How can we assist you further Dear Ones? Please call upon us to add to your awareness as we all walk this path in unison. This is a co-operative process Dear Ones, What is it you wish to Create in these transformative energies?

REMEMBER who you are - REMEMBER why you came 

Take your rightful position in your changing reality. YOU WERE BORN FOR THESE TIMES. You are noticing the cells stir within you at the mention of the magnificent changes to your Planet.

You are the Ones, the time is now. What lays before you is YOUR Creation.

Dear Ones, we have reminded you often to “Let-GO” we now reiterate that statement as we assure you, letting go is the only option if you truly wish to be FREE. All that holds you back from achieving all you desire is what you are holding on to. Holding on/hoarding is about fear - you can only serve one Master at a time - let that BE LOVE - let You be LOVE and watch your world shift before your eyes.

LOVE truly is ALL THAT IS - when you CHOOSE to live only from LOVE - fear has nowhere to reside.

Be LOVE Dear Ones, Breathe LOVE, Speak only of LOVE and BE the Magnificent Being you came to be.

LOVE and LIGHT Dear Ones, your future is here.

And so it is.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Message 19th September, 2016       Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

You are such powerful Co-Creators. During these times of massive energy “shifts” you are shifting and changing every aspect of your reality. You are creating new names to describe your time in Creation. You have been know as HU-man BE-ings for eternity on this Planet. However, we are now witnessing your transformation into LOVE BE-ings,
and LIGHT BE-ings, as you change your vibrations and soul signatures as you LIGHT-EN your bodies.

Continue to work with St. Germain, using the transfiguring Divine Love, call on your I AM PRESENCE to assist your transformation.

It is glorious to witness this transfiguration. Your continued re-invention of all that you have known is changing everything. Have you noticed how many “cures” for illnesses, long held to have “no cure” are suddenly popping up in the collective awareness.

Answers to “problems” always deemed unsolvable are now being rolled out faster than you can believe. You are Creator Beings, Dear Ones, know you are the Power and Authority in your life and you have the ability to change any situation that no longer serves you - you always did but now you are believing and seeing that you can.

The young ones are leading the way in so many of these solutions. They have come to the Planet for this very reason. They do not have the density of embodiment that you have had to clear out. Their Light shone brightly from day one and you as parents, grand-parents, teachers and caregivers have always known of their potential.

Let them be the WAY-SHOWERS - they will embrace the future with outstanding awareness and the ability to find solutions where none were apparent. They need your LOVE AND COMMITMENT to support their efforts. They will shine in ways not yet recognised. You will learn from these Be-ings especially how they radiate LOVE as their guide. They find solutions that are heart-based and they have no other agenda. They KNOW why they came and will lead at every opportunity.

You as the mature beings in their lives are required to lead by example. As you are clearing out old patterns of behavior from this and many lifetimes, anger in all forms is rampant on your planet. It is leaving your body and it is leaving the planet - do not hold onto old resentments, old wounds, allow them to come up, out of the body and be sent forth with love.

You as the LOVE BE-ings, LIGHT BE-ings, are being called to be the example of how you dissipate that anger when it surfaces.

Those reading these words have learned the tools to deal with this anger in positive and creative ways and have felt the benefits of not letting it flow out to others. You have reasoned that does not work. You have learned that directing your anger - which in reality is a part of YOU unloved, unrecognised, unhealed, at another does not solve the problem. Allow the anger to surface, acknowledge it, ask it what it wants you to KNOW?  LET IT GO - LET GOD. This is emotional intelligence Dear Ones, this is Mastery. This takes time and effort Dear Ones but the rewards are so beneficial not only to YOU but to all in your awareness. Your time to be the TEACHER Dear One. 

Remember how you feel and how you act in integrity will be the example - this is a Creator Being in Mastery Dear One.

Changing your thoughts and feelings for the greatest outcome - truly Divine. No more throwing anger out there - you now stand in your true Mastery Dear Ones and you are teaching all who come into your field of awareness how a Master acts.

Creator Be-ings that you are, we salute you. We watch diligently over you and see the kind of world you wish to create in the future for ALL.

You have ridden the September wave of energies like the true Masters you are - holding each other tight when the road gets bumpy. I have mentioned in previous messages and I wish to reiterate - sending LOVE/LIGHT to places or BE-ings who require such assistance is the greatest gift you can bestow. Focus your attention and intention on the place/person you wish to send - picture them held within a ball of LOVE, a ball of LIGHT. It WILL BE RECEIVED AND IT WILL BE FELT.

Dear Ones, continue to acknowledge your power and mastery in your every day activities and watch as each new day unfolds with greater LOVE/LIGHT reflecting on your Planet.

We send YOU LOVE/LIGHT Dear Ones, feel that seep into every cell of your bodies and radiate it out to others. Breath deeply into this.This is how you are changing your world one heart at a time Dear Ones.

Time is moving faster than ever Dear Ones, you feel it and you know it. Great times ahead. Continue to create that which you wish to see out-pictured in your Reality - that’s how powerful you are Dear Ones.

LOVE AND LIGHT - Creator BE-ings

LOVE AND LIGHT - Great Masters

This and so much more awaits each of you


Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday Message 12th September, 2016   Archangel Michael   Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The instability of the September energies continues. As ALL humanity begins to ride these waves, at whatever depth they have acquired, ALL will feel the ground shake beneath their feet.

Hold on Dear Ones, as the waves will increase in intensity throughout this month of MASSIVE transformation.

You have prepared for these times, you speak in Soul Groups and support each other as you move in and out of these currents.

Now Dear Ones, there has never been a greater need to hold hands tightly. As each of you open your heart more fully, you allow increased Divine Love to be drawn into your Body Vehicles and then you extend that out to those in your sphere of influence. Through your social media you have an opportunity to ignite the fire of LOVE all over your Planet and spread that LOVE to all who are seeking it out.

What a glorious vision Planet Earth is, as every day more LIGHT ignites in individuals and collectively. Such a beautiful sight to witness Dear Ones.

LOVE is triumphant.  You are the bringers of that LIGHT AND THAT LOVE and therefore you are the ones bringing Peace to your Planet one heart at a time. Oh Dear Ones, it is a true joy to witness all that is unfolding. If you could only see from our vantage point. Your soul signatures and vibrations are echoing upon the Planet and then vibrating beyond.

You are changing EVERYTHING Dear Ones - just as you promised you would when you petitioned to be the chosen ones to step up at this time. Many Souls stood aside because they KNEW you were the ones best equipped for these times - and here YOU are.

Dear Ones, it has been eons of time and so much has transpired to bring this time forward - NOW is the time you came for.

Your Soul calling has been answered and the next steps will be taken with great precision and even greater knowing, that what has been accomplished is only the beginning.

The way forward now Dear Ones is through PEACE in your hearts, which will transmute into PEACE on your land.

The Divine Light now bathing your Earth can no longer be denied, it is moving so fast across the lands, wrapping all in its path in its magnification.

Heart to Heart Dear Ones, allow more of this precious Light to permeate your Soul everyday. Call it forth, bathe in it, feel it encompassing every cell and atom of your Divine Being. In your dreams and meditations allow the messages we send remind you of what it is you have accomplished and more importantly what you are about to birth on Planet Earth.

Who you were will be but a distant memory - just a game you played to bring you to this point in your Evolution.

The New Earth is birthing before you Dear Ones. It is because of YOU. The new YOU is also birthing - you will be but a distant memory and who you become will stand tall and proud of all that has been achieved.

PEACE is yours Dear Ones.

You are now the authority in your life - the Power of You has been returned.

Your birthright of Abundance in ALL areas of your life has been returned - NOW IS THE TIME TO CLAIM IT.

BE WHO you came to BE Dear Ones. Fold up the old blueprint - time to draw up a new one for the new YOU.

Call on our assistance as well ALL walk this new path together.

And so it is.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Monday Message                                                             5th September, 2016     Archangel Michael                                                           Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

I did forewarn you, September energies would be intense. Countless Souls experienced the first few days of September as expansive and integrative. During the Solar Eclipse much was transmuted. It was felt a few days before and has continued after. Many experienced the vibrational symptoms of Intense Vertigo, heart palpitations, nausea, headaches, migraines, as you tapped into and transmuted these energies for self and all humanity.

Greater upgrading of your DNA bodies, Light bodies was experienced. These upgrades will continue throughout September. As mentioned this is a critical month of change. So many endings occurring during this month. Tying up the lose ends. At the completion of this month nothing will be the same, all perfectly wonderful Dear Ones.

When you look at what is transpiring in your “outer world” you are still witnessing chaos and disruption. However, Dear Ones, I now ask you to look further, deeper and more intently at what this chaos is creating.

Take special note of how much LOVE is flowing from awakened hearts all over the Earth. There is more LOVE and commitment to change, than has ever been experienced on your Planet.

Look at the beautiful, heart-opening stories and acts of LOVE permeating your social media. As a humanity whose hearts are being barred, it is impossible not to be touched by so many acts of kindness, selflessness and pure LOVE being played out in front of your eyes.  Many of these acts are being created by the young children who have come to Planet Earth for this very reason - TO BE THE CHANGE. They are leading by example, the LOVE that radiates from them, can go unnoticed no longer. Their LIGHT shines so bright it is a JOY TO BEHOLD.

In your daily lives you now go out of your way to assist others in substantial ways. You feel the JOY it brings to you - it is in giving that you receive. A win-win for all humanity. Your hearts are open so wide now all you can witness is ‘YOU ARE ALL ONE.’ You know this intrinsically deep in your hearts and your hands become the means to which you reach out and connect another heart to another and so on.

THIS IS HOW CHANGE IS MANIFESTING ON YOUR EARTH. One heart at a time. It can no longer be denied. Feel how this statement feels Dear Ones - breathe into the LOVE that you are - know that your fellow beings are awakening each new day and also beginning to recognize this feeling.

Soon the LOVE THAT YOU ARE will envelope all of Planet Earth and no one will be beyond its reach. IMAGINE that time Dear Ones when LOVE consumes ALL.

No more wars - only PEACE ON EARTH. No more poverty - there is adequate for ALL and as your hearts open completely everyone will KNOW - what affects one - affects all.

Imagine and focus your attention and intention on that time Dear Ones. Breathe in the essence of the LOVE THAT YOU ARE .


What magical times you will live on this magnificent New Earth.

End times Dear Ones are upon you.

New Beginning will be the order of each new day.

Place your hand upon your heart - feel YOU, know you are the Greatest of Beings to ever walk Planet Earth and we are so proud to walk beside you every step of the way.

As you KNOW YOURSELF, know also your fellow Be-ings.

Peace on Earth is NOW Dear Ones.

You are FREE, you are just beginning the most extraordinary journey of your new life on your New Earth.

Peace be to ALL.

Abundance in all forms is yours.

And so it is.