Sunday, February 24, 2013



SUNDAY 28th APRIL, 2013           10.00 AM TO 5PM        EDWARDSTOWN

Archangel Michael will be working with me to teach this Workshop


As we learn these skills it allows us room in our lives to truly love and accept ourselves. It makes room to create peaceful, harmonious relationships with others. This is the first step in awakening us to the TRUTH of who we really are leading us to Self Empowerment.


To access the “love we are” opening the Heart Chakra through meditation and activation allowing the expansion into our lives and the lives of those we are in relationship with. Claiming our Power and establishing healthy boundaries.


Have you always “known” there was more to you......a Higher Calling?

The Angelics are reaching out to you and the time is now. This Planet is going through so many changes preparing us for what is the most momentous time we have ever experienced. The New Earth is being created and YOU are a co-creator in that process. How do YOU want that to look? What can YOU do to bring this into creation? YOU are a  Being of Light here at this time, for this experience, what will YOUR contribution be?


Creating the life you were born to live - Peace, Prosperity, Well-being, Happy, Healthy, Freedom, Love.

Through meditation we will activate the chakras to infuse these energetics into the body allowing us to move through life in more harmonious and loving ways.

There will also be a shared lunch                        $88.00 for the day 

For further information:                                         Leslie-Anne Menzies  0408 083 185

Monday, February 18, 2013


MONDAY MEDITATION 18.2.13     Archangel Michael            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Welcome to the New Planet Earth Dear Ones

Are you not feeling the Contrast?
Do things fall into place more easily, effortlessly for you now?
You are beginning to TRUST more that what you desire will unfold in perfect ways. Past “problems” are being taken care of in ways that were unavailable just a few short months ago in the old energy.

It is now time to take full responsibility for what is unfolding in your lives - no more can you blame “the other/circumstance”. Full responsibility is the true aspect of 5th Dimensional energy. Recognising yourself as the Spirit that you are - letting go of your “human tag” it no longer fits and will become more and more uncomfortable as time progresses.

So many changes have commenced, so many more yet to unfold. So many of your “gifts” previously hidden will surface and it will be as if you have always known them. As you start to embrace these “gifts” life will take on so much more colour and scope.

You are slowly awakening from the illusion of the dream into an amazing rememberance of who you truly are and why you came here at this time of Planetary Evolution. You are pure Source Energy awakening. Your Light is so much brighter now, your energy imprint on the Planet is becoming visible.

So much is before you - so many wonderful experiences. As you witness more of the TRUTHS that are being revealled there will be much confusion and anger from your fellow beings who do not know what you know.

We ask you Dear Ones to step up into your “Light” and be the Beacon you came to be. Take the lead and show your fellow beings the way out of the darkness you have been enslaved in and into the Light of the New Earth.

Many on the Planet will struggle with what is about to unfold. You have been “training” for this for a very long time. You stepped ahead of the many so that you could be the ones who would show the way.

Your time has come Dear Ones, your Light needs to be held high now. Those coming out of the darkness for the first time will awaken very quickly - not as you did - so it is asked of you to lead them gently yet Masterfully into the New World of the new TRUTH.

What is before all mankind is an amazing new beginning - it is the time that you have planned and agreed and it is right before you. There is much work to be done but you are the brave souls who said “Send me” and we your Angels, Beings of Light and the Ascended Masters are asking you to Step-Up.

Shine your Light, show your Love, open your Hearts to each other. There will be challenges ahead but nothing that you cannot handle, nothing you are not prepared for.

It has been a time of self-mastery for you as you began your journey into the Light, we have walked with you, talked with you and you have passed many tests, reached many milestones along this path.

We are extremely proud of the beings you have become and all that you have taken on as part of your initiation into the Light. Many are watching you now and they will call out to you as the Ascension process excellerates and it will. A most exciting time is before you. You all wished to experience that which is right before you and we know that those who have walked this path for many years will shine brightly as their newly awakened family and friends soon join in this progressive dance.

Welcome to the New Earth and the New Day which is just about to dawn. This is the Day you have worked towards for eons of time and now the Sun is about to come up on a time you could only dream about and which is now right before you in all these new sun-rises. Each day from here on in will be so significant that you will wonder -”can it get any better than the day before?” We tell you YES it can because you are creating each day by being the Love you are and taking each newly awakened ones with you into the next day and the next day until the days become more radiant than the one before and life as you knew it will never be the same again - it will be the magnificent manifestation of all your Dreams coming into the Light.

It is with such delight and pleasure we assist you in co-creating this magical New Earth.

Joyous times Dear Ones

You are loved beyond measure - it is truly a great Co-Creative process.


Archangel Michael

Sunday, February 17, 2013


I AM just advising I have been requested to hold a weekday Meditation in addition to the MONDAY NIGHT MEDITATION 7pm to 8.30 pm, so I have decided TUESDAYS at 10.00am to 11.30am will be the day time addition.

Please feel free to come along to whatever time slot suits.

This year as always, we will be working with the Angels and in particular AAMichael to bring about all the personal and earth changes that are occuring.

Exciting times indeed.

Look forward to seeing you and can I please request that you pass this message along to others who may be looking for guidance during this time on the New Earth.

Love and Blessings

Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4th 2013


(Leslie-Anne Menzies)

Dear Ones,

This will be one of the most monumental of years for you as a Collective Consciousness. So many changes in the physical form - body changes as you shift so many of your rigidly held ideas about who you are!

Who you are - will look so much different as you end out this year. Write down who you “think you are”, why you came to Planet Eart at this time and what do you wish to experience over this next earth year. Then let us review it as we enter 2014 and I tell you Dear Ones you will not recognise that you ever wrote those words. You will look into your mirrors and wonder who was that person - I no longer know myself to be that being.

The next few months are the settling in time for this new evolution of human consciousness - the grounding if you will. You are leaving behind your old thoughts, actions and habits. All of the 3rd Dimension is gone - only you hang onto the pieces you can’t bear to part with just yet. You will let it all go in time as there is no need to hang onto that which no longer serves you or allows you to grow into the magnificent 5th Dimensional being you are becoming.

What do you want your future to look like?

You are the co-creators of your world now more than ever as the old 3D structure has gone. I ask you Dear Ones to look into your HEART - this is where all your answers await.
The rational/busy mind belongs to the old way of being. Now when you have a question hold your hand on your HEART and ask “what would LOVE do?”

Your HEART, the Higher Heart (Thymus Gland) has waited for your return - the time is now.

As more and more lead with their HEART energy the changes will come quickly and miraculously. The HEART is the new way to operate in your 5th Dimensional world.

The Heart Chakra is overflowing with the LOVE that you are - which you yourself locked away until this appropriate time when you could allow who you truly are to be seen and felt in this New Earth.

As the Hearts of ALL humanity open one by one the LOVE energy once again flows freely and all will feel the changes and will work from the HEART, and LOVE from the HEART essence. All changes will then flow freely, lovingly as it was always destined to do.

Your Heart energy is what will drive your every thought, emotion and action in the future. Can you see how much better life will flow for all humanity?

In this new Heart energy all mankind will be fully responsible for every thought, word and action they take.

The Heart is such a magnificent organ, larger and more resilient that you have known it to be. When operating at its full capacity it will allow all mankind to live in Peace and Love on this wonderful Planet.

Think with your Heart Dear Ones, try it from this moment forth. Ask questions of you heart and in the beginning place your hand on your Heart to feel the answers. As this way of processing feelings becomes the norm you will no longer need to place your hand there - it will become an automatic way of processing information.

Then you will be living in bliss in the 5th Dimension.

Blessings beloved souls, welcome to the New Earth.