Tuesday, November 27, 2012

26th November 2012 Archangel Michael

MONDAY MEDITATION  26th November, 2012  Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Your struggles are many at this moment. The intensity of the cleansing and clearing has increased. So much is shifting in your emotional/energetic fields - however, it is leaving for good NEVER to return. So it is in your best interest to just let it flow and let it go.

We in the Angelic Realms are ever so close to you now. Working with you all on this last big clean sweep. You will feel so much “lighter” as you let go. The tears, the anger, the frustration - let go. These are times unlike anything you have ever experienced and you have no guidelines of how it “should” be.

Know that we are loving and supporting you through this great transition. You the Lightworkers and Wayshowers who have taken on this task to hold an intention of Peace and Love on the Earth have been tireless in your efforts and we applaud you for not giving up in these last few weeks. Many of you are so tired, exhausted and we tell you rest, sleep when you need to. Hold strong Dear Ones all your efforts are about to come to fruition.

TRUST is the word we ask you to demonstrate for just a little longer.
TRUST that all is being taken care of for your highest good and the good of all.
TRUST that all will flow to you in perfect ways at the perfect time.
TRUST you are loved beyond your understanding for all you are doing for your own ascension, the ascension of the Earth and for all those you Love so dearly.
TRUST that you will reach a new level of understanding, comprehension and Joy on the other side of these energetics.

All is perfect at this moment - that may not be your human experience but for those of us in the other realsm we see where you are going and the view from our perspective is MAGNIFICENT.

Not long now Dear Ones and we will share that view and you too will see that all is indeed beautiful in your new place of Be-ing.

We look forward to these next few weeks and though they may appear hightened in the energetics and the clearing - what will become is beyond your understanding at this moment.

Remember the theme of today’s message TRUST and all shall be Divine.

You are indeed loved beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael 

Monday, November 12, 2012

121212 and 211212


Archangel Michael has requested I hold a Meditation on 12.12.12 and 21.12.12 to assist in calling forth the wonderful energies including the balancing of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and so much more. 21.12.12 is when the E
arth will align with the Galactic Core of the Milky Way this will open a portal of Divine Love Energy - an exciting time to be present on the Earth. These Meditations will be held in Adelaide and all those who feel called are welcome, please contact me if you wish to attend - blessings

The image of Michael below was drawn for me by Marie Klement and extremely amazing artist and wonderful friend.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday Meditation   12th November, 2012     AAMichael          Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Can you now feel the calmness of the new Solar Light Energies that you called onto the Planet yesterday with the 11/11? You are much more centered, more aligned and yes it has been a very long time since you have felt  this calming vibration. Enjoy Dear Ones. This is what it is to live in the 5th Dimension - more and more will these enegies cover your existence. You will be so attractive to those who still reside in the 3rd Dimension - where chaos is the order of their day.

Have I not told you that as you ground more easily into your 5D reality, your friends, loved ones and all others who are still “choosing” and yes I do highlight “choosing” to remain in 3D will want to know what you do that is different!

As you who have chosen 5D will know, it is a much clearer, clamer space to occupy and more will join you soon.

As the energies now speed up as we approach the 12/12/12 and the 21/12/12 the Solar Light,and the Lunar Eclipse energies will intensify and so many more souls will be drawn to this Light and to YOU. You will be vibrating at such a rate of Light those in 3D will want to join you. As they see your life and your Light working beautifully in Peace, Harmony, and Contentment they will want that as their own.

You need do nothing other than BE who you are. Your Light will do all that is necessary and they will then come into their own alignment in their own perfect time.

Just “BE” Dear Ones that is the road you now walk. You have worked so hard for so long to accomplish all you have. Now it is time for you to bask in this Light that you have been instrumental in bringing forth.

Those of us in the Angelic and Master Realms have been by your side constantly supporting and guiding you BUT we could NEVER do what you have done and achieved. As we have told you - you needed to be “embodied” to fulfil the mission and that is why we are like proud parents who have watched over you, picked you up when you fell and encouraged you to try again and again.

Do not dismiss our recognition of you for you truly are Great Beings of Light - now more so than ever before.

As you continue on this mission to bring more and more Solar Light, and Love Light to this planet, that part of the Father/Mother God - the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine will be in balance once again. Can you not see why we celebrate this time?

Once upon a time we agreed to all participate in this Great Cosmic Moment and here you are and here we are once again joined in unison the Unified Field of all Possibilities awaits.

What a Grand Celebration Dear Ones!

You are loved beyond measure - I AM Archangel Michael and this is my Truth

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings.

Monday Meditation   5th November 2012    AA Michael            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

You are the “Light of the World”- take this mantle and honour yourselves and the role you have chosen to play as humanity makes the greatest Shift of the Ages.

You are the ones who were called to walk out front, to lead the way. You the Lightworkers Wayshowers, Starseeds - here you are ready for the grandest challenge of your life on Earth.

You have waited and now the wait is coming to its conclusion. You see so much shifting and changing in your world, sometimes it is more than you can bear but here you are. I wish to address today a way in which you can ease your burden and that of those around you.

I remind you Dear Ones in order to carry more Light in your physical beings you need to regularly bring that Light - the Christed Light down into your physical bodies with the intention of filling first your own cup and then pouring forth the Light onto this wonderous Planet and all her inhabitants.

Call on me AAMichael to assist you in your meditations to bring forth this Light. All the Angelic Realm await your calls of assistance which we lovingly provide.

Light is needed for all to make the necessary changes. You have agreed to be that Light and anchor it for your fellow beings.

Regularly and Consciously breath in the Light of Creation. The more you practice this excercise the better you will feel. With the highest of intention then send more and more of this Cosmic Gold out to others. You will notice a dramatic change in not only yourselves but those around you.

The Light being shone on the darkness is making a huge impact on all - it is speeding up the process.

The more light you can accept and then share, the faster you will see the changes happening. Light brings “Wellness.” You are treating your trillions of cells to this “Light Bath” everytime you invoke Light into your being.

Can you see what a difference will be felt when “Wellness” becomes more available to humanity. This is but one of the numerous changes you will see in the very near future and from our perspective it will have enormous reprocussions throughout the Universe.

As you all begin to take back your individual Power - Wellness is akin to the amount of Light travelling through every cell, cleansing, clearing, rejuvinating.

When you fully grasp the power you have over your own well-being and vibrant health you will make this a “daily bath” just as you use water - so you will use the “Light.”

So many more gifts await you - be aware, be in the Light, practice this excercise daily and watch how your “Light” body responds.

These are exciting times you are experiencing and we stand with you offering assistance always.

Call on me often.

I AM AA Michael