Monday, April 29, 2013


Leslie-Anne Menzies


Dear Ones,

What a magical day we experienced yesterday. So many platforms were placed into the new blueprint for humanity. Never underestimate the work each of you is doing - much is being achieved each step, or person at a time.

Many activations took place yesterday and as I explained much of this is on-going - more work being done in the sleep space.

It was a day of growth for many of the participants - you will hear stories of transformations taking place because of that event.

What I see for all is growth and expansion and as I have suggested I would like you to take this information I AM providing, step out of your comfort zone and take these messages to where they are needed, out into the Community. Find groups of like-minded beings who wish to partake of this information. Expansion Dear Ones, so much Expansion is required during these times of great Planetary Shift and Alignment.

Many souls are hungering for information. It is a balm for their open wounds. Everyone, everywhere is struggling with the changes. You are Beings who like to live the unruffled existence, forgetting you chose this time of great unfolding.

Your feathers have been ruffled and there is tension in your lives - many still not sure where this is all leading.

As I mentioned yesterday - the Angelics, Ascended Masters and the Beings of Light are so close to you now, sharing the load, willing to assist in what ever area you need us. Call on us, allow us the opportunity to ease your burdens. We are all ONE - we are here to assist this transition which was agreed upon eons ago.

Remember Dear Ones to work from your Higher Heart - all answers await you there. Leave the Rational Mind behind. Your Higher Mind, Higher Self is the new you as you transgress these new times on Planet Earth.

So many more changes are just before you. Many of you are aware what is just in front of you. Have Mercy and Compassion on your fellow beings who are still fully asleep or are just wiping the sleep from their eyes.

They will look to you for answers to their confusion. They will look to you to show compassion and understanding as they continue to bump into the old energies that are leaving the Planet.

Shine your Light brightly Dear Ones, you are the beacons who are lighting the way for all to follow.

Open those magnificent Hearts and allow who you are to shine forth.

Step out into your communities. Show the Love that you are. Offer a sign, a compliment, a smile where there is no smile - these are the triggers for the unawakened. They will want to know, how you can smile during so much chaos and confusion. What do you know that I don’t? Please share with me a glimpse of a future I cannot see for myself. I need a lifeline - please be that presence for me until I AM able to find my own stability.

Yesterday you were given many tools of Mastery as you bring these tools into your everyday existence your Expansion will become obvious to all those in your presence. Taking responsibility for your own energy is key. This is a true Master. Use the tools, practice everyday, as we continue to work with you on this incredible journey.

This is why you are here Dear Ones.

Let your Light Shine Brightly.

And it is so


Monday, April 22, 2013

MONDAY 22nd April, 2013             ARCHANGEL MICHAEL         LESLIE-ANNE MENZIES

Dearly Beloved, Lightworkers and Wayshowers and beloved souls reading these words. I call on you all to open your Hearts wider. So much sadness and fear has once again been inflicted on your Earth. This is the work of those trying to stop the Light and the Love which is dominating the Planet now. The balance has been tipped, critical mass has been reached through the work you have done to make this so.

We ask you to hold strong in your Light. So many on the Earth are looking for the answers you posess. By your Hearts being aligned with the Light of Creation, and the Love that you are, they are attracted to you.

You, yourselves are the Beacons of this time and we watch as your Light grows on a daily basis - even if you are not always sure what is happeing, you know in your Heart that all will be well - it is a knowing you brought with you into this lifetime. This is the time you knew you were to shine. You can feel it in every step that you take. The feeling grows stronger and stronger each day. You move with Ease and Grace knowing you are finally “on purpose.”

Life on Planet Earth is moving rapidly into transformation - evidence is everywhere. This is a time like no other, no points of reference. As we have said each new day is created by taking one step after another. Faith, Trust and Love, abundant Love is what will take you all safely to the other side of this transition.

For indeed this transformation of your world has been spoken of for eons and here it is - the time is NOW. You the Greatest of Beings, who volunteered to be here to bring forth this transformation are waking up more and more each day. Many of you are starting to have recall of the gifts or talents you brought into this lifetime just for this “Moment in Time.”

Great Love awaits you all. Abundance, Joy, all you have ever imagined is before you - available to you this moment if you are ready to claim your Birthright and it is just that Dear Ones your Birthright. You are sons and daughters of Father/Mother God.

Honour and accept your gifts, open your Heart even wider each day - in spite of what you see transpiring in your world. Only Light and Love can drive out the darkness and the fear that is trying to cling to the old world.

You are the Co-Creators of the New Earth, the New World where Light and Love is all that will be present. Imagine your New World, all living in Love and Abundance, in perfect health and well being. No more illness as your innate healing abilities and your new DNA structures takes form. Living a life you invisaged before you came to Planet Earth.

You know of this life in your Heart and in your dreams - be the Creators that you are and anchor those dreams into this New Earth.

We await and assist you always. We see that you are also beginning to see and we look forward to the day when we all walk this New Earth together in total Peace, Love and Harmony and then it will be that together we created Heaven on Earth.

Blessings Dear Hearts, keep up this wonderful work to perpetuate this New Glorious Earth. We have asked you to call on us always. We are so close to you now, loving and supporting everything you do that is of the Light. Our excitement grows each day as we see what is unfolding. Reach out your hands we will assist you in all ways.

We are ever closer to you, loving and celebrating the work you do and we remind you this work can only be done “in body” that is why as your Angels and Guides we delight in each step you take towards this ultimate outcome.


Monday, April 15, 2013



Dear Ones,

Today I assure you - your world is changing rapidly. Much movement is taking place inside and outside. Do not fear the changes - place your attention and your energy on LOVE - this is the only vibration to focus on at this time. LOVE is the vibration that brings forth all your connections to the Archangels, Angels and all the Beings of Light. Great Light is being beamed onto the Planet through your beautiful bodies and then as agreed by you, anchored into the Earth’s Grid.

So much LOVE/LIGHT is being transmitted that anything less than that vibration can no longer be accessed by the Angels and Beings of Light. They wish to work more closely with all on the Planet and yet Free Will still applies so they can not interfere. You need ask for the assistance you require at this time. However, we are noticing so many more souls accepting their roles and doing their part in anchoring these Divine Energies into Gaia. We thank you most sincerely for the work you do to assist all. Many more souls are beginning to accept that they now know more clearly their function at this time. So many of you beloved souls have stepped forward, still not completely sure of what it is you are to do but with a very clear intention to assist in any way called upon. You are REMEMBERING Dear Ones on so many levels of your being and the time draws near when all will be “Crystal Clear.”

As always we are your cheering squad, assisting in all ways to speed up the process which will allow you to see your true selves - the pure hearts that you are.

Assistance is everywhere - many of the Archangels, Angels and Light Beings have stepped even closer to the Earth to be of the greatest assistance with what is transpiring. Much of the anger and fear of the old 3D reality is being transmuted so much faster now and we thank those of you who have worked to clear the negative thought forms of this old energy.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE can you not feel the changes in those around you? Those who a few weeks, months, years ago you could not see what you had in common and now you can. So much more will be revealled as the old, dense energies move quickly through, faster than ever before as this process speeds up.

The newly awakened souls are reaching out, looking for the answers you hold in your hearts. Open you hearts even wider to all those who seek you out - it is time to be that Beacon that is required and let the beams of your light radiate out for all to see.

No longer fear the conversations with family or friends with whom you have felt judgment or lack of understanding, we tell you Dear Ones everyone is looking for answers at this time.

We of the Angelic Light Realms look on with Joy and Excitement as we see what is transpiring on the Earth at this time. Know there will be much disruption, much breaking down of the old ways of being. We have told you this before in many ways but still you do not fully grasp the thoughts of COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION . All of your systems outer and inner are completely transforming. All of your old 3D ways of living, relationships, financial, governments, old beliefs in “security” all leaving. What is before you is FREEDOM - from all the restraints placed upon you and for some that will come at a cost - RESPONSIBILITY - there will be no one in charge of your life ONLY YOU. All 3D restrictions will be removed. Time to step-up Dear Ones and be the beautiful Beings of Light that you truly came to be. Step-up into the New 5th Dimenional Being you are and create the life of your dreams in this new 5th Dimensional world. Are you ready??

You said “send me.” Do you REMEMBER Dear Ones? Here you are at this most critical transformation of all that is you - about to come to fruition - changes unheralded - Are you Ready?

Step-up Dear Ones, Step forward - give us the sign - hold out your hands as we walk together into this beautiful New Earth.

It is with the greatest of pleasure we walk this path as ONE.


Monday, April 8, 2013

MONDAY MEDITATION 8th April, 2013     ARCHANGEL MICHAEL - Leslie-Anne Menzies


Your bodies are working extremely hard at the moment. So many changes to many parts of your anatomy - everything is changing. There is confusion in your hearts and your minds. Your biology is changing rapidly - you notice it in your sleep time, or is that “interupted sleep time.” This interuption is necessary for the internal changes to take place. Just go with whatever your sleep patterns are - all is changing. There is much activity also in your dream states - much of the old, stuck energies that have been stored in your body  for not only this lifetime but beyond is now being released and cleared.

Negative thought forms and emotions are being released from the cells of your bodies that have entrapped this energy for eons. It is ALL coming up and out to be cleared. So much of the rage and anger being played out on your Planet is due to the release of this old, stuck, negative energy.

I remind you Dear Ones it is time to be very gentle with yourselves. So much transition is happening within and without. Just look around, see what is transpiring out there and that is a reflection of what is also happening within each of your bodies. Does it not make sense that there is major disruption upon the Planet?

The Love and Light that is being streamed onto the Planet from the Creator/Great Central Sun is here to assist each of you to flow it through your physical vessels, clearing and cleansing as it goes.

Many of the Healing/Clearing modalities work with this Divine Light Energy to clear and balance each being on the Planet.

We ask those of you who are aware of the energies to use them for your personal healing but to also send this energy out to ALL on the Planet for Planetary Healing.

What each of you do affects the ALL. So as more and more souls embrace the simple technique of calling on the energies of the Divine, running it through your physical vessels and then invoke these energies to clear and clense the Planet much will transpire.

Much can be achieved when you become good stewards of the energy. The raising of not only your consciousness but the consciousness of the whole Planet will happen more rapidly. As Lightworker’s this is one of the vows you took to assist at this time of Cosmic Enlightenment. Every day more souls are awakening and their consciousness is connecting into the Grid of Light and activating more of the Cosmic Consciousness.

This is the agreed time, your job is an exciting one. You have all felt the need to stand up and do whatever you are called to do.

That time is NOW Dear Ones, your gifts, your abilities become more available to you each day.

Look to your heart, place your hands on your heart, ask questions as we have guided you to do so many times. The Heart Chakra/Thymus Centre is expanding and growing to assist with the many changes that are coming forward for you.

Look to your Heart - it is the Centre of your Universe - it brings in the energies of above and the energies of below and blends them in perfect unity to assist your every action.

Acknowledge your body, it is morphing the greatest change that has ever been experienced by Humanity. You agreed to be a part of this morphing - REMEMBER your promise to yourself and your fellow beings. Enjoy this transitionery time with the stresses and strains you believe are happening. Turn those thoughts around, see the beauty before you, honour the morphing that is YOU. REMEMBER why you came, REMEMBER the promises you made. Laugh, smile at yourself and each other and enjoy the ride Dear Ones it is indeed a fine ride.


I AM Archangel Michael

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Archangel Michael Workshop 28th April, 2013 10am to 5pm

Edwardstown, South Australia

So much information coming through for this special day - AAMichael has a lot in store for all of us.....all unfolding beautifully.

Look forward to seeing those who feel called to experience themselves.

Contact me on 0408 083 185