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Leslie-Anne Menzies
Leslie-Anne Menzies24 November 18:36
MONDAY MEDITATION Monday 24th November, 2014 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

It has been some time since we have communicated in this way. You, like so many others have needed time to adjust to these very new energies that have been bombarding Planet Earth. Be gentle with yourselves. It is a time of integration and reflection, a time to just ALLOW. Deep within your Souls you KNOW this is true. My words are just a reminder.

Much has taken place within all of your lives in these past weeks. The Planetary Alignments have given you all a much needed upgrade for your earthly bodies. You will have noticed how much more you need to rest and reflect. You are being called by your Soul to acknowledge your bodily needs - just allow, let go - it feels so good to just BE. Open up your awareness to all that is going on outside of you but do not become it. Allow the noise and the disruptions to pass you by. What is happening inside of you is where the growth is occurring. Relax in the knowledge that all is as it is. Relax Dear Ones.

So much has transpired in these past weeks and it now feels like moments, for as you know time is collapsing more rapidly than before. Your days roll into one and you cannot Remember when you did the things you know you did - it just happens.

Dear Ones, it is time now, more than ever to just let go- and BE. Resistance is useless - ALLOW, BREATHE, LOVE, REST.

So much is happening and yet have you not found - it is totally out of your control? When you pull back from the need to control - which is only your “fears” trying to control YOU. Interesting, is it not Dear Ones how it all works out perfectly even when you Let Go and just Allow?

As you practice this more often life will become easier, less stressful and more loving. You are beginning to see the results you are creating when you all join together and project LOVE, LIGHT AND PRAYER onto a situation. MIRACLES HAPPEN. TRUST Dear Ones you are now practicing this more each day and it is glorious to see and feel the outcomes of your actions.

Your LOVE which is being directed by your Heart Chakra as it expands and grows, widens your influence. You may be feeling flutters or heart activations within your chest area. Much is happening to your physical form Dear Ones as you become more in tune with your Crystalline bodies. Expect many more changes to come to each of you as you progress through this metamorphosis. So much is before you Dear Ones.
Remember, this is what you chose when you stepped forward eons ago. The excitement you felt then is being re-awakened within you and even thought the Path you walk each day may look daunting are you noticing how you transgress each obstacle which then turns into the most unexpected opportunity?

Dear Ones, you are Masters perfecting your craft. It is such a delight to observe the magnificent changes each of you are bringing onto the Planet. We have spoken many times of your “piece of the puzzle” that you bring. It is the “uniqueness” each one of you holds - it takes ALL of you to perfect the puzzle with not ONE piece missing. That’s how important YOU and this time ARE.

The Angelics walk with each of you as you begin to recognise these TRUTHS and as you become enchanted enough to lay down your very own “piece” to be able to join with your brother’s and sister’s as you create the perfect outcome and finally return ONENESS to Planet Earth.

It is closer each day Dear Ones and it is all because of YOU.

Honour yourselves and each other for the part you play.

It is with great love and admiration we stand with each of you on this Path Home.

Love, Light and Blessings Dear Souls.

Welcome Home.


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