Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
13th March, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Are you experiencing the “fire” in this Full Moon energy?

Are your emotions easily “fired up?”

PERFECT Dear Ones. Just as it needs be.

It is all about releasing what is stored in the cells of your body, not just this lifetime, but lifetime after lifetime. It is now time to release - let go- breathe.

As these layers of “ancient energies” come up - it is how you choose to let them go that is significant.

As Masters becoming you now have skill sets which allow you to “fire-up” but not re-act as you once did.

Acknowledge the feelings as they rise to the surface, bring your awareness to what is releasing - take 3 deep cleansing breathes, recognise what it is, another layer of the “old” you, leaving your body, NEVER to return.

Are you also witnessing within yourselves how your “feelings” have changed in your awareness?  There was a time when you got angry, frustrated, exasperated etc and didn’t even know why! Now when these feelings arise within you, you recognise them, accept them, as you learn to re-act in new ways, with very new awareness.

Do you find yourself “walking away” more? This is Mastery Dear Ones, as you are taking more responsibility for your re-actions. Well done Dear Hearts. Others are mere “mirrors” for your understanding and acceptance of what you see in them is actually in you wishing to come out for healing and transformation.

This is where the LOVE THAT YOU ARE truly steps into Mastery. You are witnessing life from your Higher Heart and not taking on others re-actions.

This is stepping into the new energies with grace. You are moving forward in so many new ways now. You are thinking more with your Heart and you are allowing more. Great attributes to foster as you move forward into great Light and Wisdom.

Dear Ones it is the ‘LIGHT’ that is flowing onto your Planet and through YOU that is bringing these changes.


This is why you chose this incarnation to move into fully becoming LIGHT BEINGS, LIGHT MASTERS.

You knew stepping onto the Planet during this time of great EVOLUTION it would be extremely challenging to say the least. You are now witnessing and experiencing those great challenges and we applaud each of you for navigating and aligning whilst still under the influence of great darkness around you.

The way each of you is Mastering every level of change, is a Joy to observe.

This year 2017 is all about New Beginnings and you are now witnessing that TRUTH.

With great challenges comes great reward.


Your greatest wish is our command.

Dear Ones, look beyond what is portrayed in your main-stream media. So much is unfolding in miraculous ways and it is because of the work you are doing personally and globally.

LOVE has truly triumphant-ed, hearts are breaking open, the Light is penetrating all the cracks.

Great Love, Light, Peace, Abundance and Harmony are your reward Dear Hearts.

You are making the adjustments you came to make and every piece of your unique puzzle is coming together to bring the greatest outcome of all time.

Dear Ones, the LOVE THAT YOU ARE radiates out and it is a brilliant LIGHT that now floods you and your Planet, spreading like a “Wild-Fire” all over Planet Earth.

Dear Ones after great fires there is always regeneration, everything rises from the ashes just as you are now.

Fire energy is flowing on your Earth and the re-growth is exhilarating.

We stand with you in the fire, just as we stand with you in the transformation of YOU and the New Earth.

Glorious times, Shine on, Dear Light Beings.

And so it is.


Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Message Archangel Michael
6th March, 2017 Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

The unfolding accelerates. So many undeniable changes now. You must certainly feel the evidence of such, within and around you. You are embracing change with more ease than even a few months ago. 

This year 2017 as we have stated is the year massive changes would become the norm. You have been preparing for these times for eons and you now tend to go with the flow more readily than in the past. Dear Ones that is because of your KNOWING. 

These changes are written in your DNA - you came prepared for this Evolution but because when you first stepped foot on the Planet the energies were not in alignment you therefore have spent your whole incarnation on the Planet playing illusionary games until the time was right to step forward.

You inner knowing has been awakened.  For many of you the catalyst for that awakening has been personal trauma, through illness, accidents, great losses of all magnitude. With out such catalysts you would not have awakened and would have continued on with the Illusion as many still do.

Not so now, my friends. The Awakening is in full stead and you are leading the way - allowing family and friends to find their own catalyst of change. And find it they will.

All in their own time. You Dear Ones are there to hold the door open and welcome them in when they begin to ask the questions you just may have the answers to.

Just BE Dear Ones and allow all to unfold in perfect timing for that is what is unfolding.

With all that is transpiring on your Planet - no one can remain asleep! Critical Mass has tipped the scales and the great Awakening can no longer be denied.

Be prepared to hold out your hands of welcome to your Sisters and Brothers of Light.

Dear Ones these past few days have seen an even greater influx of Pure Divine White Light which has been streamed to Planet Earth to once again speed up the awakening process. This Light is activating your DNA Light Codes, allowing more remembering of who YOU ARE and why you are here at this transitional time.

Do you feel the recognition of YOU?

Are you feeling more aligned with your Soul Aspects, an inner knowing, a feeling of stability amongst the chaos for this is what is happening Dear Ones.

You are beginning to recognise YOU as the LIGHT, an undeniable feeling. This feeling is giving you the impetus to move forward in your life and once you recognise WHO YOU ARE - so much more than you initially believed your life to be, will unfold in miraculous ways.

You are now REMEMBERING who you truly ARE and why YOU chose to be here at this time of massive Evolution for the Beings of Earth, and Planet Earth herself.

Incredible times Dear Ones, Exciting times of transformation and regeneration within all Beings.

Dear Ones we walk with you every step of the way - each step you take you are Creating a -new. Exciting Times Dear Hearts.

Now is the time to live from your HEARTS - trust your magnificent hearts to guide you in all decisions you make. Hand on Heart , ask the question, listen quietly for the answer. There will be no longer be any doubt. You will know you are following your Heart wisdom and a truly wonderful aspect of SELF.

Dear Ones, the Light on Planet Earth is at the greatest capacity EVER - where there is great LIGHT, there is also great LOVE.

LOVE now reigns on Planet Earth watch as the LOVE AND THE LIGHT transmutes the Earth to Peace, Prosperity and Good-Will to all her inhabitants.

And so it is.


Angel Therapy Practitioner

Leslie-Anne Menzies
Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
Angel intuitive, Reike, Theata Healing,
                                                                          Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
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