Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Message from our Angelic Support Team 21.3.11

Dear Ones

Love and Compassion are your key words during these times of great shift on Planet Earth. All humans are going through enormous changes, changes you never expected in your humanness but changes you agreed to before you stepped on this planet in your pre-birth planning stages.

Great Love is being beamed to you from the Galactic Core of the Universe and it is the Love required to bring you all to the next phase of this Magnificen journey you have all chosen.

We your Angelic Guides are with you every step of the way, you feel us ever closer now than you have in past times. You know we tread these paths with you and are helping you to align with all that is transpiring.

You feel us ever so near you but you still do not trust enough to reach out and take our hands – we are that close. We implore you to take our hands and hold on to each one of us and to each other.

These times have NEVER been experienced before. You are setting new grounds and new rules , many of which you are not even aware of. We tell you to trust what you are feeling, trust your inner guidance. Go within ask the questions that only you have the answers to. During these times you will come to understand that you had the answers all along but never believed it could be YOU. It is YOU Dear Ones that hold the keys to the Universe. You always have and it is only through this awakening you are all experiencing that you will come to know this as a FACT.

We wish you could see what we see from our vantage point – you are unique beings having a journey that you longed for – others stepped aside so you could have this experience and they watch and cheer you on and are so very proud of every step you take.

We hold great Love and Compassion for each of you and we ask that you do that also for each other.

Start by feeling that love and compassion grow for yourself, honour that you are on this magnificent spiritual journey – the likes of which has NEVER been experienced, you are the ground-breakers to these new beginnings on Mother Earth you are making the necessary changes required every moment of the day.

And you believe you have no plan but we tell you this – you are the Creators of the Grandest Plan of them all and it is unfolding rapidly.

Hold the Love and Compassion for yourselves and then send this Love and Compassion to your fellow beings who share this unique path with you.

We love and support your every step and we hold you with great Love and Compassion always.

Give back what you are receiving from us and we will take this to the highest level that can possibly be.

Trust all will be a magnificent outcome and honour those dedicated souls who chose to leave the planet so that you can make it all that it is. That is Love and Compassion in Action.

And so it is.

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