Monday, May 16, 2011

A message from Archangel Michael - raising our vibration through words

“The Power of our thoughts”

We have told you Dear Ones many times of the “Power” of your human thoughts.

At this time in your awakening that TRUTH has never been truer.

As the Planet shifts and changes the amount of Electro Magnetic
Energy is stronger than it has been for a very long time.

Therefore the Electro Magnetic Field needs to be honored for the role it plays. One of the areas it holds its greatest focus is in your thought process.

Your thoughts are EM therefore the words you use and the power that they radiate is significant.

No longer can you use words haphazardly “Conscious Word Creation” needs to be your new mantra.

The words you use then magnetize the result to you faster than ever before.

Choose your words carefully; think of the re-action to the words you use. Do you wish to magnetize the thoughts you have been thinking and more importantly “feeling” to you faster than ever.

Does your day have ambivalent thoughts of lack and limitation? Do you degrade your being with words that disempower you? Do you think and feel words that assault your soul in ways you would be offended if another offered them to you?

Your thoughts and feelings are what creates your reality – now faster than ever before.

Are you ready for a bigger, brighter reality?

Choose bigger, brighter, vibrational words and watch how fast your reality changes.

You are becoming more conscious in all areas of your life and it is of the utmost importance your word choice is a high priority.

Watch as simple but powerful words, change your reality.

And so it is.

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