Monday, July 2, 2012

Archangel Michael 2nd July 2012

Dear Ones
This is a very important time in your evolution as a soul. There are so many changes taking place in all that you know.
We in the Angelic Kingdom applaud your resilience. So much is happening within you and therefore reflected in the world you inhabit.
You are showing remarkable strength and determination to help bring about the changes necessary to complete your mission of bringing Heaven to Earth.
Much has been achieved, look back on how far you have come. Thank each and every soul who shares this path with you for the contribution they are making in your world.
You are beginning to accept the concept that it takes each one of you to bring forth your unique gift to complete the mosaic. There is still much to complete but we tell you this - you edge closer to Home everyday. For some it may not feel like much has been achieved. We have the ability to see all and we assure you from our perspective much has progressed.
We are in awe of what we see transmuting on your planet. You have achieved so much more than we could have ever anticipated. We in the Angelic Realm are so excited as we watch your plans for your New Earth unfold everyday.
We have a glimpse of the bigger picture but may we remind you, you Dear Ones are the Creators of this New Earth and sometimes these creations become “real” in just a few moments and we watch the focus of your attention build before your eyes.
You are such amazing Creators and as you begin to truly acknowledge that reality there will be no holding you back from your creations.
We can’t wait to see how much further you can inspire this world with your creations. You are also beginning to recognize more and more the element of “Oneness” - we see the groups that form to support each other when you see the TRUTH of yet another injustice come forth.
This is the beginning of such a dynamic Planet when all the Truths are finally revealed and you will stand tall as the Masters that you are becoming and will be celebrated by all.
We ask you to keep moving forward with all your missions. We witness your confusion and frustration when things don’t evolve as quickly as you wish. We ask for your patience for just a little longer. As we have always suggested -
“Everything is in Perfect Time”
And this evolution is no exception.
In a short passage of time the Celebrations will begin and the knowledge that you carried out your committment to bring Peace back onto your Planet will be evident to all. Can you imagine the JOY you will feel in every cell of your amazing human bodies?
The atoms that make up your being will also join in the singing and dancing that will take place on your Planet when you finally have the evidence you have held in your cells for many incarnations.
You are truly One with all that is
Blessings Dear Human Angels, Blessings
I AM Archangel Michael 

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