Monday, August 27, 2012

Archangel Michael 27th August 2012


                       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Be gentle with yourselves and each other - so much of your old way of being is falling away in your reality. Do not try to hold on so tight to what was. What was, no longer serves you. Many of you are reminising over old jobs, old relationships, old places of residence and wishing you could return to them - even knowing that they were not the answer when you were fully engaged there. We have spoken of the void - which is where you are residing at this moment but all is about to change. Feel the power as you take in a long, deep breath - feel the connection to All That Is. Your new way of being rests here in the NOW moments - breathe deeply Dear Ones all is well.

We reaffirm for you that your time of struggle is over - you are in the last days of your old world but you keep trying to clutch on to the shore which is fast eroding through your fingertips.

Let go, let go, there is a new shore line on the horizon and when you can truly release your last grab for the old, just float awhile in the calm, clear waters, you will see in the distance that it is only an arms length to the new shore - this is the place you have dreamed of inhabiting for eons.

The new shore is why you incarnated in this lifetime. You were the brave souls who wished to be the leaders of this New Earth. You are almost at the dock - keep breathing kowing that the shore is ready to greet you and welcome you into your new way of being.

It is within reach - breathe easy.

You are the ones ready to inhabit this New Earth. You will be the ones writing the new Rule Book.

This is such an amazing opportunity to create your New World in such a way that all will live in Peace, Harmony and Abundance. This is what you are creating with each new soul arriving at the shore.

Many of you went ahead to prepare the way for your brothers and sisters and you are feeling fatigued from the long journey. You are now ready to rest on the shore as the others prepare to join you.

You shall celebrate the times ahead with great Joy and above all LOVE will be the new vibration that supports the New Earth.

You have arrived Dear Ones, well done. Open your arms wide and welcome your brothers and sisters to cross the waters and join in the celebrations.

LOVE has once again triumphed on your Earth.

I AM Archangel Michael - blessings Dear Ones, Blessings and Welcome Home

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