Monday, February 16, 2015

16th February 2015

MONDAY MEDITATION               16th February 2015              Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

Welcome back. It is our honour to connect once again in this way. We have stood beside you during your healing and rejuvenation process. Much has transpired for you, your family and for all those who have stood side by side with you. This was an agreement, supported by so many, in so many different realms. Your Darling Max touched hearts and spread Love across the Planet as he opened the hearts and minds to greater possibilities and awarenesses. He will forever live on in your hearts and the hearts of those he touched across dimensions of time and space. He has brought you back to this moment and he stands with you always, as promised.

So shall we begin - this day our focus is on re-building and re-establishing. It is as if all was broken down and now we begin again. This process will be step by step and with each step you will witness the new you that is emerging. In past communications we have talked of your body elementals and the work being undertaken within your bodies as you shift and grow. Each cell within your beautiful bodies is being up-graded, re-aligned, and re-generated.

The weariness you have felt these last weeks and months is your bodies way of allowing you rest to assist with the rejuvenation which needs time to assimilate. You collectively are progressing at an accelerated rate which is astounding, so we remind you Dear Ones be gentle with yourselves and each other. Know that you are on a wondrous journey - all perfectly agreed upon by each individual soul. You are finding each day brings you new information, new alignments and we suggest you take each moment and just “allow.” Give up the need to control and manipulate it has never served you in the past and will only slow down your progress in the future. All is in perfect timing, something many of you are just beginning to completely understand and even better - accept.

We your Angelic Teams and Guides are with you each step of the way, many are beginning to have that awareness. In the past it was something you thought about intellectually but now you are moving from your head to your heart you are “feeling” us even closer and you are finally allowing yourselves to “believe” the promises we have made are real!

TRUTH is becoming so much a part of your everyday now - you can see through the illusion of what is no longer true for you and you are collectively standing up and only accepting that which feels true and right for you. More truths will come forward and with each new revelation you will stand taller and feel stronger in your resolve of why you chose to be on the Planet at this most incredible time. The remembrance of who you “truly are” is slowly forming within you and you will no longer accept any part of your awareness not being acknowledged for the truth it contains.

You are Wondrous Beings Dear Ones and the wonder of who you are is being reflected for each of you to now see and own within your daily lives.

So much is transpiring within and around you. Remembering you and the Earth (Gaia) are ONE - you can now see that reflected - as you watch Gaia struggling with the changes that are taking place within her core and upon her surface.  So are you struggling and purging within your own bodies. As you recognise this ONENESS with Mother Earth and assist her with her transition, so you will be assisted in yours.

What a magnificent time to be on the Planet - remembering you requested to be here at this time for you KNEW what was to transpire and you wanted to be here to assist HUmanity and GAIA and here you now stand. What unfolds next will be truly magical and we are in awe, watching each of you, as you once again REMEMBER the Magnificence of your Soul and the Souls who chose to share this experience to undertake this Great Moment in Time.

It is a joy to share this journey Dear Ones.




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