Monday, May 25, 2015

25th May, 2015 FREEDOM

MONDAY MEDITATION              25th May, 2015              Leslie-Anne Menzies

Greetings Dear Ones,

Are you feeling your new found FREEDOM?

YOU ARE FREE - it is your Divine Birthright to be so.

The shackles of the dark times in your history are over - YOU ARE FREE.

Breathe that into your beautiful hearts - place your hands on your heart, take in the breath, hold it in your heart, then release. Do this three times, repeating each time -


How does that feel Dear Ones? Are your cells jumping with excitement? There is a new anticipation flowing into your energy fields each new day.

Allow your focus to be on your Heart each day. This is who you truly are. In order to raise your Vibration breathe in LIGHT into your Heart, hold it in your heart and then breathe out LOVE. Do this repetition three times - you will feel the cells of your body rejoicing. Now breath in LOVE, hold it in your heart and then breath out LIGHT, once again for three repetitions.

How exhilarating is that Dear Ones? This simple exercise allows your vibratory rate to increase. Can you see by doing this three times a day how much more enlivened and enlightened you will become.

And now Dear Ones you are being asked to do this for your Planet also.

Breathe in PEACE ON EARTH, hold it in in your heart, visualise that Peace, then breathe out the LOVE THAT YOU ARE . Each time you do this feel your LOVE AND PEACE surrounding the whole of Planet Earth - allowing Planet Earth to be bathed in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE. You will feel the benefits of this not only personally but also globally. Imagine, all the Light Beings of Earth making this a daily ritual - how accelerated the changes will be?

Remember Dear Ones, YOU AND THE EARTH ARE ONE - what you do for yourself impacts every other life-form on Earth. Just picture your Earth surrounded in LOVE, surrounded in LIGHT and all Beings living in PEACE. Not a dream any longer Dear Ones, YOU ARE FREE and when you embrace this freedom PEACE will reign on Earth.

This is why you came Dear Ones, do you REMEMBER NOW?

The Miracles you have asked for are in your hands - you are the Creators of this New Earth. What you bring forth will be marveled at in times to come. That’s how important your “piece of the puzzle” is Dear Ones.

Embrace your FREEDOM, embrace each other and step forward gallantly on this new journey in LOVE, LIGHT AND PEACE.

FREEDOM is what you came for.
FREEDOM is who you are.

Be FREE Dear Ones.

It is with great Joy, we Bless you this day.


                                                               Angel Therapy Practitioner


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Leslie-Anne Menzies
                                                                                    Author ABC of Angels (Children’s Book)
                                                                                    Angel Intuitive, Reiki, Theata Healing,
                                                                                    Spiritual Counsellor, Group Meditation
                                                                                    Ph 08 8371 5511, 0408 083 185
                                                                                    Skype: angelstoinspire1111

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