Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Message from AA Michael April 2011

Dear Ones

You are all progressing well on the path. Today as in all days notice how far you have come. Look back to the past week, months even last year – how far have you travelled?

And that is only the beginning

The next few weeks, months, years will make you unrecognisable to yourselves and each other.

Congratulate yourselves and each other for the steps you have taken so far.

You have come further than was envisaged. You are the New Humans on the New Planet Earth and
“experiement” you have created.

You threw out the old blueprint and said “let’s see what we can create?”

You are co-creators with the Creator so you have gone forth and created a New Earth and a new Humanity to inhabit it. As you take each step you are creating the blueprint of the future.

This is like a movie with no end – as you create everyday with your thoughts and your deeds and you truly are embracing that your thoughts do in fact create your reality.

With the challenges that are now before you it is up to each and everyone of you to take responsibility.

Re-member your piece of the puzzle is what is required to make this new Earth operate.

Co-operation is key. Co-operation and Manifestation are the words of the future.

We watch in awe as this new way of being is coming into creation. You are Master Creators, you are Master Manifestors and we are watching this plan unfold.

We are with you every step you take.

And so it is.

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