Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Message from The Beings of Light 27.04.11

A Message from the Beings of Light Wed 27th April 2011-

Dear Ones

As you look ahead to the next few months many earth changes and transitions are before humanity.

The Earth is once again ready to shift and change with many significant events the like of which you have NEVER before experience in the history of your being.

As you hear these words – do not go into FEAR – as you have been told many times before – LOVE is the key to all that is transitioning, not only to the Earth Mother but also to all her inhabitants.

When you are able to recognise LOVE as the essence in all this you will always find yourself in a state of well being even though those around you may chose FEAR. Can you stand beside your fellow man and offer them the comfort of a loving heart and a warm smile and be the Light that everyone is looking for during these momentous times?

Lightworker’s are being called to action like never before. You chose this role carefully knowing the great responsibility it held. It is time for all those who chose purposefully to shine their Light even brighter in the midst of darkness to STEP FORWARD.

You are the beings called to the front of the line to hold your hands out and help those who cannot yet “see” what is before them.

As you step-up and grow your light even brighter and your heart even stronger and filled with such compassion and LOVE you will become the Beacons of Light we have spoken of.

You are already re-membering your roles and with each adjustment the Mother makes you are drawn more fully into your roles as the Guardians of that precious Light.

You know in your heart this is the time you inhabitated this earth – the reasons are becoming clearer and clearer.

Know that every time you shine your light brighter you are stepping closer and closer to this New Earth that you are all working so hard to create.

It is our greatest honour to stand with you and assist you as you assist others.

This is your time – shine on Dear Ones.

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