Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dear Ones,
It is time to choose>
The 3rd Dimensional world is dying. It’s time has come.
It is now time for humanity to fully embrace the many changes you witness daily. It is time to say ‘YES” to who you truly are. You are “Beings of Light” who can no longer hide your true selves. It is time to “stand up” and “step forward” to become the Light you came to be.
Humanity is crying out for YOUR help. It is no longer appropriate to hide. Say YES, say this is who I AM.
Acknowledge I AM an enlightened being and I AM here to assist all humanity to cross over the bridge into the 5th Dimension.
As the old 3rd Dimensional world is collapsing there is no other choice.
You needed to experience the duality that is the contrast .
You needed to experience FEAR so you can Know what LOVE truly is
You needed to experience SORROW so you can know what JOY is
Your needed to experience Sadness so you can know what if feels to be HAPPY
That is how it is in the 5th Dimension you live everyday with the gift of Choice.
What do you choose?
Time is moving so fast dear ones that soon 3 rd Dimension will be lost to your memory and you will live with Ease and Grace as a way of being.
However, you are needed to assist mass consciousness to follow your lead. Those still sleeping in anger, depression and violence need to see your beautiful Light and they are calling loudly to you,.
Your greatest “gift” to humanity is to BE the Light you are.
We stand beside you lovingly supporting the great beings of Light that you are. We hold your hands until you are ready to let go and fly by yourselves.
Your Wings await dear ones.

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