Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday 26th September 2011 11/11/11 Portal

Dear Ones

Working with the Higher Heart is your future. You have let go of so much in your life in preparation for all that is before you.

It is no longer appropriate to operate from the old reality – Duality.  It is time to embrace “all that you TRULY are” You have all transversed so much on your path – the end times are almost concluded.

As you move ever so closely to 11.11.11 and the opening of the 11/11 Portal – life as you know it on Planet Earth will be changed forever.

You are entering a very new earth and with the 11/11 Portal all the tools you require to assist on the next phase of your journey will be available to you.

You are the Leaders, the Wayshowers and I watch as some of you still shy away from such labels – however, it is now time to take up your Swords of Light and move forward, securing a way for not only yourselves and your families but all those souls who will follow you.

Be not afraid dear ones, you have prayed for this outcome over many eons and it is now at your doorstep.

Are you ready to pick up your Sword of Light?

Many souls are ready for you, asking questions in their unawakened state, and as they wipe the sleep from their eyes they look toward you to be the Wayshower you “asked” to be.

In a very short space in your human time, you will be given more and more signs along your chosen path. Do you not feel this, that there is something imminent you are meant to be doing? Your time is fast approaching? Be prepared.

This is why it is a critical time for you to acknowledge and open your Higher Heart – which has been shielded from you until this time of Global awakening.

As you work with the Higher Heart Chakra you will leave behind Duality, the Ego and anything that no longer serves you on your quest for Oneness and Unity.

Work diligently each day and acknowledge this beautiful Heart Chakra. Acknowledge you are ONE with All That IS and the past thoughts will leave never to return.

There is no going back to your old selves – it is done. The new you that is preparing for the gift of 11/11/11 will shine so brightly you won’t remember a time that you were anything but a Co-Creator with the Creator bringing the most magical creation to the New Planet Earth.

And so it is and so it shall be

On Earth, In Heaven All is One

Heaven will then be complete on Earth

I AM Archangel Michael and this is my Truth

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