Monday, March 26, 2012

AA Raziel 26th March 2012

Monday 26th March 2012 Archangel Raziel
Greetings Dear Ones
I AM delighted that you have finally called upon me in this way. I have been helping you for  a very long time as you have travelled the spiritual path. I AM the one to call on as you struggle to understand the principles of Sacred Geometry. I can help you move through the veil of mystery that surround many of the esoteric teachings. Many of you do not believe you are intelligent enough to have such understanding but there have been many lifetimes when you have in fact known first hand of this information and have taught it in the Mystery Schools and now in this lifetime you are starting to call back those memories. In the not too distant future those so called mysteries will once more become conscious to you.
It is my desire to assist all humanity at this time of Planetary Evolution in returning those skills that you have accomplished over many lifetimes.
You have been Masters of many of these mysteries and are becoming Masterful once again. During your meditations and your dream state invite me to re-activate and re-mind
you of all your glorious skills held within your higher consciousness. It is now time for these skills to be made available to you once again. Those of you choosing to step forward and lead your fellow beings on this journey are being re-equipped with the information and skills to assist you, assist others.
Many of you are being “opened up” to the mysteries that you have safely stored away to be re-activated at this critical time. Sometimes you have “flashes” of insight, memory or knowing that you can’t quite understand. That will change in a very short time.
So many gifts are being returned to you as the re-establishment of your DNA structure and your Light-Body re-configuration takes place.
We in the realms of all possibilities watch in utter delight and joy as we see the Light You Are becoming brighter and stronger every day.
We are delighted that you are seeing us as more accessible and available during this process of Ascension and that is how it was always envisaged - working together towards the Oneness that WE ARE.
So many more mysteries will be unravelled for you all in these next few weeks and months as you place your attention on the connection that we share.
It is a Unified Field of Oneness and Love that is being created for you on this Planet and each day we watch as more and more “Lights” turn on.
As more Light permeates the Planet and more souls awaken to the Love that They Are, more will be given unto you.
As an Individualised Soul becoming a Unified Soul much is asked of you during this Shift of the Ages. Much will be given to those of you who make yourselves available to work towards the Service to Others.
Service to Others is key in this awakening process and out of that service, the personal growth, the willingness to stand up and be counted as the souls who take their rightful place in all that is about to transpire will be readily available to you. You will be dazzled by who you are becoming - back to your true-selves, the most magnificent highest expression of your One True Self.
As we watch from the higher realms we are delighted by the way in which this transformation is playing out.
We all agreed on the dynamics of how most of this framework would take place - we were never prepared for the innovation of the human aspect as we watch in joy as many of these plans take on a most ingenious result never even imagined and we are so pleased to be of assistance as we work beside you. We remain in awe as many of the outcomes surpass the expectations originally held.
Congratulations, a job well done dear Earth Angels you are moving faster and more stedfast than even we believed imaginable. You are true Creators making the most magnificent progress as your new way of being manifests.
It is the delight of the Angelic Kingdom and in particular myself AARaziel to be of service and support during this time.
I will join you in this Meditation this evening, call on me for the assistance you require at this time.
And so it is.

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