Monday, March 5, 2012

AAMichael 5th March 2012

Monday Meditation 5th March, 2012 Archangel Michael
Greetings Dear Ones,
It is timely to re-connect with you.  However, I am with you always and all you need do is call on me for assistance, that is my role. I am very much connected to all that is transpiring during this massive evolutionary shift and by agreement I assist all Lightworker’s on the Planet. Many Lightworker’s feel they have been on the ascension path for what seems an eternity but I tell you, your efforts are about to come to fruition.
You have been and continue to hold the Light for others to find their way through the darkness that has overshadowed your beautiful Planet.
The amount of Light Quotient that is now present on the earth is finally dissipating the last remnants of the darkness.
Evidence is now showing up daily and sometimes hourly as those who have been working in the darkness are being exposed and held to account for their activities. In these next few days and months many truths will be revealed. Some will be shocked by what will be released but with all release there is an opportunity for transmutation and transformation and that is what is about to unfold. Stay out of judgement remembering that all have played the role agreed.
We seek your assistance and stedfast faith in what is unfolding. The times you have dreamed of and prayed for await you dear ones.
In a short space in your Earth time there will be jubilation as you watch those who have enslaved you (through the control of the economics) of your world find their true justice.
All gifts shall be given unto you once more.
When you notice the events of which I speak happening you will know that the time has come for all the inhabitants of the Earth to celebrate the creation of the New Earth. All of your systems of Government, Finances, anywhere power has been held over and controlled you will dissipate and new systems will come into being. These new systems are being created by many of your fellow Lightworker’s who agreed this would be the role they would play at this time. They are to be congratulated for the diligence and patience for these new systems to unfold upon the Earth. 
It is upon this time also that your new “jobs” will become evident for you. Many have felt the “void” when what you have been doing to what you will be doing as a “knowing” that there is something for you that will be a perfect match to the alignment with the new energy that is approaching. We ask you to be patient for just a little longer when all shall be as it is.
Create in your heart the ultimate “job” and we tell you that it won’t even come close to the incredible work you will be performing for not only yourselves but your fellow beings.
You are becoming the beings you have always known you are. At your soul level - your soul self is about to emerge in the greatest way possible. What you dream of for the times ahead we say times that dream by 10 and then 100 and then to infinity.
Your Angelic Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and all beings of the Light rejoice as we see what is very available to you in these near times.
Call out to us, seek our counsel.
We await as it is our greatest honor to assist at this specific time of creation.
Your creations are starting to manifest into form and we hold great excitement as we co-create with you.
Your New Earth is an incredible dream come true, you are the most magnificent creators and we honor your achievements.
Blessings this day for all that unfolds.
I AM Archangel Michael 
Your Cosmic Leader

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