Sunday, May 6, 2012

Archangel Zaphkiel

Monday 7th May 2012
Archangel Zaphkiel
Dear Archangel Zaphkiel welcome.
Thank you for welcoming me here today. Dear Ones it is appropriate that I address you on this special day to remind each and everyone of you of the Love that you Are. The love you draw from the cosmos is infusing each and every one of you with more and more Light to be held in your physical bodies. This Love is the Love of the Creator being drawn forth into your beingness to assist you as you take the giant strides that are before humanity.
You must see what is unfolding so rapidly before your eyes and in such quick succession. None of the old world, or the old you will ever be recognisable in the next few weeks and months.
The Love/Light of the Creator is being beamed to you in such a way and an amount that sometimes you find it difficult to adjust to all that is changing. Breath Dear Ones, Breath and just allow this Love/Light to infuse your beautiful bodies.
As you acknowledge and accept this Love/Light you are witnessing the very promise made to you by all the Beings of Light who have gathered to assist you on this evolutionary path.
This Love/Light of the Creator is available to each individual to firstly bring into alignment your own being. As you feel the Peace, harmony and balance you require to have the life and the future you require to live at the greatest level and capacity that you can attain at this time.
When you accept all the abundant Love/Light then it is your responsibility to help others accept theirs. We liken it to the oxygen masks you are schooled in when flying. You obtain the mask first then assist those around you.
We your Angels and Light Being helpers have done that for you in the past - many have relied on us for assistance in troubled times and we provided you with the “masks” needed . You are now at a time of realising you have more Power than you ever dreamed possible.
Everyday we see more and more of you accepting this Love/Light and then reflect it out to those who you now see are like you were. You acknowledge that what sustains you now needs to be shared to sustain others. We are ALL in this together. We are always here to assist you that is our Divine Mission but everyday we are seeing more and more of you take up the mantle and it is wonderous to watch.
So many changes are before you Dear Ones and we know when we say these words many still go to “fear” as their first reaction. We see a day so very near when your first reaction will be to embrace the new with love and acceptance of the journey you chose.
We will be by your side regardless of where you are standing. Holding your hands and reflecting back to you the Love that You Are.
We bless you this day for the giant steps you take, for the Love/Light you are shining to your fellow beings and we ask that you continue everyday to accept more Love/Light from the Creator and spread that to all that you meet.
It is an honour to stand with you.  And so it is.
Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings.

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