Sunday, May 27, 2012

Monday Meditation 28th May, 2012
Dear One,
I come to you at this time as I feel the despair many of you are experiencing. This is the time we have been eluding to for many months now. We wished to gently ease you into this transition phase and we hoped you would understand it would be a difficult time on your Planet. So many of your are struggling with the changes, however we ask that you the Lightworker’s hold your ground strongly as we are relying on you to hold up those who are finding the changes even more difficult.
We have shown you that there is a magnificent New Earth birthing at this time and the birthing pains are increasing rapidly. This labouring will continue for some time yet but we affirm for you the joy and abundance that awaits you when the birthing process is complete.
Just as a new Mother forgets the labour and the pain when she is handed her new creation - so will you.
You will look upon all that you have created and be in wonderment and joy.
Keep grounding your light into Mother Earth, walk bare foot on her ground and feel the energies pulsate through your bodies.  This connection is assisting all - Mother Earth included. The Mother is calling upon all her children at this significant moment in time to assist her with the transmutation of all the old energies and the birthing of the very new beginning that will soon be upon us.
Please call on us your Angelic Forces as we are indeed closer to you than we have ever been in the history of your Planet. We still require that you call upon us as your Earth still holds the mantle of a Free Will Planet. We stand by your side ready to assist you with whatever you require. Have you not noticed that your thoughts are now creating your reality even faster than before.
With the speeding up of all that is there is now hardly any lag time between your thoughts and its creation. This is true of both positive and negative thoughts, so we once again remind you to keep your thoughts of the highest vibration possible, so then only what you truly wish to manifest comes into form.
It is as always our desire to see you birth this new way of being swiftly and easily. It is your choice Dear Ones the process will be sped up as your vibrations match that of the Mother.
So much is in progress - for some the way forward is foggy at best and we watch as you stumble knowing that we can be of greater assistance if you but call our name.
We stand beside you always, wishing for the day when you will in fact “see” us and communicate directly to us as the One Being that we are.
That day is not far away now. Weather these storms in the next few weeks and months with the ultimate assurance that the baby you hold at the end of the labour will be indeed a most magnificent being.
We share your pain and your joy and we wish for you to see all that we see in these days ahead.
Worry and fear are leaving your bodies but as you are having a human experience you resist. We see your world free from these emotions and it is indeed a most magical future for all who walk this path with us.
Labour and the pain will end and we will be with you to celebrate the birthing of the New World.
You are loved beyond measure.
I AM Archangel Michael and I wish you to call on me during these most auspicious of times.

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