Monday, June 25, 2012

Dear Ones
It is my great pleasure as always to address you this day. These days are moving so very quickly have you noticed? Noticing is becoming very important at this time. Notice how much your lives have changed in just the first few months of this significant year of 2012. You will see these next few weeks and months will excelerate at a speed that will be very “noticeable.” You will look back on 2012 as if it were just a blink on your radar. Much will be forgotten as you quickly move into these next years.
I say once again “notice” who you are becoming with the passage of time. You are no longer who you were. You feel you emotional self changing rapidly - as you move through this year the “swings” you once experienced emotionally will become more balanced as the “fear” element that has been prevalent on your earth plane begins to diminish.
Fear is leaving your emotional body and the earth body where it has been held so tightly for such a long period of time. I remind you, you and the Earth are ONE and as the Mother releases fear from the 3rd dimensional rigid structure, so do you. The electromagnetic field around both you and the Earth is loosening up and breaking down that is why you are experiencing so many changes.
You are being shaken up from the inside - out and what no longer serves you is leaving your awareness and that of the Mother.
From now on your connection to Mother Earth and All That Is will become so much more aligned. You will begin to consider and understand that “YOU” have an affect on the All and you will live your lives accordingly.
Can you picture that time when you are living and loving in complete abundance with all beings? When the striving and stressing that you have known so well is no longer contained in your memory and you live in Peace.
New ways of being are showing up in your Collective everyday. Many new technologies are being re-discovered for as with all it is not really new just re-membered. Your memories are being reactivated to bring back to your planet many of the technologies long forgotten.
There will be times when you say to yourself and each other “I don’t know how I know that - I just do.” When this starts to become common place there will be many AHA moments and we will smile with Joy in our hearts as you start to re-member the magnificent beings you are.
My dear friends those days edge closer everyday.
I send you loving blessings on this day and always. Continue to call on me, the Archangels and the Ascended Masters as we are closer than ever to you all.
Breathe deeply and we are there.
I AM Archangel Michael - blessings

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