Thursday, October 11, 2012

Archangel Michael 8th October 2012

Monday Meditation 8th October 2012              AA Michael - Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,

These times are increasing in activity and bringing you all to a new awareness. For many the stress on your human bodies is intolerable. I tell you Dear Ones, relax, breath into the changes. Do not be so hard on yourselves. This process can be so much easier for you all if you will stay in Present Time and just Allow.

So many of you are living in the future or the past - both places do not exist. I have shared with you many times the NOW is all you have. When you finally embrace this concept you will find your daily routine so much easier to live through.

The Breath is so important, you will become much more in tune with nature and yourselves when you completely understand this simple principle. Just breath - even saying it to yourself reduces your bodies reaction to outside stimuli. “Just Breath” do you not feel the difference - all comes into a clearer NOW focus and all is well in your body and your world. If you remember to say this to yourself and others during times of struggle what an enormous difference you will feel - it will become for you a mantra in these excellerated times.

Relax, Breath, Love, Enjoy this is what is required at this time for your planetary evolution. So much in your reality is shifting and changing. You are unsure of your future - you have no idea what is to happen with your finances, your careers, your way of be-ing so I remind you once again Dear Ones, just Breath knowing all will be well.

You are living in a time when you will breath into your reality that which you choose. That is how important the breath is to you. This is how amazing you are as co-creators with Creation.

What you can hold in your mind as a concept - how you want to manifest into your reality becomes available through creation and through the breath. Hold the vision in your minds eye/pineal gland and then breath that image into the picturing of the perfection of your breath.

You are the most amazing creative beings who have ever walked this Planet and it is NOW you are beginning to see proof of the Power of your Creation.

Start small, ask to experience the incredible gifts you have, picture it, then outpicture it into your reality and you will become witness to what shows up in your life.

TRUST yourselves to be the Creators you are. Have fun with your creations, watch as you change your life on a daily basis. You have in the past relied on, prayed to the Creator of all that is - believing you were seperate - now understand you are ONE WITH Creation and watch as you bring into your reality your hearts desires.

You have Free Will with Creation to manifest all you desire - the tools of creation are available to you to be used for the Highest Good of ALL. 

Play with these tools in INTEGRITY and TRUTH and witness your creations taking shape.

So many more tools are becoming available to you - the Heaven you have prayed for will and is manifesting fully on your Earth and as each of you take greater responsibility for the role you asked to play more will become available to you.

You told the Creator “I AM here, I have come to be all that I can be.” The Creator wishes for you to be the most magnificent expression of your I AM PRESENCE and then reflect that out for all to see.

You are doing this - all in Creation are pleased.

And so it is.

I AM Archangel Michael

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