Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monday Meditation   5th November 2012    AA Michael            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

You are the “Light of the World”- take this mantle and honour yourselves and the role you have chosen to play as humanity makes the greatest Shift of the Ages.

You are the ones who were called to walk out front, to lead the way. You the Lightworkers Wayshowers, Starseeds - here you are ready for the grandest challenge of your life on Earth.

You have waited and now the wait is coming to its conclusion. You see so much shifting and changing in your world, sometimes it is more than you can bear but here you are. I wish to address today a way in which you can ease your burden and that of those around you.

I remind you Dear Ones in order to carry more Light in your physical beings you need to regularly bring that Light - the Christed Light down into your physical bodies with the intention of filling first your own cup and then pouring forth the Light onto this wonderous Planet and all her inhabitants.

Call on me AAMichael to assist you in your meditations to bring forth this Light. All the Angelic Realm await your calls of assistance which we lovingly provide.

Light is needed for all to make the necessary changes. You have agreed to be that Light and anchor it for your fellow beings.

Regularly and Consciously breath in the Light of Creation. The more you practice this excercise the better you will feel. With the highest of intention then send more and more of this Cosmic Gold out to others. You will notice a dramatic change in not only yourselves but those around you.

The Light being shone on the darkness is making a huge impact on all - it is speeding up the process.

The more light you can accept and then share, the faster you will see the changes happening. Light brings “Wellness.” You are treating your trillions of cells to this “Light Bath” everytime you invoke Light into your being.

Can you see what a difference will be felt when “Wellness” becomes more available to humanity. This is but one of the numerous changes you will see in the very near future and from our perspective it will have enormous reprocussions throughout the Universe.

As you all begin to take back your individual Power - Wellness is akin to the amount of Light travelling through every cell, cleansing, clearing, rejuvinating.

When you fully grasp the power you have over your own well-being and vibrant health you will make this a “daily bath” just as you use water - so you will use the “Light.”

So many more gifts await you - be aware, be in the Light, practice this excercise daily and watch how your “Light” body responds.

These are exciting times you are experiencing and we stand with you offering assistance always.

Call on me often.

I AM AA Michael

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