Tuesday, November 27, 2012

26th November 2012 Archangel Michael

MONDAY MEDITATION  26th November, 2012  Archangel Michael    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Your struggles are many at this moment. The intensity of the cleansing and clearing has increased. So much is shifting in your emotional/energetic fields - however, it is leaving for good NEVER to return. So it is in your best interest to just let it flow and let it go.

We in the Angelic Realms are ever so close to you now. Working with you all on this last big clean sweep. You will feel so much “lighter” as you let go. The tears, the anger, the frustration - let go. These are times unlike anything you have ever experienced and you have no guidelines of how it “should” be.

Know that we are loving and supporting you through this great transition. You the Lightworkers and Wayshowers who have taken on this task to hold an intention of Peace and Love on the Earth have been tireless in your efforts and we applaud you for not giving up in these last few weeks. Many of you are so tired, exhausted and we tell you rest, sleep when you need to. Hold strong Dear Ones all your efforts are about to come to fruition.

TRUST is the word we ask you to demonstrate for just a little longer.
TRUST that all is being taken care of for your highest good and the good of all.
TRUST that all will flow to you in perfect ways at the perfect time.
TRUST you are loved beyond your understanding for all you are doing for your own ascension, the ascension of the Earth and for all those you Love so dearly.
TRUST that you will reach a new level of understanding, comprehension and Joy on the other side of these energetics.

All is perfect at this moment - that may not be your human experience but for those of us in the other realsm we see where you are going and the view from our perspective is MAGNIFICENT.

Not long now Dear Ones and we will share that view and you too will see that all is indeed beautiful in your new place of Be-ing.

We look forward to these next few weeks and though they may appear hightened in the energetics and the clearing - what will become is beyond your understanding at this moment.

Remember the theme of today’s message TRUST and all shall be Divine.

You are indeed loved beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael 

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