Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday 16th December, 2012       Archangel Michael            Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Here you are almost at the end of a most challenging, exciting, life changing year - think back (if you can remember) to this time last year. How much has shifted, not only your life but everyone around you all over this magnificent Planet.

You are not the person you were - it is not the World as you use to know it. For many of you 2012 was the year you anticipated from the moment you inhabited the Planet.

You came to this time “knowing” what would take place and here you are. And now it begins in earnest. The changes you have dreamed of are coming into fruition. Slowly at first but we tell you Dear Ones - when you look back at the events of the next year, and the  next year and the year after that..Almost nothing will be as it was. The most exciting expansive time is before you. The reason you came to Planet Earth, the reason you said
“send me.”  I AM the ONE who will assist my fellow beings on this rapid, expansive growth of the New Planet Earth.

Still so much work to be done Dear Ones but with the energetics you all anchored into the Planet on 121212 you are all up for the task.

You are the ones who will now bring in these transitions with Ease and Grace.

The LOVE you ARE is permeating every thought, word and deed you now undertake.

Can you not “feel” how wide your heart is open? Once when events, events that are of divine nature of course, took place somewhere else in the World, although you acknowledged it and it affected you emotionally - nothing like compared to now. You feel these events as if it was your child, your friend, your loved one, as indeed each one is.

Allow yourself to feel the compassion and the love and extend it out to those who mourn and grieve (including yourselves) but please remember Dear Ones these souls have chosen this journey to awaken even the most hardened heart so that Heaven can finally rest on the Earth. These beautiful souls have completed their mission and we all rejoice at what has transpired.

So much yet has to transition but as more and more souls awaken to the Love and Light now imploding the Planet things will more more rapidly and the expansion will take place more effectively. The times you have anticipated “Peace on Earth” will happen in an excelerated manner.

Open your beautiful Hearts even wider Dear Ones. Be and show the Love You Are - extend it out to every being: those close to you and those at a distance, so that which once divided you, now unites you.

Your Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters remind you, they are part of “Your Transition Team” we are all in this together and we honour the work you do, the Love You Are and applaud you for “showing up when it was required of you.” You knew this was never going to be an easy assignment but here you are.

Honour the souls also who stood aside and allowed you to more into humanity to perform one of the greatest acts of LOVE to befall mankind.

You are indeed honoured Dear Ones, blessed and you are loved beyond measure for all you contribute to this mass transformation.

We stand beside you, holding your hands and hearts.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings

I AM Archangel Michael

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