Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year 2013

NEW YEAR’S DAY                      1-1-13    AAMichael                  Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones,
It has been a while and much has transitioned for you, personally and globally. Many will say not much transpired during the Cosmic Moment of 21/12 but we tell you much did. You will ALL notice the changes as this year unfolds. So much changed, you changed, so many aspects that you are yet unaware of - keep focusing on the beautiful Love Vibration that you, Wayshowers and Truthseekers, through your combined intention, anchored into the Earth’s Grid. So much more LOVE is permeating your earth and everyday the Love Quotient continues to grow.

We tell you Dear Ones watch what unfolds in these next few days when the “Power of the People” propelled by the Love of what is “right and just” becomes the “norm”. Much change will come from your combined vibration revurberating around the Planet.

The Love Vibration is pushing up and out all that still dwells in the darkness and - because the majority of the Earth now radiates to the Vibration of Love - you will be working together bringing these changes to fruition in very amazing and magical ways.

Many of you are “sensing” the Magic of this New Year. You are writing about it, speaking about it and, by the Law of Attraction that governs your Planet, it MUST and therefore will manifest. Keep your thoughts on Love, Miracles and Miraculous Manifesting for that is what this time is about.

Your combined efforts are bringing radical change to this New Earth - the Earth you have dreamed and loved into existence. We are at your side, on your shoulders, always cheering you on. You can do what we cannot, you have the “human touch” to move Heaven to Earth and as we watch your manifestations take place it is us your Guides, Angels and Ascended Mansters who are cheering the loudest.

Welcome to the New Planet Earth Dear Ones. It is your creation in co-operation with all of Creation. Much excitement exists as we continue to watch each new step you take.

“Magical and Miraculous” is an intention you set for this year and we are loving watching as you unfold this new plan.

We wish to be of greater service as you now acknowledge our existence more readily. For you see Dear Ones, as you open your hearts wider to allow more Love to permeate your being, it allows us to be more visible to you. We are in the Love and of the Love. And as you acknowledge that which is within you - here we are.

You and We are ONE.

It is our absolute JOY to be co-creating in this magical New Earth - our excitement is matched only by yours.

What else would you Love to create with us. We are ready for the next co-operative assigment you call for. Standing together with the New Humanity on this New Earth awaiting your call.

Blessings Dear Ones, Blessings     . . . . .     I AM Archangel Michael - ready to serve.

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