Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Meditation 25th March 2013       Archangel Michael         Leslie-Anne Menzies

Greetings Dear Ones

I AM Archangel Michael and I wish to share these words with you today.

As you are all aware, very new times are just before you. So much of the old has gone - even those who vigorously are holding on to what was, are finding their grip loosening as though the sands of time are slipping through their fingers.

I say to you all - let go Dear Ones. Let go of all your angst, all your fear and apprehension. A New Earth has been promised and you as citzens of that Earth have worked tirelessly to bring this New World into being - all the while still not wishing to completely let go of the old/familiar. The road has come to a stopping point - all the signs are there - Are you not watching the collapse of your banking systems, governments and so much more. It is the end of the Old Road. Now it is time to build your New Earth.

You are all taking monumental steps in this new direction but still for some you would like to “turn back” that is just your old insecurities and I tell you those too are leaving.

Soon you will realise there are other roads to this beautiful path that you are creating daily as you make new choices and you trust your inner voice more readily. That still voice within is the only voice to trust. Your Inner Wisdom/Inner Guidance is all that it claims to be and so much more. Each of you needs to spend more time quietly connecting to this higher wisdom as you allow it to reveal to you the magnificent path you are creating with each new step.

It is a very clear path, a wonderous path and you know deep within, it is the only path for you. Your Inner Being/Guidance is waiting to assist you with any doubts or fears that are still left to dissolve. I tell you there is not too much debris left in your fields - slowly your last remants are being cleared. You feel this as you go through your “interrupted sleep patterns” this is where much work is done to clear these old energy fields.

The new way of being on this new Earth will see you much lighter, much clearer in how you react to the other beings sharing this space with you. Open your Hearts wider each day, allow the Love and Light to penetrate every atom of your being. Then send that Love and Light out to your fellow beings and watch the miracles unfold.

I have promised you that this new time on Planet Earth will be amazing and you are co-creating with all the Beings of Light for it to be so. It is with great excitement we watch as you edge so much closer to the reality of this new life on Earth.

Mother Earth (Gaia) is celebrating her new birth - along with each of you. We have said many times before you are One with ALL there is - you are beginning to understand and experience what happens to One effects ALL.

Therefore I remind you be gentle with yourselves and each other as you walk on this  beautiful Earth. Know that each step you take enlightens your new path. Whatever you wish to create in your new world is up to you. See the beauty, feel the love of your Father/Mother God as you walk this path of the New Creators of the New Earth. All as One.

Blessings my Dear Creators - Blessings         I AM Archangel Michael

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