Monday, March 18, 2013

MONDAY MEDITATION   18th March, 2013     Archangel Michael       Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Time to take a breath. These are transitionery times but for today “just breathe.” Bring yourself into this glorious moment - this NOW time. Is your life not wonderfully amazing? Are you not growing as a SOUL on a journey? It is time to take a break from all you have been doing, all the stresses of your daily life - time to just BE and breathe.

How good does that feel?

Dear Ones Remember to do this often. This transitionery time on the Planet has you all rushing, trying to “fix things” make things better - trying to return it to “how it was” and I tell you those times are over - they exist no more. Many of you are living in anxiety as to what is to happen next. You do give us cause to laugh with you Dear Ones.

I AM here today to remind you - YOU are the Creators in your world - what is it you want to happen next? This is your book with the last few chapters unwritten - how do you want these last pages of the book to be? What is the most magnificent, wonderful, miraculous way you wish these pages to unfold?

It is up to each of you - as the Creator Beings that you are - start to dream the big dreams. See the best, most wonderful outcomes of any experience you so choose. This is not random - you, your thoughts, deeds and actions allow the pages to flow.

For eons you have given your power away to those who would happily tell you what you needed to do. Those days are over - never again will you be under the control of anyone.

Time to recognise you for who you truly are. This has been stated many times, you have read these words, and yet you still don’t quite grasp the reality of this.

Each of you are “Beings of Light” - do you understand that statement? Allow it to resonate in your heart chakra. A Being of Light who embodied at the most magnificent time to help raise not only your own consicousness, the consciousness of every being on the Planet. And as if that was not enough you agreed to help Gaia - Mother Earth to raise her Consciousness. You and She are ONE just as you are ONE with every living being on this great Earth. It is time to wipe that sleep from your eyes - there is no more time to play small. Look into your heart, look into the hearts of every Being you encounter - see their heart, feel their soul - then you will REMEMBER why you chose to be here now.

Look beyond the walls, beyond the Illusion and see into the hearts of all who walk beside you, in front and behind you.

Breathe, take a moment. The very next time you have a “situation/experience” in your life do not re-act as you would have in the past. Look into your heart, then look into their heart. I promise you there is not EVER a situation that cannot be healed by LOVE.

As you open your heart chakra wider, you allow others to do the same, each encounter see as a “holy exchange” and see each Being for who they are and watch how your world transitions before your eyes.

Yes Dear Ones, great transition - it starts with you - YOU are the One you have been waiting for. Wait no longer, the time is now - breathe - this new world, its new way of Be-ing and Re-acting is up to each one of you. You have been anticipating, awaiting change - Be the Change. Make Heaven on Earth happen through each action you take.

Can you finally take the Responsibility you signed up for? Remember, many Great Beings of Light stood aside - they said, “send the Great Ones for this Evolution and here you are.

Look in the mirror Dear Ones, look past the Illusion - see your hearts opening wide, see the Love that pours from your heart and then send that Love out to EVERYONE you encounter. Then watch as your world “shifts” much faster than you anticipated because you are the Creator of this life - it is your time to Shine - Shine on Dear Ones, we hold your hands in love and appreciation of this co-creative process.

We have also waited for this time with such eager anticipation - the time where you look in that mirror and see before you the Greatest of Beings who have ever stepped on the Planet - each of you is a Great Beings who chose this time to re-write those last pages of the book together.

What a great story it is.

We enjoy so much this Co-Creation.

As always I stand beside you taking these steps with you.


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