Monday, February 10, 2014

10th Feb. 2014

MONDAY 10th February, 2014          Archangel Michael Message    Leslie-Anne Menzies

Dear Ones

Your “LIGHT” is shining brighter than it ever has. Your “LIGHT” is showing the way for all that are to follow. So much more “LIGHT” is coming into your physical bodies, which are changing rapidly. Ah, and yes, you feel those changes. You are feeling the impact of that “LIGHT” as it charges and realigns each and every cell in your beautiful bodies. Much has changed, many changes still to come.

I remind you Dear Ones to rest when needed, as these changes require you to take time out and just “BE”, allowing all that is transpiring on the inside to happen in peace and calm.

Also I remind you that with the changes to your electrical systems, the upgrades, the re-wiring, it is required that you take in more water to assist the regeneration process. Pure water is what is needed and you will feel the benefits when you increase your consumption of this life giving force.

Ah, and the expansion in your heart/higher heart are you feeling this? Have you noticed the flutters, the palpations? All confirmation of the expansion within your heart as it brings in more of the rarified LIGHT as you experience “The Love that You Are.” These are just a few of the many changes taking place within your physical vessels - much more to come as this evolution continues.

We in the Realms of Illumination are watching this Evolution with great excitement and admiration for what you are becoming. Each Soul on the Planet of Free Will is excelling in their enedeavours to bring about the necessary changes that are taking place. We stand in awe as we watch this transformation. Any assistance we can provide, we wish for you to call on us to offer our expertise in any matter that is of concern to you on this most ardous of journeys.

It is with Great Love we stand by your side as Co-Creators of this greatest Creative Process ever imagined. You are the Ones who agreed to be here at this time, you understood what was involved, what you didn’t understand was it would be achieved in such densness, not even imaginable in the higher realms. Nothing could have prepared you for this experience. That is why we call you the “Great Ones” because we know what it takes for you to go through this metamorphise and you are doing such a magnificent job, especially when you don’t “Remember who you are.” That memory is slowly returning and you gain glimpses of Self and then you return to your denseness at the first sign of a hurdle! The hurdles are becoming further apart, the size of the hurdles is altering and before you know you will see more Light, more Love, coming onto Planet Earth and Dear Ones you will remember YOU. Well done Dear Souls, Well done.

Much Joy and Celebration is ahead for each of you. Much Love is your rightful companion. We stand with you always, right beside you taking each and every step with you.

And so it is.

Blessings on this most incredible journey Dear Ones.


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